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Mount Gay, West Virginia- At the February 26, 2015 regular meeting of the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical Board of Governors, President, Joanne Jaeger Tomblin announced her retirement effective June 30, 2015. President Tomblin has been employed at Southern for 33 years, with more than 15 years as its President. Tomblin stated, “The decision was most difficult and emotional, but with less than two years remaining in Governor Tomblin’s term of office, I want to devote the remaining years as a full-time First Lady for West Virginia. I hope my experience as a college president will enable me to compliment the Governor’s focus on education, the economy and workforce development.” Southern’s Board Chair and Managing Partner of Bowles Rice Law Firm, Mr. Thomas Heywood said, “President Tomblin has served Southern with great distinction. She has a record of remarkable accomplishment and achievement and has literally transformed the College during her tenure. One of President Tomblin’s many legacies is that she leaves Southern in a position of enormous strength and vitality, well positioned for success into the future.” Mr. Heywood went on the say, “I know I speak not only for the Board of Governors, but also for the faculty, staff, students and members of the communities served by Southern when I say a hearty “thank you” to President Tomblin for all that she has accomplished. We wish her all the best in her upcoming and well-deserved retirement, and we look forward to her continued service to the citizens of West Virginia as First Lady.” President Tomblin expressed her appreciation to the Board members stating that her life had been enriched from working with and having the support of so many wonderful administrators, faculty, staff and students, not only at the college, but throughout the state, nation and internationally. Tomblin added, “I have been more than been rewarded in watching our students receive degrees each year at commencement. A majority of students would never have the opportunity to attain a higher education degree if it were not for Southern. I have been blessed in more ways than I could ever express. This has been an opportunity of a lifetime” In the coming weeks, the Board of Governors in collaboration with the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education will initiate the search process for a new president, including recommendations for an Interim President while the search is being conducted.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2014 semester.  This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work.  A total of 369 are being recognized for this academic distinction. Listed are the honor students from the Logan Campus.


