Latest Southern News

Anna James, Instructor at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has been awarded second place in the West Virginia Fiction Competition. James story is titled ‘Paddle Like Hell’ and follows the Appalachian theme required by the contest.  The story is about a young West Virginia expatriate who decides to come back home to West Virginia.  “I'm not from WV, but this is a story that I've heard many times... the desire for people to "come home" to their hills.  I love it here and feel fortunate to be able to make a living at a job that I love in a place that is physically beautiful and holds the country's warmest, most genuine people,” said James. “Because of my affection for what's become "my" state, I enjoyed the challenge of writing a story about the place.”   The West Virginia Fiction Competition is a literary competition designed to encourage writers and storytellers, whose talent and ability in creative writing is distinctive and promising, and to foster an appreciation of Appalachian culture and values represented in the diverse writing of the region. It is part of Shepherd University's Appalachian HeritageLiterary Project.This year the judge was distinguished WV author and Rocket Boy, Homer Hickam.  James will enjoy dinner with Hickham, his wife, and the other finalists on September 25th when her award will be presented.




AT&T Donates to Southern

For Immediate Release - Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College announced today that AT&T made a $10,000 contribution for scholarships as part of the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation's Vision 2020 Major Gifts Campaign.

“Community colleges are a key element of the higher education landscape in West Virginia, offering students another way to prepare for rewarding and in-demand careers,” said Andy Feeney, regional vice president for AT&T in West Virginia.  “Our contribution will help more lower-income West Virginia students prepare for success in a global economy.”

"This contribution provides vital support to our students," says First Lady and Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College president Joanne Jaeger Tomblin. "Our economy is changing and tomorrow's workforce needs new skills. Thanks to AT&T more students are on their way to successful careers."


AT&T Inc. is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. Through its community initiatives, AT&T has a long history of investing in projects that create learning opportunities; promote academic and economic achievement; or address community needs. In 2013, more than $130 million was contributed or directed through corporate, employee, social investment and AT&T Foundation giving programs.  This contribution is part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s signature education initiative that drives innovation in education by bringing diverse resources to bear on the issue including funding, technology, employee volunteerism, and mentoring.


The Southern Foundation was established in 1971 to support student scholarships and educational programs to those residing in southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

For more information about scholarships available at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, contact Vice President for Development Ronald E. Lemon at 304-896-7425 or e-mail at

Online donations can be made at the Southern Foundation's website at


# # #


Southern provides accessible, affordable, quality education and training at each of its four campuses in Boone, Logan, Mingo and Wyoming counties and its Lincoln County High School location in Hamlin, WV. For further information visit or call 1-866-SWCTC1.


Pictured: WV First Lady/President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Joanne Jaeger Tomblin; Regional Vice President for AT&T in West Virginia , Andy Feeney; and Vice President for Development Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Ron Lemon.




Women on Wellness Retreat

Women on Wellness will have an event on Saturday, July 19th from 8am until 5pm at the Larry Joe Harless Center in Gilbert, WV. There is a registration fee of $25 which includes materials and food. The Women on Wellness (WOW) program is an interactive and intensive one day retreat to help women enact positive lifestyle changes. A day for and about women, WOW provides a holistic, pro-health message of personal empowerment. Through a cognitive behavior process that seeks to help women balance mind, body, and soul, WOW provides the tools women need to examine their thoughts and beliefs, behaviors, consequences, and impact on others.

With a focus on prevention, the retreat serves to link each participant to local resources available as she starts on her journey to wellness. For more information visit the website at or phone (304)293-5690.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2014 semester. This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work. Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement and best wishes for continued success.

