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Logan Bank and Trust Donates to Southern
Logan Bank and Trust Donates to Southern
Foundation Annual Meeting Held
The Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation recently held their Annual Board Meeting. The meeting was opened by Southern Foundation President George Kostas. Vice President Eddie Canterbury detailed the financial position. Election of new officers and the review of amended and approved policies were a focus of the business portion of the meeting. First Lady/President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin provided the Major Gifts Campaign update. Southern Medical presented a pledge and LB&T renewed their commitment to the Foundation. A special presentation was made to Rev. George Kostas, Elizabeth S. Kostas and Eddie Canterbury for their years of service and dedication to the Foundation.
Nancy Blackburn is February 2013 Employee of the Month
Nancy Blackburn is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, February Employee of the Month. Blackburn is a graduate of Belfry High School and Bryant and Stratton Business College, Louisville, KY where she received her business training. Blackburn recently celebrated her 19 year anniversary as a Southern employee. She joined the staff in January 1995 as an Administrative Secretary in Student Support Services, a position she still holds today. Blackburn describes her job as maintaining data entries, purchasing, travel and tutoring records. But she says she also has the opportunity to get to know the students. Blackburn says that this is the best part of her job, “I care about our students and love to see them succeed, especially the ones who are apprehensive about attempting college.” She also comments that she has co-workers “going the extra mile to help others”. Her coworkers describe her as someone who enjoys working with the students, always kind and courteous and as someone who takes great pride in her work. Much of her time away from the college is spent volunteering at her church. She serves as church clerk, member of Hospitality and Décor Committees and Vacation Bible School registrar. In her spare time he likes reading, sewing and confesses to an addiction to Downton Abbey! In reflection, Blackburn says, “Working at Southern has been an incredible experience. My supervisor and co-workers are the best that anyone could hope for. I have always believed in Southern. Nine members of my family have been students here. It is a joy and pleasure to work at Southern”.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will extend the deadline for Medical Assisting and Respiratory Care Technology for two weeks, and only for the Wyoming/McDowell Campus. The application deadline will be February 15, 2014. For more information please visit our website at or cal 304-896-7346.

A Respiratory Therapist is responsible for the assessment, treatment, and care for patients with breathing disorders. Commonly performed duties includes:
 care for patients on life support systems in intensive-care units
 consult with physicians and other health care professionals to develop, monitor and modify patient care plans
 work with high-tech equipment
 work with patients of all ages (from premature infants to the very elderly)

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will extend the deadline for Medical Assisting and Respiratory Care Technology for two weeks, and only for the Wyoming/McDowell Campus. The application deadline will be February 15, 2014. For more information please visit our website at or cal 304-896-7346.Medical Assistants provide care and comfort to people with healthcare needs. They're good at multi-tasking and work well as a part of a team. If the following qualities describe you, Medical Assisting might be a good career choice.

The Wyoming/McDowell Campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is now accepting applications for the Medical Assisting Program. The deadline is February 15, 2014.
Medical Assistants typically perform both clinical and administrative tasks. Job responsibilities may include administrative (clerical) and clinical (direct patient care) duties. Administrative duties include scheduling and receiving patients, maintaining medical records, and managing practice finances. Clinical duties include obtaining essential data for medical history and treatment, completing laboratory testing, and assisting in clinical procedures.

The program at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College provides a comprehensive background in administrative and clinical procedures and office management.
The demand for healthcare professionals, such as medical assistants, is at an all-time high. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2022.
Academically ready students can apply to the program following the guidelines of the Allied Health admission process. For more detailed information please visit our website at or call 304-896-7346.

Thornhill Superstore Donates to Southern
Southern and the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation recently received a generous contribution from Thornhill Superstore. Mr. Wally Thornhill, a prominent member of the automotive industry designated Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College to be the recipient of the Ambassador Grant in honor of Thornhill Superstore, Inc. As a result of qualifying for Ambassador status within the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, Thornhill Superstore, Inc. may present a gift every three years to an acceptable 501(c)(3) organization. In receiving the gift, President Joanne Tomblin expressed her thanks and appreciation to Mr. Thornhill for not only his commitment to education but to his local community. Picture left to right: Everett Frazier , Sydney Thornhill-Brown, Joanne Tomblin and Wally Thornhill.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is proud to announce the names of the 436 students who made the Dean’s List for the fall 2013 semester. To qualify, students must have been registered for 12 or more credit hours, and have a grade point average of 3.25 or higher Each student’s name and hometown listed below are included on the Fall 2013 Dean’s List. Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement.

