Webform for the application.


All students enrolled in degree seeking programs at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College may complete this application to be considered for a scholarship.  These are last-dollar scholarships designed to provide funds to those students who have an unmet financial need after applying for other sources of assistance.  If a student receives a scholarship, it will be counted in determing his/her financial need and may be reduced, if the scholarship, when combined with other sources of assistance, more than meets the student's documented financial need.

The Southern Foundation will make scholarships available starting at $500.00 per academic year to eligible students.  The scholarship award may be more depending on the individual financial needs of the student who is applying for the scholarship.  The scholarships may be renewable, based on student financial need (determined annually), program status, and funding availability.  All students in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply. 


Please fully complete application and submit it to the Institutional Advancement Office. This scholarship application will be kept on file for the current academic year. Incomplete applications may not be considered.


The deadline to submit this application is April 15 for Fall Semester and October 15 for Spring Semester.  Applications submitted after the Priority Deadline will still be considered for any remaining scholarship funding.   A completed application must be submitted for each academic year a student wishes to be considered for scholarships. Only those selected for scholarships will be notified.


(Southern Foundation Policy states Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion is required to be eligible)

I authorize Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College and the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation, Inc. to verify all information contained in this application. Any institution, agency, or individual may release information to the College or Foundation for verification purposes. I understand the College and Foundation may release this information for verification and/or publicity purposes. It is my responsibility to inform the Development Office staff of any scholarship, grant, or waiver received by me.