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Has working with math always made you a little nervous? Maybe it’s been quite some time since you’ve worked with math or you hardly ever use it? Perhaps you’ve held off on finishing your degree just because you knew that you would need to take more math? If any of this sounds familiar, then Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College “Math Boot Camp” might be for you!

This non-credit seminar is a short but thorough review of basic skills and will prepare you for placement testing and for coursework. It is a painless and informative refresher class that you will find useful and beneficial.

There are no real quizzes, no real tests, no pressure – just confirming information that you will need in order to make you more comfortable in conquering math.

The camp is open to all students and will be held each Monday and Wednesday, July 6th through the 22nd from 9am until noon on the Logan Campus.

To register students should see an Advisor for a registration form. You may also register by sending an email to either of the Developmental Education Coordinators, or .

 Registration Ends June 25th.


Mary Nemeth-Pyles, Coordinator for Nursing has been awarded the 2015 President’s Eagle Award by First Lady/President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Joanne Jaeger Tomblin.

Tomblin announced the recognition during the annual President’s Awards Ceremony. 

The President’s Award was established by President Tomblin to recognize an outstanding college employee who demonstrates a commitment to the college and is dedicated to making the community a better place.

Nemeth-Pyles has been both student and faculty at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. 

She received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Southern. She continued her academic endeavors with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Marshall University; a Master’s of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University and holds certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Having experience in real world and classroom settings has made her an often sought after speaker for international, national and regional platforms.

Mary generously shares her time at Southern on several committees. She has been a member of the Assessment and Promotion Committees, Curriculum Development and is currently the Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors. She was a 2014 Savas-Kostas Award recipient.

In the community she has volunteered time with the Logan County Board of Education, WV and Logan HealthRight. She has served on the board of directors for Women’s Health Centers, New Employment for Women and Americas Friend Service Committee.

She has been described as an instructor who challenges students to achieve their highest potential. The high success rate on nursing licensure exams is proof she accomplishes that challenge.

Nemeth-Pyles, who recently announced her retirement, lives in Chapmanville with her husband Brad. They have one son, Conner, a student at West Virginia University. 

“At the heart of any great educational institution, are those talented and passionate individuals who devote their time, enlightening and mentoring students for the future,” said Tomblin. 


Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2015 semester.  This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work.


Boone/Lincoln Campus

Anderson, Megan A. Danville, WV; Bailey, Taylor D. Chapmanville, WV; Baisden, Alexandria F. Chapmanville, WV; Baisden, Heather D. Peytona, WV; Ball, Katelynn A. Danville, WV; Ball, Shanley K. Danville, WV; Barker, Caitlyn C. Chapmanville, WV; Betts, Tobe Roger Madison, WV; Cash, Phillip A. Madison, WV; Chambers, Gage Dewayne Danville, WV; Clendenin, Ashley M. Julian, WV; Cline, Ashley N. Hanover, WV; Davis, Joseph Clothier, WV; Dean, Zachary D. Branchland, WV; Donnally, Cody J. Fayetteville, WV; Duty, Lindsay D. Madison, WV; Godbey, Timothy Ray Danville, WV; Gunnoe, Tyler B. Van, WV; Hayes, Cody J. Gordon, WV; Hensley, Abigail J. Harts, WV; Hill, Joyce VanDale Madison, WV; Hoffman, Rebecca J. Comfort, WV; Hughes, Michael David Van, WV; Javins, Ashley D. Foster, WV; Keyser, Amber N. Logan, WV; Light, Rikki L. Alum Creek, WV; Mitchell, Landon R. Ottawa, WV; Moore, Chasen L. Wharton, WV; Mosley, Kyle B. Madison, WV; O'Neill, Jessica Sara Danville, WV; Pennington, Sarah E. West Hamlin, WV; Perovich, John A. Turtle Creek, WV; Sabo, Cody Mitchell Pecks Mill, WV Searls, Sarah Elizabeth Hurricane, WV; Slone, Alexandria J. Madison, WV; Smith, Tyra M. Hardy, KY; Sprouse, Teresa Nicole Whitesville, WV; Stark, Skylar C. Van, WV; Trivette, Rebecca L. Seth, WV; Turner, Hope M. Hewett, WV