Boone Campus

Adkins, Ashley N. Branchland, WV

Anderson, Megan A. Danville, WV

Bailey, Taylor D. Chapmanville, WV

Ball, Katelynn A. Danville, WV

Ball, Shanley K. Danville, WV

Browning, John N. Ranger, WV

Brumfield, Viola Marie Branchland, WV

Burgess, Taylor E. Madison, WV

Butler, Jennifer M. Julian, WV; Clendenin, Ashley M. Julian, WV

Cline, Ashley N. Hanover, WV

Coffman, Randy Scott Alum Creek, WV

Cunningham, Autumn N. St Albans, WV

Donnally, Cody J. Fayetteville, WV

Donohue, Jennifer L. Seth, WV

Eversole, Kylee B. Bob White, WV

Farris, Darrell Madison, WV

Fisher, Joshua L. Charleston, WV

Godbey, Timothy Ray Danville, WV

Hager, Vanessa L. Midkiff, WV

Hays,Jonathan T. Jeffrey, WV

Hudson, Kaden J. Yawkey, WV

Huffman, Faith A. Hamlin, WV

Hughes, Michael David Van, WV

Isaacs, Brandi A. Branchland, WV

Jeffrey, Joshua C. Turtle Creek, WV

Jones, David Benjamin Julian, WV

Keyser, Amber N. Logan, WV

Lambert, Amy R. Spurlockville, WV

Lambert, Emily M. Julian, WV

McComas, Brady W. Griffithsville, WV

Mosley, Kyle B. Madison, WV 

O'Neill, Jessica Sara Danville, WV

Pennington, Sarah E. West Hamlin, WV

Pepper, Halle Van, WV

Reynolds, Robert J. Branchland, WV

Searls, Matthew W. Alkol, WV

Slone, Alexandria J. Madison, WV

Smith, Braydon T. Danville, WV

Smith, Dakota R. Sumerco, WV

Stark, Skylar C. Van, WV

Thomson, Andrew C. Orgas, WV

Tully, Megan E. Hamlin, WV

Watts, Madison Hamlin, WV

White, Brenna Hamlin, WV


Logan Campus

Addair, Mary M. Avondale, WV

Adkins, Chelsie E. Delbarton, WV

Adkins, Morgan L. Peach Creek, WV

Adkins, Rhonda S. Harts, WV

Bailey, Aaron R. Harts, WV

Bailey, Tyler E. Chapmanville, WV

Baldridge, Alison B. Amherstdale, WV

Balentine, Brittany N. Kermit, WV

Barker, Seth W. Mount Gay, WV

Belcher, Barbara Leann Whitman, WV

Belcher, Brian A. Clearfork, WV

Belcher, Kishia L. Chapmanville, WV

Belcher, Thomas J. Chapmanville, WV

Bell, Julianna G. Chapmanville, WV

Bennett, Dana G. Stollings, WV

Berkley, Christian Kermit, WV

Bias, Kaitlyn S. Delbarton, WV

Blankenship, David Edward Lynco, WV

Blankenship, Jackie Lynn Logan, WV

Boling, John Davin Harts, WV

Booth, Chelsea N. Chapmanville, WV

Bradley, Kathy R. Chapmanville, WV

Brewer, Allyson N. Logan, WV

Brewer, Kabrina P. Fort Gay, WV

Broom, Brandi Marie Chapmanville, WV

Brown, Charles Everett Mt. Gay, WV

Browning, Eric D. Cora, WV

Brumfield, Megan Lynn Harts, WV

Bryant, Alecia D. Chapmanville, WV

Bryant, Gregory J. Harts, WV

Bumgarner, Haley J. Pecks Mill, WV

Cain, Lisa M. Mallory, WV

Carter, Taylor L. Man, WV

Chafin, Kirsten Nichole Holden, WV

Chambers, Brandon Stollings, WV

Chambers, Emily J. Madison, WV

Charles, Derrick S. Pecks Mill, WV

Church, Morgan L. Man, WV

Clemens, Zachary Levi Chapmanville, WV

Cline, Katelyn B. Baisden, WV

Cline, Shawna A. Gilbert, WV

Coburn-Adkins, Ashley DaNee Chapmanville, WV

Compton, Amy Beth Chapmanville, WV

Conley, Justin K. Chapmanville, WV

Conley, Nicholas B. Chapmanville, WV

Crum, Courtnie N. Lorado, WV

Curry, Jessica Dawn Omar, WV

Curry, Samantha L. Whitman, WV

Dalton, Amanda Michelle Harts, WV

DeRamcy, Haiden Lee Kermit, WV

Dingess, Adam D. Chapmanville, WV

Doss, Erika K. Mallory, WV

Dotson, Elizabeth D. Kermit, WV

Dotson, Kala A. Pikeville, KY

Dye, Randy Cody Verner, WV

Ebersohl, Tayla Rose Pecks Mill, WV

Edmonds, Megan L. Hamlin, WV

Edwards, Melinda I. Delbarton, WV

Eldridge, Lindsay P. Davin, WV

Farley, Brandon N. Chapmanville, WV

Ferguson, Tabitha P. Amherstdale, WV

Fowler III, William Franklin Chapmanville, WV

Frazier, Katilyn Nena Mallory, WV

Frye, Justin Jeffrey, WV

Gillispie, Kortney Danielle Man, WV

Godby, Nikki J. Logan, WV

Gore, Ryder D. Chapmanville, WV

Grimmett, Jennifer Nicole Bruno, WV

Grimmett, Katelyn Leann Henlawson, WV

Grove, Robbie M. Logan, WV

Hall, Katelynn Gail Chapmanville, WV

Harless, Tiara M. Dunbar, WV

Hatfield, Bethany D. Naugatuck, WV

Hatfield, Carly Diana Chapmanville, WV

Hatley, Haley Nicole Bruno, WV

Hawkins, Allison Deidra Chapmanville, WV

Hawkins, Kelsey B. Davin, WV

Hensley, Anna M. Chapmanville, WV

Hensley, Denessa R. Chapmanville, WV