Carrena K. Acord, Wharton, WV
Mary M. Addair, Avondale, WV
Trevor J. Addison, McGraws, WV
Kimberly J. Adkins,Chapmanville, WV
Billy J. Adkins, Chapmanville,WV
Jared S. Adkins, Omar, WV
Rhonda S. Adkins Harts, WV
Candice W. Adkins, Chapmanville, WV
Tanner N. Adkins, Stollings, WV
Emily D. Adkins, Crum, WV
Amy L. Adkins Costa, WV
Michelle K. Adkins, Jeffery, WV
Whitlea S. Alderman, Chapmanville, WV
Tiffany L. Aliff, Comfort, WV
Jason C. Allen, McGraws, WV
Heather D. Alley, Williamson, WV
Zachary S. Anderson, Logan, WV
Taylor P. Baer, Red Jacket, WV
Justin T. Bailey, Oceana, WV
James P. Bailey, Hanover, WV
Adrienne N. Baisden, Delbarton, WV
Katelynn A. Ball, Danville, WV
Shanley K. Ball, Danville, WV
Chris M. Ball, Williamson, WV
Loremli A. Batausa, Williamson, WV
Victoria B. Bates, Chapmanville, WV
Keith D. Bell, Chapmanville, WV
Christian Berkley, Kermit, WV
Lena Berry, West Hamlin, WV
Casie M. Bevins, Williamson, WV
Mary A. Bevins, Belfry, KY
Wendy F. Bias, Danville, WV
Donna J. Bishop, Mullens, WV
Katelyn H. Bishop, Itmann, WV
Joshua D. Blackburn, Lynco, WV
Caleb M. Blankenship, Delbarton, WV
Tommy G. Blankenship, Williamson, WV
Amber L. Blankenship, Pineville, WV
Tiffany R. Blankenship, Man, WV
Kayla B. Booth, Lorado, WV
Brittney N. Booth, Belfry, KY
Jordan T. Bourne, Lyburn, WV
David Boyd, Williamson, WV
Allyson N. Brewer, Logan, WV
William C. Brooks, Pineville, WV
Justin S. Brooks, Pineville, WV
Kassondra N. Brown, Davin, WV
Charles E. Brown, Logan, WV
Chrissy M. Brown, Hanover, WV
Alysa N. Browning, Logan, WV
Heather N. Browning, Davy, WV
Clint R. Browning, Harts, WV
Anthony W. Browning, Man, WV
Kelli Browning, Verdunville, WV
Megan L. Brumfield, Harts, WV
Brandy N. Brumfield, Peach Creek, WV
Laura B. Bumgarner, Danville, WV
David L. Burgess, Kistler, WV
Jeani K. Burgess, Griffithsville, WV
Elizabeth D. Burner, McGraws, WV
Alex T. Burrell, Mullens, WV
Zachary B. Butcher, Brenton, WV
Jennifer M. Butler, Julian, WV
Lisa M. Cain, Mallory, WV
Kristi A. Carey, Chapmanville, WV
James A. Casey, Verdunville, WV
Lauren A. Caston, South Williamson, KY
Erica L. Chambers, Accoville, WV
Gage D. Chambers, Danville, WV
Ashley J. Chapman, Seth, WV
Olivia D. Chapman, Kermit, WV
Derrick S. Charles, Pecks Mill, WV
Charity Chryssofos, Chapmanville, WV
Morgan L. Church, Man, WV
Douglas Clark, Gilbert, WV
Kristin R. Clay, McGraws, WV
Zachary L. Clemens, Chapmanville, WV
Shawna A. Cline, Gilbert, WV
Ashley N. Cline, Hanover, WV
Ashley D. Coburn, Chapmanville, WV
Crystal D. Cole, Stollings, WV
Wendy L. Collins, Williamson, WV
Jimie K. Compton, Freeburn, KY
Billy C. Conley, Holden, WV
Melissa G. Conley, Harts, WV
Morgan E. Conn, Omar, WV
Rachel L. Cook, Danville, WV
Corey S. Cook, Delbarton, WV
Jonathan M. Cook, Pineville, WV
Matthew J. Copley, Whitman, WV
Tyler L. Copley, Cyclone, WV
Lakin D. Crank, McCarr, KY
Cody A. Croaff, Edgarton, WV
Justin Crocker, Williamson, WV
Sidney D. Crum, Logan, WV
Kaitlyn J. Curry, Gilbert, WV
Jessica D. Curry, Omar, WV
Adam T. Curry, Chapmanville, WV
Patricia Dangerfield, Nellis, WV
