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Bid for Assessment System


Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Southern) desires to procure an assessment management solution and believe that “Watermark”, a worldwide provider of assessment systems for higher education, is the only system that will be compatible with the existing data processing/systems environment and that will meet all needs.


If you have an equivalent product/service to Watermark and are interested in having an opportunity to bid on this procurement, you should reply to this advertisement no later than 5:00 pm on or before May 24, 2018.   


System details:


  • Southern is seeking a service to track outcomes assessment as well as evaluate program quality and document institutional effectiveness for accreditation including but not limited to the following:

    • Comprehensive longitudinal documentation and reporting on goals measures, findings, and actions

    • Assess academic and non-academic program quality

    • Link assessment efforts with related plans, budgets, and resources

    • Customize workspaces to develop strategic plans and program review processes

    • Track outcomes alignment at the course, program, and institutional level.

    • The solution must also include an e-Portfolio system to support experiential learning and a holistic student and faculty experience.

    • The solution must integrate with our SIS-Banner and our LMS-Blackboard Learn 9.1 and allow seamless integration between products.

    • Southern expects a wide range of training and ongoing support materials, including quick guides, video tutorials and online training sessions.  A train-the-trainer method of implementation is desired.


Southern will evaluate and consider any responses received by the above deadline.  A specific product and services must be referenced in your response as Southern will research the product proposed for its suitability in meeting the above listed needs.  If another viable product is found, Southern will allow vendors to submit pricing proposals.


If you have any questions, the sole point of contact is:  


R. Stacy Dingess

Southern WV Community & Technical College

P.O. Box 2900

Dempsy Branch Road

Mt. Gay, WV  25637

Responses should be mailed/delivered to the above address or can be e-mailed to: .