Campus: Logan Campus

Abbott, Shavon Louise Switzer, WV; Addair, Mary M. Avondale, WV; Adkins, Chelsie E. Delbarton, WV; Adkins, Hayley B. Tornado, WV; Adkins, Rhonda S. Harts, WV; Adkins, Robert Tyler Harts, WV; Aldridge, Carrie Cordelia Charleston, WV; Arthur, Patience Shantel Lenore, WV; Bailey, Aaron R. Harts, WV; Baisden, Alexander P. Holden, WV; Baldridge, Alison B. Amherstdale, WV; Ball, Brandi Michelle Hewett, WV; Bayless, Austin James Peach Creek, WV; Belcher, Brian A. Clearfork, WV; Berkley, Christian Kermit, WV; Blankenship, David Edward Lynco, WV; Blankenship, Jackie Lynn Logan, WV; Blankenship, Stacey Nicole Hanover, WV; Boling, Rachael D. Harts, WV; Brewer, Kabrina P. Fort Gay, WV; Brooks, Marrissa D. Switzer, WV; Browning, Debra L. Logan, WV; Browning, Emily H. Danville, WV; Browning, Emily Paige Chapmanville, WV; Browning, Megan P. Lyburn, WV; Bryant, Alecia D. Chapmanville, WV; Burgess, David L. Kistler, WV; Cain, Lisa M. Mallory, WV; Carter, Taylor L. Man, WV; Carter, Vivian Jayna-Beth Logan, WV; Cavins, Tyler G. Fort Gay, WV; Church, Morgan L. Man, WV; Compton, Amy Beth Chapmanville, WV; Conley, Justin K. Chapmanville, WV; Conley, Melissa R. Chapmanville, WV; Conley, Nicholas B. Chapmanville, WV; Copley, Billie E. Holden, WV; Cox, George C. Red Jacket, WV; Craddock, Sylvia Macy Pecks Mill, WV; Crum, Courtnie N. Lorado, WV; Crum, Sidney Donald Logan, WV; Curry, Jessica Dawn Omar, WV; Curry, Samantha L. Whitman, WV; Dalton, Amanda Michelle Harts, WV; Daniels, Stuart B. Man, WV; Davis, Cheryl Renee Chapmanville, WV; Davis, Crystal L. Belfry, KY; DeHart, Michael D. Omar, WV; Dean, Joseph M. Logan, WV; Dingess, Adam D. Chapmanville, WV; Doss, Erika K. Mallory, WV; Dotson, Elizabeth D. Kermit, WV; Ebersohl, Tayla Rose Pecks Mill, WV; Edwards, Melinda I. Delbarton, WV; Elkins, Diana Aleczandra Chapmanville, WV; England, Autum R. Clear Fork, WV; Farley, Brandon N. Chapmanville, WV; Ferrell, Zachary S. Chapmanville, WV; Francis, Sarah M. Glen Fork, WV; Frazier, Katilyn Nena Mallory, WV; Gartin, Brittany J. Chapmanville, WV; Godby, Nikki J. Logan, WV; Goins, John M. Chapmanville, WV; Gore, Ryder D. Chapmanville, WV; Green, Theodore Alexander Chapmanville, WV; Greene, BreAnna J. Mt Gay, WV; Grimmett, Jennifer Nicole Bruno, WV; Grimmett, Megan Gabriel Bruno, WV; Grimmett, Sarah Marie Kistler, WV; Grove, Robbie M. Logan, WV; Hall, Kristen R. Stollings, WV; Hare, Marissa Marie Accoville, WV; Hatfield, Bethany D. Naugatuck, WV; Hatfield, Carly Diana Chapmanville, WV; Hatley, Haley Nicole Bruno, WV; Hawkins, Allison Deidra Chapmanville, WV; Hawkins, Kelsey B. Davin, WV; Hensley, Halley J. Chapmanville, WV; Herndon, Tyler S. Delbarton, WV; Hill, Gabrielle N. Harts, WV; Hill, James N. Whitman, WV; Hitt, Amber M. Logan, WV; Jeffery, Elizabeth M. Accoville, WV; Jeffrey, Abigail Pecks Mill, WV; Johnson, Keaton D. Pecks Mill, WV; Jude, Tara L. Delbarton, WV; Justice, Tierra R. Delbarton, WV; Keffer, Madison P. Man, WV; Kennedy, Summer Paige Davin, WV; Kimler, Jenna M. Holden, WV; Kinningham, Samantha Jolene