Hepler, Preston Edward Logan, WV

Herndon, Tyler S. Delbarton, WV

Hill, Gabrielle N. Harts, WV

Hitt, Amber M. Lynco, WV

Holbert, Danny J. Belington, WV

Holbrook, Presley A. Switzer, WV

Hunter, Nathan A. Chapmanville, WV

Jeffery, Elizabeth M. Accoville, WV

Jeffrey, Abigail Pecks Mill, WV

Jeffrey, Peyton A. Pecks Mill, WV

Johnson, Joshua L. Baisden, WV

Johnson, Shelbi Nicole Omar, WV

Jude, Megan Brooke Amherstdale, WV

Jude, Tara L. Delbarton, WV

Justice, Jason Michael Alum Creek, WV

Justice, Tierra R. Delbarton, WV

Kenneda, Tia LaShae North Spring, WV

Kennedy, Marion A. Logan, WV

Kennedy, Summer Paige Davin, WV

Kirk, Brittani A. Delbarton, WV

Kirk, Katie Jean Lyburn, WV

Kirk, Shellie L. Chapmanville, WV

Kitchen, Erica R. Logan, WV

Kolovich, Hannah Nickola Logan, WV

Lamb, Krisa M. Logan, WV

Lambert, Kaitlyn R. Pecks Mill, WV

Lawrence, Printess John Logan, WV

LeFevers, Kristen Nachelle Justice, WV

Lee, Sarah Nicole Chapmanville, WV

Lester, Christina A. Oceana, WV

Lewis, Dustin M. Chapmanville, WV

Lovejoy, Jayla J. Mt. Gay, WV

Lowe, Ronnie O. Inez, KY

Lukacs, Elisabeth A. Holden, WV

Lusk, Leslee Ann Cyclone, WV

Martin, Mackenzie Curg Chapmanville, WV

Mathis, Brooke A. Man, WV

Maynard, Hollie Logan, WV

Mayo, Matthew T. Omar, WV

Mazzola, Jessica Marie Chapmanville, WV

McCloud, Shelby B. Chapmanville, WV

McCoy, Keri E. Luburn, WV

McDonald, Zachary T. Delbarton, WV

McRae, Crystal L. Harts, WV

Meade, Haley D. Chapmanville, WV

Meece, Jonathan C. Beauty, KY

Meek, Linda R. Majestic, KY

Morrison, Mollie M. Mt. Gay, WV

Mounts, Melissa Susanne Matewan, WV

Mullins, Brandy Dawn Logan, WV

Mullins, Eric J. Man, WV

Muncey, Brittany Rachelle Accoville, WV

Muncy, Sabrina Louise Chapmanville, WV

Murray, Tori L. Chapmanville, WV

Napier, Sydney T. Chapmanville, WV

Napier, Sylest O'Neil Chapmanville, WV

Neace, Brandi M. Verdunville, WV

Nelson, Hillary M. Logan, WV

Nelson, Katilyn Rochelle Amherstdale, WV

Nelson, Sydney Brooke Lake, WV

Newsome, Christopher K. Chapmanville, WV

Nisbet, Miranda Jean Logan, WV

Paris, Emma Maryann Harts, WV

Paris, Joseph E. Harts, WV 

Parsons, Joshua G. Man, WV

Paynter, Kayla M. Oceana, WV

Perry, Laura Beth Dingess, WV

Perry, Megan P. Whitman, WV

Poole, Heather R. Harts, WV

Porter, Alysa M. Stollings, WV

Preece, James Casey Kermit, WV

Reynolds, Jocelyn Jolene Delbarton, WV

Roach, Andre Trumaine Gilbert, WV

Robinson, Sabrina Dawn Foster, WV

Sabo, Hannah E. Chapmanville, WV

Sada, Kaitlin S. Chapmanville, WV

Shell, Meghan R. Logan, WV

Sheppard, Samantha D. Logan, WV

Sigmon, Darin M. Stollings, WV

Sizemore, Roger A. Lyburn, WV

Smith, Kaitlyn Briana Big Creek, WV

Smith, Kelsey Dawn Hanover, WV

Sonier, Timothy J. Harts, WV

Spears, Heather Lynn Mt Gay, WV

Sperry, Shani B. Chapmanville, WV

Sullins, Kenneth R. Lake, WV

Thompson, Katelyn S. Holden, WV

Thompson, Kourtney B. Davin, WV

Toler, Brooke S. Man, WV

Toler, Latasha Jo Coal Mountain, WV

Toth, Jaysonna Raye Chapmanville, WV

Trent, Larry Zandall Oceana, WV

Tucker, Tonya L. Harts, WV

Van Meter, Cory Dru Logan, WV

Vance, Darian P. Danville, WV

Vance, Jimmy N. Mt. Gay, WV

Vance, Katlin Amber Chapmanville, WV

Vance, Paul David Lorado, WV

Vance, Ronni Beth Verdunville, WV

Vinson, Emily K. Logan, WV

Walls, Bretney M. Gilbert, WV

Wesselink, Rachel Lenore, WV

Woods, Jaysn M. Man, WV

Woody, Teddy J. Lake, WV

Wooten, Olivia Paige Logan, WV

Workman, Chelsey D. Holden, WV

Workman, Kelly F. Chapmanville, WV

Workman, Morgan Paige Omar, WV

Workman, Savannah J. Chapmanville, WV

York, Shaina J. Chauncey, WV


Williamson Campus

Adkins, Audrey Lynn Dingess, WV

Baisden, Michael Badley Lenore, WV

Ball, Christopher Michael Williamson, WV

Belcher, Glenna S. Matewan, WV

Belcher, Savannah T. Gilbert, WV

Bevins, Casie M. Williamson, WV

Bevins, Kendra Jillnell Forest Hills, KY

Bevins, Mary A. Belfry, KY

Blankenship, Andy D. Freeburn, KY

Blankenship, Michaela I. Gilbert, WV

Blankenship, Tommy Gene Williamson, WV

Blevins, Kaylee Belfry, KY

Boyd, Angela R. Williamson, WV

Boyd, David Williamson, WV

Carroll, Johnny L. Hatfield, KY

Cassell, Joshua G. Delbarton, WV