Jordan N. Davis, Oceana, WV
Thomas E. Davis, Morrisvale, WV
Samantha Day, Welch, WV
Zachary D. Dean, Branchland, WV
Austin T. Dempsey, Delbarton, WV
Delaina S. Deskins, Wilsondale, WV
Cecil F. Diamond, Williamson, WV
Megan M. Dillon, Williamson, WV
Cody D. Dingess, Chapmanville, WV
Dakota L.. Dingess, Logan, WV
Austin R. Dixon, Forest Hills, KY
Christopher W. Dolin, Danville, WV
Christina N. Dolin, Hewett, WV
Mary S. Doss, Nellis, WV
Kaitlin S. Dunn, Chapmanville, WV
Jennifer P. Egan, Ottawa, WV
Brittany M. Elkins, Williamson, WV
Jackson T. Elkins, Verdunville, WV
Ricky D. Ellis, Justice, WV
Dakota J. Endicott, Gilbert, WV
Amber L. Evans, Lenore, WV
Michael D. Evans, Logan, WV
Misti D. Fahm, South Williamson, KY
Ashley J. Farley, Chattaroy, WV
Brandon N. Farley, Chapmanville, WV
Darrell Farris, Madison, WV
Lisa E. Ferguson, Dingess, WV
Mary B. Fields, Williamson, WV
Brittany D. Fitzpatrick, Lenore, WV
Jolena M. Fowler, Madison, WV
William F. Fowler III, Chapmanville, WV
Brandy Francis, Hatfield, KY
Sarah M. Francis, Glen Fork, WV
Katilyn N. Frazier, Mallory, WV
April M. Frazier, Hewett, WV
Jordan M. Fullam, McGraws, WV
Amber N. Ghee, Logan, WV
Charlie N. Gibbs, Hatfield, KY
Brittney E. Gillenwater, Julian, WV
Timothy R. Godbey, Danville, WV
Jessica S. Godbey, Danville, WV
Deborah D. Goode, Roderfield, WV
Samuel Z. Gore, Chapmanville, WV
Paula L. Gore, Bloomingrose, WV
Lori Gore, Chapmanville, WV
James C. Gosien, Chapmanville, WV
Amanda J. Graley, Ashford, WV
Jennifer N. Grimmett, Bruno, WV
Katelyn L. Grimmett, Henlawson, WV
Tyler S. Hager, Williamson, WV
Maggie A. Hager, Williamson, WV
Brittany R. Hager, Oceana, WV
Leslie N. Hagy, Williamson, WV
Katelyn B. Hale, Pecks Mill, WV
Kirsten M. Harless, Foster, WV
Erika K. Harris, Mallory, WV
Heather R. Hatfield, Oceana, WV
Carly D. Hatfield, Chapmanville, WV
Bethany D. Hatfield, Naugatuck, WV
Carla D. Hatfield, Mullens, WV
Cody J. Hayes, Gordon, WV
Kelly D. Heath, Fort Gay, WV
Anna M. Hensley, Chapmanville, WV
Ronica T. Hensley, Mount Gay, WV
Jason O. Hensley, Chapmanville, WV
Rachel R. Hicks, Pecks Mill, WV
Krista G. Hill, Danville, WV
James N. Hill, Whitman, WV
Gabrielle N. Hill, Harts, WV
Jackie E. Hodge, Crum, WV
Katherine Hoffman, Matewan, WV
Samuel Holder, Alum Creek, WV
Kristina Honaker, Williamson, WV
Jillian L. Horton, Madison, WV
Kari A. Howell, Accoville, WV
Michael D. Hughes, Van, WV
James J. Hunsucker, West Hamlin, WV
Blake A. Hunt, Delbarton, WV
Eric S. Hunter, Chapmanville, WV
Amanda L. Hunter, Chapmanville, WV
Kevin M. Hutchinson, Logan, WV
Jonathan C. Ingram, Forest Hills, KY
Diane Y. Isner, Hurricane, WV
Cody C. Jarrell, Accoville, WV
James T. Jarrell, Huddy, KY
Stephanie N. Jewell, Canada, KY
Kristen F. Johnson, Pineville, WV
Kasandra A. Johnson, Julian, WV
Elissa D. Johnson, Alkol, WV
Shelbi N. Johnson, Omar, WV
David B. Jones, Julian, WV
Megan B. Jude, Amherstdale, WV
Bryce W. Justice, Williamson, WV
Rita M. Justice, Hardy, KY
Jason M. Justice, Amherstdale, WV
Hunter B. Justus, Pineville, WV
Joseph S. Kelemen, Mitchell Heights, WV
Tia L. Kenneda, North Spring, WV