Chapmanville, WV; Kirk, Katie Jean Man, WV; Kitchen, Erica R. Logan, WV; Kitchen, Olivia LeShea Logan, WV; Lawrence, Printess John Logan, WV; Layne, Timothy T. Delbarton, WV; LeFevers, Kristen Nachelle Justice, WV; Lee, Catherine Hope Whitman, WV; Lester, Derek K. Gilbert, WV; Lewis, Dustin M. Chapmanville, WV; Lovejoy, Jayla J. Whitman, WV; Lusk, Leslee Ann Cyclone, WV; Mahon, Hiram C. Crum, WV; Marcum, Billy D. Aflex, KY; Maynard, Hollie Logan, WV; Mayo, Matthew T. Omar, WV; McCallister, Ethan Holden, WV; McCloud, Serina Kay Ranger, WV; McCloud, Shelby B. Chapmanville, WV; McCoy, Keri E. Luburn, WV; McRae, Crystal L. Harts, WV; Meade, Haley D. Chapmanville, WV; Meece, Jonathan C. Beauty, KY; Meek, Linda R. Majestic, KY; Meeks, Tyler Jordan Logan, WV; Milum, Marisa D. Breeden, WV; Mitchell, Aimee R. Hanover, WV; Mollett, Katlyn Alisha Stollings, WV; Morgan, Candace A. South Charleston, WV; Mullins, Michelle Dawn Hurricane, WVMuncey, Brittany Rachelle Accoville, WVMuncy, Sabrina Louise Chapmanville, WV; Murphy, Devin Seth Verdunville, WV; Nagy, Heather M. Chapmanville, WV ; Napier, Sylest O'Neil Chapmanville, WV; Nelson, Alyson M. Comfort, WV; Nelson, Katilyn Rochelle Amherstdale, WV; New, Norma C. Baisden, WV; Newsome, Christopher K. Chapmanville, WV; Newsome, Karen N. Naugatuck, WV; Ooten, Jamee L. Delbarton, WV; Osborne, Chelsie Brooke Cyclone, WV; Owens, Taylor Baisden, WV; Paynter, Kayla M. Oceana, WV; Perry, Laura Beth Dingess, WV; Perry, Megan P. Whitman, WV; Poole, Heather R. Harts, WV; Porter, Angela J. Ranger, WV; Raines, Alexandria J. Chapmanville, WV; Rakes, Cortney N. West Logan, WV; Reynolds, Jocelyn Jolene Delbarton, WV; Roach, Andre Trumaine Gilbert, WV; Robinette, Rodney D. Pecks Mill, WV; Runyon, Kayla J. Chapmanville, WV; Sabo, Hannah E. Chapmanville, WV; Semrau, Sydney L. Chapmanville, WV; Shawver, Caleb M. Verdunville, WV; Shell, Meghan R. Logan, WV; Sheppard, Genieve Lydia Chapmanville, WV; Sheppard, Heather M. Peytona, WV; Sigmon, Darin M. Stollings, WV; Sizemore, Roger A. Lyburn, WV; Smith, Bethany Shea Cyclone, WV; Smith, Kelsey Dawn Hanover, WV; Sonier, Timothy J. Harts, WV; Spears, Heather Lynn Mt Gay, WV; Sperry, Shani B. Chapmanville, WV; Stapleton, Mackenzie D. Williamson, WV; Sullins, Kenneth R. Lake, WV; Summerville, Terra M. Hewett, WV; Sypolt, Alexis J. Chapmanville, WV; Thompson, Katelyn S. Holden, WV; Thompson, Kourtney B. Davin, WV; Toler, Latasha Jo Coal Mountain, WV; Tomblin, Virginia L. Lorado, WV; Tucker, Tonya L. Harts, WV; Van Meter, Cory Dru Logan, WV; Vance, Darian P. Danville, WV; Vance, Jimmy N. Mt. Gay, WV; Vance, Katlin Amber Chapmanville, WV; Vance, Paul David Lorado, WV; Vance, Ronni Beth Verdunville, WV; Vandall, Kassandra Lyn Logan, WV; Vernatter, Tyler Holden, WV; Vinson, Emily K. Logan, WV; Wesselink, Rachel Lenore, WV; Williamson, Rebecca Hope Holden, WV; Woods, Jordan Abriana Man, WV; Woody, Teddy J. Lake, WV; Woolum, Caitlin M. Canada, KY; Wooten, Olivia Paige Logan, WV; Workman, Kelly F. Chapmanville, WV; Workman, Sabrina L. Delbarton, WV