Carrena K. Acord Wharton, WV
Brandi N. Adams Lynco, WV
Mary M. Addair Avondale, WV
Trevor J. Addison McGraws, WV
Billy J. Adkins Chapmanville, WV
Michelle K. Adkins Madison, WV
Rhonda S. Adkins Harts, WV
Anthony S. Adkins Hamlin, WV
Ashton P. Adkins  Peech Creek, WV
Morgan L. Adkins  Peach Creek, WV
Dillon Logan Adkins  Logan, WV
Kaycee M. Adkins  Chapmanville, WV
David H. Adkins  Accoville, WV
Brandon Lee Adkins  Delbarton, WV
Emily Danae Adkins  Crum, WV
Megan K. Akers  Matheny, WV
Whitlea Shae' Alderman  Chapmanville, WV
Tiffany L. Aliff  Comfort, WV
Megan L. Bachelder  Oceana, WV
Amy Michelle Bailey  Gilbert, WV
Justin T. Bailey  Oceana, WV
Kristen F. Bailey  Pineville, WV
Heather D. Baisden  Peytona, WV
Rachael D. Baisden  Harts, WV
Kayli Rachel Baisden  Pecks Mill, WV
Adam Lee Baisden  Henlawson, WV
Misty D. Baisden  Dingess, WV
John Baisden  Delbarton, WV
Brittany D. Baldwin  Uneeda, WV
Katelynn A. Ball  Danville, WV
Chris M. Ball  Williamson, WV
Keri L. Belcher  Madison, WV
Angela D. Bell  Hamlin, WV
Keith D. Bell  Chapmanville, WV
Lena Berry  West Hamlin, WV
Casie M. Bevins  Williamson, WV
William D. Bias  Hewett, WV
Kimberly R. Bias  Hewett, WV
Kaitlyn S. Bias  Delbarton, WV
Donna J. Bishop  Mullens, WV
Paige A. Blackburn  Delbarton, WV
Jenifer R. Blankenship  Verdunville, WV
Miranda Blankenship  Delbarton, WV
Caleb M. Blankenship  Delbarton, WV
Tommy Gene Blankenship  Williamson, WV
Savanna G. Blevins  Danville, WV
David Boyd  Williamson, WV
Danford E. Bragg  Oceana, WV
Allyson N. Brewer  Logan, WV
Tara B. Brooks Glen  Daniel, WV
Cassandra L. Brown  Danville, WV
Charles Everett Brown  Logan, WV
Jessica A. Browning  Verdunville, WV
Anthony W. Browning  Man, WV  
Kelli Browning  Verdunville, WV
Heather N. Browning  Oceana, WV
Brandy Nichole Brumfield  Peach Creek, WV
Lori L. Bumgarner  Dingess, WV
Christopher Aden  Bunting Danville, WV
David L. Burgess  Kistler, WV
Elizabeth D. Burner  McGraws, WV
Eric C. Burnette  Whitman, WV
Alex T. Burrell  Mullens, WV
Lisa M. Cain  Mallory, WV
Conswella Jane Calvert  Williamson, WV
Kristi A. Carey  Chapmanville, WV
John M. Carr  Chapmanville, WV
James A. Casey  Verdunville, WV
Gage Dewayne Chambers  Danville, WV
Olivia Deshae Chapman  Kermit, WV
Derrick S. Charles  Pecks Mill, WV
Wayman Cheung  Kermit, WV
Charity Chryssofos  Chapmanville, WV
Morgan L. Church  Man, WV  
Alexandra J. Church  Itmann, WV
Rachael N. Church  Pineville, WV
Katelynn Elizabeth  Clark Foster, WV
Kristin R. Clay  McGraws, WV
Zachary Levi Clemens  Chapmanville, WV
Shawna A. Cline  Gilbert, WV
Ashley DaNee Coburn  Chapmanville, WV
Katharine O. Coiner  Sumerco, WV
Crystal Cole  Stollings, WV
Wendy L. Collins  Williamson, WV
Jimie K. Compton  Freeburn, KY
Tomarra Conley  Chapmanville, WV
Melissa Gail Conley  Harts, WV
Maria Teresa Conley  Chapmanville, WV
Morgan E. Conn  Omar, WV
Sarah Ann Conn  Williamson, WV
Rachel L. Cook  Danville, WV
Corey R. Cook  Williamson, WV
Corey S. Cook  Delbarton, WV
Brittani Michelle Cook  Justice, WV
Stephanie J. Cook  Mullens, WV
Jonathan Mark Cook  Pineville, WV
Lakin D. Crank  McCarr, KY
Cody A. Croaff  Edgarton, WV
Justin Crocker  Williamson, WV
Crystal Brooke Cummings  West Hamlin, WV