Cavins, Tyler G. Fort Gay, WV

Chapman, Kenneth B. Freeburn, KY

Chapman, Olivia Deshae Kermit, WV

Colegrove, Kayla D. Lenore, WV

Collins, Amanda Lynn Huddy, KY

Cox, George C. Red Jacket, WV

Crank, Lakin D. McCarr, KY

Dempsey, Kristin J. Delbarton, WV

Deskins, Nathan K. Kermit, WV

Diamond, Cecil F. Williamson, WV

Evans, Eddie Brandon Delbarton, WV

Fields, Morgan J. Stone, KY

Fluty, Tiffany Dawn Lovely, KY

Ford, James Arthur Williamson, WV

Goff, Latosha KA Williamson, WV

Hall, Joseph W. Delbarton, WV

Hatfield, Elisha M. Williamson, WV

Heath, Kelly D. Fort Gay, WV

Jarrell, James Todd Huddy, KY

Jones, William Belfry, KY

Justice, Bryce W. Williamson, WV

Justice, Christine Elizabeth SaraAnn, WV

Kinney, Travis Blaine Kimper, KY

Lester, Heather A. McVeigh, KY

Meadows, Marissa D. Williamson, WV

Messer, Johnna G. Crum, WV

Meza, Emily A. Gilbert, WV

Meza, Megan G. Gilbert, WV

Moore, Jessica P. Kermit, WV

Moore, Kansas Valencia Williamson, WV

Murphy, Kendra D. Williamson, WV

Musick, Eva J. Chattaroy, WV

Owens, Loretta M. Hardy, KY

Parsley, Sandra K. Williamson, WV

Perry, Alexandra B. Dunlow, WV

Perry, Mariah L. Dunlow, WV

Pinson, Justin Paul Kermit, WV

Pridemore, Tiara L. Chapmanville, WV

Ray, Jennifer Ann Delbarton, WV

Ray, Michael B. Canada, KY

Ray, Timothy Lee Delbarton, WV

Riffe, Jennifer N. Williamson, WV

Runyon, Jamie Lea Delbarton, WV

Scott, Nicki L. Pinsonfork, KY

Sherpinskas, Brandy Jo Matewan, WV

Simon, Zack Cain Williamson, WV

Slone, Angela C. Williamson, WV

Smith-Bowling, Brenda K. Lenore, WV

Sparks, Kristy Hope Gilbert, WV

Stevens, Goldia M. Williamson, WV

Sturgill, Barbara J. Kermit, WV

Thaxton, David A. Williamson, WV

Thompson, Jessica Brooke Kermit, WV

Vanover, Duston R. Williamson, WV

Webb, Kelly M. Belfry, KY

West, Jason Varney, WV

White, Angela D. Lenore, WV

Whitt, Allison Brooke Matewan, WV

Wolford, Crystal Phelps, KY

Wolford, Melinda L. Kimper, KY


Campus: Wyoming/McDowell Campus

Bowles, Corey A. Oceana, WV

Bragg, Taylor A. Oceana, WV

Brooks, Jaime L. Kopperston, WV

Burrell, Alex T. Mullens, WV

Cantley, Kegan N. Mullens, WV

Coleman, Laura Louise Corinne, WV

Cook, Jonathan Mark Pineville, WV

Copley, Tyler L. Cyclone, WV

Counts, Cortnee E. Pineville, WV

Dixon, Karmen M. Oceana, WV

Foley, Aaron Nelson Lee Herndon, WV

Greene, Hunter Legacy Glen Fork, WV

Gunnoe, Cameron Blake Oceana, WV

Hager, Brittany R. Oceana, WV

Hale, Dennie Wayne Welch, WV

Hale, Holly M. Oceana, WV

Hall, Candice Brooke Covel, WV

Hash, Kristin P. Glen Fork, WV

Hatfield, Carla D. Mullens, WV

Haynes, James Raymond Wyoming, WV

Houck, Mckayla L. Mullens, WV

Huffman, Erik D. Saulsville, WV

Irick, Tyler G. Oceana, WV

Jenkins, Shawn S. Brenton, WV

Justus, Hunter B. Pineville, WV

Kenneda, Kesha N. Clearfork, WV

Lambert, Selena D. Brenton, WV

Lusk, Kanisha Michelle Herndon, WV

Marcum, Tammy A. Mullens, WV

Maynor, Leslie N. Oceana, WV

McCoy, Hollie Renee Oceana, WV

McCracken, Alisha D. Oceana, WV

McCracken, Morgan B. Oceana, WV

McKinney, William Edward Helen, WV

Milam, Brooke T. Glen Fork, WV

Morgan, McKenzie Rae Pineville, WV

Neace, Cortnei Pineville, WV

Poindexter, Emily F. Mullens, WV

Poindexter, Thomas Josh Mullens, WV

Presley, Aaron C. Mullens, WV

Reynolds, Courtney C. Wyco, WV

Roberts, Sabrina Nicole Iaeger, WV

Scarbro, Hannah N. Rock Creek, WV

Scarbro, Shelley J. Rock Creek, WV

Scarlett, Tiffany A. Lynco, WV

Shell, Katie Welch, WV

Short, Sherry M. Clear Fork, WV

Spears, Kayla N. Matheny, WV

Stump, Lori B. Pineville, WV

Tilley, Jonathan Pineville, WV

Tilley, Katie Ann Mullens, WV

Toler, Amber Oceana, WV

Vance, Patti Brenton, WV

Vann, Anna Celeste Brenton, WV

Walker, Lakyn Brooke Oceana, WV

Walls, Ivan M. Stephenson, WV

Williams, Courtney R. Oceana, WV

Wood, Nicole M. Oceana, WV