Campus: Williamson Campus

Accord, Eran L. Delbarton, WV; Baisden, Misty D. Dingess, WV; Belcher, Savannah T. Gilbert, WV; Bevins, Casie M. Williamson, WV; Bevins, Mary A. Belfry, KY; Blankenship, Andy D. Freeburn, KY; Blankenship, Tommy Gene Williamson, WV; Blevins, Kaylee Belfry, KY; Boyd, David Williamson, WV; Carroll, Johnny L. Hatfield, KY; Carroll, Misty E. Hatfield, KY; Church, Haley L. Delbarton, WV;  Coffin, Alberto Luis McCarr, KY; Collins, Amanda Lynn Huddy, KY; Dempsey, Kristin J. Delbarton, WV; Deskins, Nathan K. Kermit, WV Dingess, Dakota L. Logan, WV; Dotson, Glenn H. Mc Carr, KY; Ellis, Tiffany Dawn Justice, WV; Fluty, Tiffany Dawn Lovely, KY; Ford, James Arthur Williamson, WV; Hatfield, Elizabeth G. Williamson, WV; Hinton, Charles Lenore, WV; Honaker, Kristina Williamson, WV; Jarrell, James Todd Huddy, KY; Jude, Alic J. Inez, KY; Kinney, Travis Blaine Kimper, KY; Kirk, Whittani Ann Gilbert, WV; Lester, Heather A. McVeigh, KY; Mangus, Carlie R. Baisden, WV; McCoy, Mary Katelyn Lenore, WV; McGuire, Lyndsey A. Gilbert, WV; Meza, Emily A. Gilbert, WV; Mills, Stacey Nichole Matewan, WV; Musick, Eva J. Chattaroy, WV; Owens, Loretta M. Hardy, KY; Perry, Alexandra B. Dunlow, WV; Perry, Mariah L. Dunlow, WV; Pinson, Justin Paul Kermit, WV; Pridemore, Tiara L. Chapmanville, WV; Ray, Michael B. Canada, KY; Ray, Timothy Lee Delbarton, WV; Riffe, Jennifer N. Williamson, WV; Robinette, Matthew S. Williamson, WV; Sammons, Maranda A. Chattaroy, WV; Slone, Angela C. Williamson, WV; Stevens, Goldia M. Williamson, WV; Sturgill, Barbara J. Kermit, WV; Thaxton, David A. Williamson, WV; West, Jason Varney, WV; Williams, Jessica Matewan, WV; Wright, Cora L. Delbarton, WV



Campus: Wyoming/McDowell Campus

Acord, Haley C. Oceana, WV; Acord, Joshua G. Bolt, WV; Belcher, Miranda L. Oceana, WV; Bragg, Taylor A. Oceana, WV; Brooks, Jaime L. Kopperston, WV; Browning, Heather N. Davy, WV; Burrell, Alex T. Mullens, WV; Cantley, Kegan N. Mullens, WV; Clark, Autumn G. Glen Fork, WV; Cline, Alexandra D. North Springs, WV;Copley, Tyler L. Cyclone, WV; Crutchfield, Dustin E. Matheny, WV; Gunnoe, Cameron Blake Oceana, WV; Hale, Dennie Wayne Welch, WV; Hall, Candice Brooke Covel, WV; Hatfield, Andy Jay Gilbert, WV ;Hopkins, Raymond Gene Pageton, WV; Jenkins, Shawn S. Brenton, WV; Justus, Hunter B. Pineville, WV; Kenneda, Kesha N. Clearfork, WV; Lambert, Selena D. Brenton, WV; Lester, Christopher Glen Jesse, WV; Maynor, Leslie N. Oceana, WV; McCracken, Alisha D. Oceana, WV; McKinney, William Edward Helen, WV; Milam, Brooke T. Glen Fork, WV; Miller-Lester, Mandy Jo Jesse, WV; Morgan, McKenzie Rae Pineville, WV; New, Brittany LeAnn Gilbert, WV; Riffe, Ciera D. Ikes Fork, WV; Roberts, Sabrina Nicole Iaeger, WV; Rose, Linda K. Oceana, WV; Shell, Katie Welch, WV; Spears, Kayla N. Matheny, WV; Stump, Lori B. Pineville, WV; Thompson, Kelly R. Beckley, WV; Tilley, Katie Ann Mullens, WV; Vance, Patti Brenton, WV; Walls, Ivan M. Stephenson, WV; Wood, Nicole M. Oceana, WV


Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College participated in the first statewide College Decision Day campaign at Van Senior High School.  College Decision Day is organized by the College Foundation of West Virginia.  West Virginia GEAR UP schools across the state committed to the College Decision Day initiative to provide schools and communities an opportunity to showcase the academic excellence of students. 

West Virginia’s College Decision Day initiative is part of a growing national effort to celebrate seniors for their postsecondary plans and assist them and their families in enrolling in and transitioning to college. 

At least 60 percent of all new jobs require a college education.  On average, college graduates earn more than individuals who stopped their education after high school.  Some form of college should be the ultimate path for all West Virginia students.