Jessica Dawn Curry  Omar, WV
Adam Thomas Curry  Chapmanville, WV
Sienna M. Curry  Varney, WV
Haley Brooke Daniels  Cyclone, WV
Donald E. Daugherty  McCarr, KY
Thomas E. Davis  Morrisvale, WV
Jordan N. Davis  Oceana, WV
Austin T. Dempsey  Delbarton, WV
Amber M. Desimone  Madison, WV
Delaina S. Deskins  Wilsondale, WV
Virgil Joseph Deskins  Breeden, WV
Joetta Danielle Dial  Lake, WV  
Cecil F. Lee Diamond  Williamson, WV
Justin A. Dillon  Foster, WV
Megan Michele Dillon  Williamson, WV
Corey H. Dillon  Kermit, WV
Shana L. Dingess  Alkol, WV
Shandy L. Dingess  Alkol, WV
Cody D. Dingess  Chapmanville, WV
Dakota L. Dingess  Logan, WV
Christopher W. Dolin  Danville, WV
Christina N. Dolin  Hewett, WV
Charles Allen Doss  Racine, WV
Mary Sue Doss  Nellis, WV
Caleb Dowdy  Chauncey, WV
Kirsten Marie Duffey  Foster, WV
Kaitlin S. Dunn  Chapmanville, WV
Rebecca Darlene Dunn  Williamson, WV
Johnathan S. Dwyer  Brenton, WV
Jennifer Paige Egan  Ottawa, WV
Thomas F. Elkins  Danville, WV
Diana Aleczandra Elkins  Chapmanville, WV
Tamilia Lynn Elkins  Williamson, WV
Ricky Don Ellis  Justice, WV
Michael D. Evans  Logan, WV
Amber L. Evans  Lenore, WV
Brandon N. Farley  Chapmanville, WV
Amber L. Farley  Pecks Mill, WV
Austin T. Farmer  Omar, WV
Lauren B. Farris  Verdunville, WV
Darrell Farris  Madison, WV
Brittany D. Fitzpatrick  Lenore, WV
Jolena Meda Fowler  Madison, WV
Brandi N. Francis  Oceana, WV
Sarah M. Francis  Glen Fork, WV
Katilyn Nena Frazier  Mallory, WV
Cody Lee Frye  Bruno, WV
Robert A. Gable  Williamson, WV
Amber N. Ghee  Logan, WV
Charlie Nichole Gibbs  Hatfield, KY
Joseph Tyler Gibson  Ragland, WV
Maxwell D. Gibson  Oceana, WV
Timothy Ray Godbey  Danville, WV
Jessica Sara Godbey  Danville, WV
Deborah D. Goode  Pineville, WV
Alexandra Nicole Gore  Kistler, WV
Lori Gore  Chapmanville, WV
James Cody Gosien  Chapmanville, WV
Amanda Jo Graley  Ashford, WV
Shelby Gray  Peytona, WV
Jessica Lee Griffith  Mullens, WV
Katelyn Leann Grimmett  Henlawson, WV
Megan Danielle Hackney  Williamson, WV
Leslie Nicole Hagy  Williamson, WV
Danielle Marie Halley  Chapmanville, WV
Alex C. Hamrick  Williamson, WV
Barry P. Hare  Lyburn, WV
Marissa Marie Hare  Accoville, WV
Andrew J. Harness  Delbarton, WV
Kali B. Harris  New Haven, WV
Casey L. Hatfield  Baisden, WV
Carly Diana Hatfield  Chapmanville, WV
Bethany D. Hatfield  Naugatuck, WV
Amber D. Hatfield  North Spring, WV
Haley Nicole Hatley  Bruno, WV
Kelly D. Heath  Fort Gay, WV
Anna M. Hensley  Chapmanville, WV
Ronica T. Hensley  Mount Gay, WV
Kimber Paulynn Hensley  Varney, WV
Rachel R. Hicks  Pecks Mill, WV
Kara N. Hinton  Lenore, WV
Katherine Hoffman  Matewan, WV
Shane Lee Hoosier  Danville, WV
Amber N. Hopkins  Delbarton, WV
Vanessa Danielle Howell  Julian, WV
Kari A. Howell  Accoville, WV
Rebecca Ann Hudson  Chapmanville, WV
Michael David Hughes  Van, WV  
Brian K. Hurley  Stopover, KY
Jonathan C. Ingram  Forest Hills, KY
Diane Y. Isner  Hamlin, WV
Shawna M. Jarrell  Madison, WV
Scott A. Jasper  Charleston, WV
Kasandra A. Johnson  Julian, WV
Shelbi Nicole Johnson  Omar, WV
Eva Loren Johnson  Wilcoe, WV
Jennifer R. Johnson  Edgarton, WV
Polly L. Jones  Uneeda, WV
David Benjamin Jones  Julian, WV