Foundation Vice President and LB&T President Eddie Canterbury present the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation with a check to support the Adult Basic Education/Eddie Canterbury Scholarship. The recipient of the scholarship must be a G.E.D. recipient. The scholarship was established by Canterbury and is awarded annually to students who have received their G.E.D. This scholarship recognizes the importance and value of adult basic education and in assisting students obtain a higher education. Pictured is: Ron Lemon, Joanne Tomblin, Phyllis Osenton, Eddie Canterbury, George Kostas, Eddie Joe Canterbury, Ryan Thorn, and Clell Peyton.
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will begin an Accelerated Medical Assistant program this summer on the Williamson campus. Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists running smoothly. Southern offers a medical assisting program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment as a medical assistant in a medical office or clinic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is projected to grow much faster than average nationally; ranking medical assistants among the fastest growing occupations over the 2008-2018 decade and job prospects for skilled medical assistants should be excellent. Contact the office of Allied Health for more information.
Foundation Board Member Phyllis Osenton presents the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation with a check to support the Osenton Family Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a Man High School graduating senior that will be attending Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. The recipient must have a 3.0 GPA. The scholarship was established in May 2001 by Phyllis and Owen Osenton of Logan, WV. Pictured is: Eddie Joe Canterbury, Ron Lemon, Joanne Tomblin, Phyllis Osenton, George Kostas, Clell Peyton, Eddie Canterbury, Ryan Thorn
Students seeking an Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS) will have two new options starting in the fall of 2015. Southern will now offer the AAS degree in Health Information Technology and Strategic Business Integration. Health information technology (HIT) makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. HIT includes the use of electronic health records instead of paper medical records to maintain health information. Upon completion of the HIT Degree, students will be eligible to sit for the Registered Health Information Technician credentialing exam. The Associate in Applied Science Strategic Business Integration degree program is designed to provide an overall education in the Business environment with a strategic blend of market specific industry needs and applied technology integrated across the common business core curriculum. The Strategic Business Integration degree program has the option of an emphasis of Business Accounting, Business Administration, Energy Management, Healthcare Leadership, or Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management. This degree program will provide the entry level skills for the workplace environment and the ability to transfer into a Bachelor level program. The application for the HIT program is now available in the application center on Southern’s website by clicking the healthcare programs application. No application is necessary for the Strategic Business Integration program.
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College teamed up with Man Middle School to host several events focusing on higher education for its students, parents, and community members recently. Students were able to explore various fields of interest through interactive learning sessions. Sessions included a Surgical Tech demonstration, lung function simulator, ‘SimBoy’ and healthcare intake exam procedures. Students were also allowed to navigate robots through mazes at the ‘Little bitty Robot Show’ and present a ‘Breaking News Report’ using the Green Screen provided by IT. An example of 3D printing used in manufacturing of plastic parts was also part of the educational event. An open house for parents and the community was held after school. At this event, attendees had the opportunity to talk with faculty and staff about specific programs; learn about the registration process, be assisted through advising and discuss financial aid options. Faculty from the Divisions of Healthcare and Business; Applied and Industrial Technology; Social Sciences, Education and Nontraditional Programs; University Transfer and staff from department of Student Services participated in the event.