Marion A. Kennedy, Logan, WV
Taryn R. Keyser, Stollings, WV
Natasha N. Kimble, Comfort, WV
Ciera S. Kinder, Seth, WV
Brittani A. Kirk, Gilbert, WV
Taylor M. Kirk, Chapmanville, WV
Katie J. Kirk, Lyburn, WV
Kelsey M. Kirk, Lyburn, WV
Trent G. Kirk, Ashford, WV
Teresa A. Kirkendoll, Verdunville, WV
Erica R. Kitchen, Logan, WV
Olivia L. Kitchen, Logan, WV
Nathan H. Lamere, Belfry, KY
Matthew A. Lane, Shady Spring, WV
Carlie D. Laws, Nellis, WV
Morgan B. Leffel, Kermit, WV
Matthew D. Lenox, Chapmanville, WV
Dustin M. Lewis, Chapmanville, WV
Rikki L. Light ,Alum Creek, WV
Rhea N. Lipscomb, Wilkinson, WV
Nicholas A. Lively, Charleston, WV
Matthew E. Long, Seth, WV
Rebecca N. Lovejoy, Julian, WV
Ronnie O. Lowe, Inez, KY
Kanisha M. Lusk ,Herndon, WV
Leslee A. Lusk, Cyclone, WV
Katelyn P. Manns, Harts, WV
Kaitlyn S. Marcum, Dingess, WV
Julia A. Marcum, N. Matewan, WV
Tammy A. Marcum, Mullens, WV
Adam T. Mareske, West Logan, WV
Dara L. Martin, Chapmanville, WV
Andrew J. Martin, Pecks Mill, WV
Joshua T. May, Red Jacket, WV
Ashley B. May, Pineville, WV
Kayla N. Maynard, Dingess, WV
Derek J. Maynard, Chapmanville, WV
Hollie Maynard, Logan, WV
Kandice N. Maynard, Huntington, WV
Jarrod Mcclanahan, Dingess, WV
Mark I. McClelland, W. Logan, WV
Keri E. McCoy, Luburn, WV
Rita D. McCoy, Delbarton, WV
Nicholas T. McDonald, West Logan, WV
Crystal L. McRae, Harts, WV
Dennis B. Meade, Holden, WV
Heather L. Meeks, Harts, WV
Johnna G. Messer, Crum, WV
Dottie J. Messer, Kermit, WV
Jonia E. Messer, Dingess, WV
Megan G. Meza, Gilbert, WV
Kayla B. Milam, Racine, WV
Zachary R. Miller, Lake, WV
Shelley M. Miller, Salt Rock, WV
Alex J. Miller, Whitman, WV
Kirstin A. Mitchell, Mallory, WV
Kenneth L. Mitchell, Mallory, WV
Kansas V. Moore, Williamson, WV
Thomas J. Mullins, Corinne, WV
Sonya R. Mullins, Red Jacket, WV
Brandy D. Mullins, Logan, WV
Mark E. Muncey, Logan, WV
Brittany R. Muncey, Accoville, WV
Zachary W. Murphy, Delbarton, WV
Jessie E. Murray, Chapmanville, WV
Katherine G. Murray, Chapmanville, WV
Eva J. Musick, Chattaroy, WV
Heidi B. Napier, Chapmanville, WV
Katilyn R. Nelson, Amherstdale, WV
Miranda J. Nisbet, Logan, WV
Kristy L. Noe, Red Jacket, WV
Taylor N. Norman, Stollings, WV
Shanna O'Brien, Hardy, KY
Stephanie C. Ooten, Meador, WV
Jamee L. Ooten, Delbarton, WV
David S. Osborne, Charleston, WV
David Z. Owens, Williamson, WV
Tiara M. Owens, Amherstdale, WV
Loretta M. Owens, Hardy, KY
Kayla R. Pandelios, Uneeda, WV
Leandra K. Parks, Williamson, WV
Verna R. Pennington, Clear Fork, WV
John A. Perovich, Turtle Creek, WV
Whitney D. Perry, Davin, WV
Adam J. Petrosky, Peach Creek, WV
Emilie B. Petrosky, Wharton, WV
Julia M. Peyton Harts, WV
Justin P. Pinson, Kermit, WV
Stacie L. Plumley, Chapmanville, WV
Heather R. Poole, Harts, WV
Michael J. Porter, Harts, WV
Ashley N. Porter, Hamlin, WV
Ginger E. Portzer, Canada, KY
Stephanie D. Prater, Freeburn, KY
Ryan T. Preece, Kermit, WV
Billy R. Preece, Belfry, KY
Alexia D. Price, Alkol, WV
Chelcie D. Pritchard, Lake, WV
Brittany L. Proffitt, Amherstdale, WV
Shelli M. Provost, Omar, WV