Southern offers over 40 programs leading to an associate’s degree or certificate. General registration is currently be held on all campuses and online. The deadline for financial aid is July15th and classes begin August 10th. Scholarships are still available for those who qualify. For more information visit us online at .


Employees of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College have created a scholarship to honor retiring President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin. The scholarship administered through the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation is part of the 2020 Vision Major Gifts Campaign. Tomblin, the driving force behind the fundraising effort,  created the campaign to sustain the college and provide more opportunities to students. The fundraising campaign has raised $16.4 million through community donations, Foundations, and grants. The Southern Foundation has distributed $2.2 million in scholarships since 2007and provided over $700,000 to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College in aid and educational support. ““The major gifts campaign is her legacy to this institution and the employees felt it was appropriate to honor her in this way,” said Emma Baisden, Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Governors. For more information on the 2020 Vision Major Gifts Campaign visit our website at .

President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin was a recent guest on WOWK-TV Decision Makers weekly news program. President Tomblin discussed the importance of community colleges in the future economy. View the episode below.

WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports

The Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation, Inc. announces the availability of the Appalachian Regional Commission Scholarship for displaced coal miners and their immediate family members.

This is a “needs‐based” scholarship for students who have been adversely impacted by the downturn of the coal industry in the West Virginia counties of Boone, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mingo, and Wyoming. The students must demonstrate a financial need for tuition, textbooks, supplies, or other miscellaneous costs. The amount of the scholarship award will vary depending on the financial need. 

The application deadline is July 1, 2015 for the Fall semester. You may download the application online at or visit the Development Office on the Logan Campus. For more information contact or 304.896.7407.


He’s walked the walk and can talk the talk. Ricky Ellis, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s new Veteran Support Program Coordinator, spent 7 years in the Navy and continued his education using the Montgomery GI Bill. “I understand what issues a veteran battles on a daily basis,” said Ellis. “I know the procedures of what veterans are experiencing in the higher educational system.” The Veteran’s Support Program at Southern provides assistance to students who have served in the United State Armed Forces. Ellis can provide assistance to these veterans, their dependents, and active military regarding VA and federal and state education benefits, college program advising, placement, retention, and success, and actively work with veteran organizations throughout the college’s service area in support of educational mission. Ultimately, Ellis would like to provide a “One Stop Shop” for veteran students. “Instead of having to go here do this and back here to do that, a veteran will be able to complete it all in my office. Take the running and confusion out of the application process and registration. I want to be able to look back on the day and realize I have assisted someone that has given so much for all of us.” Ellis states that he has accrued a vast knowledge and has gained experience through internships with different clubs at Southern. He has interned with the Program of Adults Services and 4 months with the Director of Disability Services. For the last year, he has worked as a Peer Mentor, assisting students in the Technical programs. “Being granted the opportunity to assist these brave men and women in their pursuit of education, my overall goal is to attempt to make the process a little easier for them while doing so. Making the administration side of the college experience less difficult to maneuver … and assisting them in whichever way I can.”
Stella Estepp is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, May Employee of the Month. Estepp is a graduate of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College where she earned an AS in General Business and an AAS in Business Accounting. She also holds a Regent’s Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Accounting from Marshall University. She joined the staff of Southern in August 1998 and worked in the JTPA program until 2000. She began working in financial aid in January 2001 where she is currently a Program Assistant ll. Estepp describes her job as being responsible for counseling and advising students in the application process for all federal, state, institutional aid, scholarships, and loan programs. She also processes applications to administer the awarding and funding of financial aid to eligible students. One of the elements Estepp says she has enjoyed most about her job is meeting and getting to know the students. “I’m very student oriented. I am committed to Southern, and the students. It has helped me establish a great rapport with them. They know me by name, and are comfortable with me. They know I will go the “extra mile” for them, and as a student, this helps connect them to the institution.” Estepp adds that at times it’s a great challenge to overcome the financial barriers for students to attend. “My greatest accomplishment is helping students reach their financial goals so they can have a more positive college experience without having the worry of how to pay for their education.” Estepp is involved with several committees on campus. She serves as a board member on Appalachian Leadership Academy, is a member of the Marketing and Recruitment Task Force Committee and serves on Southern Samaritans Committee. Estepp is an animal advocate and rescuer. “I rescue and foster animals, and help to place them in loving forever homes.” In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors – camping & gardening, spending time her grandchildren and preserving her own food. In her quiet time she likes to read and sew. Estepp and her husband Larry have two grown children and six grandchildren. She says she is honored to receive this award.