Velva Pennington is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, February Employee of the Month. Pennington is a graduate of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Marshall University and West Virginia University where she earned an AAS in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Administration and MS in Integrated Marketing Communications. She joined the staff of Southern in September 2008 as the Administrative Assistant for the Finance and Communications departments. In 2012 became the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Finance Department. Pennington describes her job as being responsible for providing effective coordination for the Finance Unit and other units within the college. Her duties are to gather information, provide guidance and communications and monitor and coordinate various meetings and activities. For the past two years Pennington has been serving as the Agency Liaison for Southern for the Enterprise Resource Planning System known as Oasis. The ERP system is a comprehensive suite of commercially-available integrated modules that provide end-to end support for statewide administrative functions. She refers to this as one of her most challenging tasks. One of the elements Pennington says she has enjoyed most about her job was being part of the President’s Leadership Academy. “The academy was a tremendous learning experience. I learned how the college was a vital part of the community and how the two worked together to represent West Virginia in a positive way. The academy helped me grow in my role at Southern. I also learned how each unit within the college functions and how each unit impacts the other units within the college. The academy truly brought me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to interact with people from other units.” Pennington’s co-workers often comment that she does her best to treat everyone with respect. Her response to the praise is simple, “I was once a student at Southern and I know what it is like to be on the other side of the desk. I believe every student and every employee are important to the colleges’ success and I try to treat everyone with respect so we can create a positive atmosphere for the college.”  Volunteering is important to Pennington and she currently serves as Family Training Hour Director at Trace Church of God in Dingess, WV. In her spare time she enjoys riding and racing ATV’s. She is also a member of a Christian Fellowship bowling league that raises money for different charities throughout the community. Pennington says she feels this award is a great honor and plans to have a long term career at Southern. “Southern is also where I began my college studies and I would like to give something back to the place that gave me my start in life by becoming a leader at Southern one day.”
The Appalachian Leadership Academy held its 2015 Induction of Cotiga Fellows on December 16, 2014. First Lady /President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College welcomed guests and congratulated new and graduating students for their commitment to the program. Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation President, General (Ret.) Robert H. Foglesong, encouraged students on the academic challenge they have accepted. Recent graduates shared their stories and introduced the new class. The new class members are Jeremy Booten, Brian Bowens, Ransom Endicott, Nathan Moore, Sara Scott, Barbara Sturgill, David Thaxton and Nathanael Waters. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, in cooperation with Cotiga Development Company, sponsors the Appalachian Leadership Academy. The mission of the Appalachian Leadership Academy is to identify Southern students with outstanding character and prepare them with the leadership and diversity skills needed to serve as engaged, conscientious citizens as they enter the business, political, and academic world. The event was held on the Williamson Campus.