Alisha N. Pruitt, Scott Depot, WV
Alexandria J. Raines, Chapmanville, WV
Cortney N. Rakes, West Logan, WV
Amanda L. Ramella, Williamson, WV
Michael B. Ray, Canada, KY
Jennifer N. Riffe, Williamson, WV
Alex R. Roberts, Spurlockville, WV
Sabrina N. Roberts, Iaeger, WV
Stephanie N. Robinette, Forest Hills, KY
Devan D. Rollyson, Gilbert, WV
Genna Rollyson, Gilbert, WV
Melissa Rose, Chapmanville, WV
Kayla J. Runyon, Chapmanville, WV
Holli L. Runyon, Lenore, WV
Hannah E. Sabo, Chapmanville, WV
Maranda A. Sammons, Chattaroy, WV
Kyle B. Sandy, Bud, WV
Hannah N. Scarbro, Rock Creek, WV
Shelley J. Scarbro, Rock Creek, WV
Marylea R. Seacrist, Ashford, WV
Sarah E. Searls, Alkol, WV
Caleb M. Shawver, Verdunville, WV
Sara E. Sheppard, Williamson, WV
Judy L. Sheppard ,Stollings, WV
Samantha G. Shrum, Delbarton, WV
Lauren E. Shumate, South Charleston, WV
Zack C. Simon, Williamson, WV
Chalisse R. Skeens, Harts, WV
Haley D. Slate, Chapmanville, WV
Angela C. Slone, Williamson, WV
Todd D. Smith, Williamson, WV
Donna K. Smith, Goody, KY
Meagan R. Smith, Chapmanville, WV
LaVonda M. Smith, Bruno, WV
Joshua D.. Smith, Hanover, WV
Bethany S. Smith, Cyclone, WV
Kaitlyn B. Smith, Big Creek, WV
Heather L. Spears, Mount Gay, WV
Christie E. Sprouse, Chapmanville, WV
Darian D. Spry, Logan, WV
Kelsey D. Stacy, Hanover, WV
Roxie I. Stacy, Lovely, KY
Eva L. Stanley, Chapmanville, WV
Skylar C. Stark, Van, WV
Ashley L. Starkey, Madison, WV
Holly L. Steele, Brenton, WV
Clayburne A. Stevens, Gilbert, WV
Thomas R. Stevens, Charleston, WV
Alyx C. Stover, Chapmanville, WV
Brittany N. Stumbo, Ragland, WV
Whitney P. Sturgell, Kermit, WV
Carlos J. Tackett, Nellis, WV
Kaitlyn R. Tadlock, Madison, WV
Debra A. Tawney, Yawkey, WV
Jerinel Taylor, Matewan, WV
Teresa M. Taylor, Davy, WV
Cynthia M. Thompson, Williamson, WV
Jennifer Thompson, Alum Creek, WV
Kourtney B. Thompson, Davin, WV
Jessica B. Thompson, Kermit, WV
Kimberly S. Thompson, Lenore, WV
Amber B. Thompson, Holden, WV
Kayla N. Thompson, Baisden, WV
Jonathan Tilley, Pineville, WV
Katie A. Tilley, Mullens, WV
Ashley B. Tilley, Belfry, KY
Latasha J. Toler, Coal Mountain, WV
Jessi D. Tomblin, Verdunville, WV
Lindsay H. Topping, Hamlin, WV
Angela S. Totten, Racine, WV
Joshua R. Trent, Gilbert, WV
Jonathan E. Twardy, Amherstdale, WV
Cory D. Van Meter, Logan, WV
Paul T. Vanaelst, Whitman, WV
Lindsey J. Vance, Delbarton, WV
Jimmy N. Vance, Mount Gay, WV
Patti Vance, Brenton, WV
Duston R. Vanover, Williamson, WV
Emily K. Vinson, Logan, WV
Tanis W. Walker, Ottawa, WV
Joshua K. Walker, Hanover, WV
Austin D. Walker, Whitman, WV
Airiel S. Wallace, Dingess, WV
Travis R. Ward, Varney, WV
Taria L. Watson, Williamson, WV
Robert A. Watts, Accoville, WV
Rebecca F. West, McCarr, KY
Jason West, Varney, WV
Sabrina A. White, Madison, WV
Kimberly A. Whitt, Whitman, WV
Christopher Whitt, Williamson, WV
Haley B. Wiley, Branchland, WV
Cassidy D. Willis, Omar, WV
Caitlin M. Woolum, Canada, KY
Kylie B. Workman, Hamlin, WV
Sabrina L. Workman, Delbarton, WV
Meghan A. Young, McGraws, WV
Brandy N. Zanders, Crum, WV

Southern Representatives will be available around our service area during the summer.  Below are some places you can connect with us over the next few weeks.

Recruiting  Days 
June 3, 2014 Bufalo Shopwise Bufallo Creek, Man,WV
June 11, 2014 Man Pic Pac- Man, WV
June 19, 2014 Town N Country Chapmanville, WV
June 26, 2014 Krogers- Holden Road, WV
June 28, 2014 Kiwanis Club Bike Rodeo Fountain Place Mall, Logan
July 2, 2014 Larry Joe Harless Center Gilbert, WV
July 10, 2014 Man Pic Pac Man, WV
June 16, 2014 Byrnside Hardware Danville, WV
Festivals and Fairs 
July 3, 4, 5, 2014 Freedom Festival Logan,WV
August 1, 2, 2014 Man Street Fair Man, WV
Sept. 25,26, 27 Apple Butter Festival Chapmanville,WV
Southern Foundation Scholarship Reception

The Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation, Inc. held its Sixth Annual Scholarship Honor Reception on April 17, 2014 at the Chief Logan Lodge and Conference Center. The Scholarship Honor Reception honors scholarship donors and recipients. The Southern Foundation proudly recognizes donors and others who serve as contacts for Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s scholarship awards and honors the accomplishments of many talented scholarship recipients. During the 2013-2014 academic year, 262 students received scholarships totaling $336,432.62.

See more Pictures Here

Students, families, and friends can see pictures of Commencement weekend on our Facebook Page.

Commencement Video Available Here

Phi Theta Kappa

Alex Roberts and Rhodella Vanover, students at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, were recognized by Gov. Tomblin as the newest members of the Phi Theta Kappa All-West Virginia Academic Team.

Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society that recognizes and encourages academic success among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, “Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.”