Jessica D. Jones  Kistler, WV
Matthew T. Jones  Logan, WV
Jason Michael Justice  Amherstdale, WV
Brandi N. Justice  Delbarton, WV
Amanda N. Justice  Matewan, WV
Bryce W. Justice  Williamson, WV
Hunter B. Justus  Pineville, WV
Tiffany S. Keeney  Jesse, WV  
Joseph S. Kelemen  Mitchell Heights, WV
Sadona C. Keller  Chapmanville, WV
Tia LaShae Kenneda  North Spring, WV
Kesha N. Kenneda  Clearfork, WV
Summer Paige Kennedy  Man, WV  
Natasha Nichole Kimble  Comfort, WV
Savannah M. Kirk  Ashford, WV
Katie Jean Kirk  Lyburn, WV
Erica R. Kitchen  Logan, WV
Olivia LeShea Kitchen  Logan, WV
Mark Jacob Lacaria  Welch, WV
Jonathan Franklin Lambert  Madison, WV
Teresa Michelle Lambert  Madison, WV
Nathan H. Lamere  Williamson, WV
Carlie D. Laws  Nellis, WV
Morgan B. Leffel  Kermit, WV
Kayla Victoria Lester  Baisden, WV
Christina A. Lester  Oceana, WV
Melissa R. Levo  Foster, WV
Joshua D. Lezu  Danville, WV
Rhea Nicole Lipscomb  Wilkinson, WV
Ronnie O. Lowe  Inez, KY  
Ashley N. Lusk  Mullens, WV
Leslee Ann Lusk  Cyclone, WV
Heather Lusk  Glen Fork, WV
Zachary D. Manley  Chapmanville, WV
Carrie JoAnn Manns  Harts, WV
Britney M. Marcum  Dingess, WV
Tammy A. Marcum  Mullens, WV
Adam T. Mareske  West Logan, WV
Alex C. Mareske  West Logan, WV
Dara L. Martin  Chapmanville, WV
Andrew J. Martin  Pecks Mill, WV
Joshua T. May  Red Jacket, WV
Daniel L. Mayhew  Ragland, WV
Kayla N. Maynard  Dingess, WV
Derek J. Maynard  Chapmanville, WV
Haley Anne Mays  Big Creek, WV
Jarrod Mcclanahan  Dingess, WV
Morgan P. McCoy  Bruno, WV
Keri E. McCoy  Luburn, WV
Nicholas T. McDonald  West Logan, WV
Frances E. McNulty  Pineville, WV
Crystal L. McRae  Harts, WV
Dennis B. Meade  Holden, WV
Hali Sean Meadows  Logan, WV
Stephanie Nicole Meadows  Mallory, WV
Linda R. Meek  Majestic, KY
Dottie Jean Messer  Kermit, WV
Jonia E. Messer  Dingess, WV
Johnna G. Messer  Crum, WV
Ashley Dawn Midkiff  Dunbar, WV
Kayla B. Milam  Racine, WV
Shelley Marie Miller  Salt Rock, WV
Zachary R. Miller  Lake, WV  
Alex Joseph Miller  Whitman, WV
Matthew D. Miller  Lenore, WV
Heather Lynn Miller  Cyclone, WV
Cody A. Mills  Sarah Ann, WV
Marisa D. Milum  Wiliamson, WV
Katlyn Alisha Mollett  Stollings, WV
Julie A. Moore  Harts, WV
Kansas Valencia Moore  Williamson, WV
Paul C. Morgan  Clearfork, WV
Heather Brittany Morgan  Iaeger, WV
Alberta Ellen Mounts  Wharncliffe, WV
Andrew F. Mudd  Wharncliffe, WV
James E. Mullens  Pineville, WV
Brandy Dawn Mullins  Logan, WV
Sonya R. Mullins  Red Jacket, WV
Kaitlyn F. Mullins  Lenore, WV
Thomas J. Mullins  Corinne, WV
Mark E. Muncey   Logan, WV
Brittany Rachelle Muncey  Accoville, WV
Aaron Peter Muncy  Dingess, WV
Jessie E. Murray  Chapmanville, WV
Katherine Grace Murray  Chapmanville, WV
Luke Music  Delbarton, WV
Heidi B. Napier  Chapmanville, WV
Kathy D. Neace  Ranger, WV
Connie B. Nelson  Harts, WV
Hillary M. Nelson  Logan, WV
Katilyn Rochelle Nelson  Amherstdale, WV
Norma C. New  Baisden, WV
Karri L. Newberry  Iaeger, WV
Kristy L. Noe  Red Jacket, WV
Kristal Dawn O'Bryan  Lyburn, WV
Kimberly Dawn Ooten  Stollings, WV
Lisa Marie Ormand  Logan, WV
Shelia K. Osborne  Cyclone, WV
Tiara M. Owens  Amherstdale, WV
David Z. Owens  Williamson, WV
Tyler Owsley  Stollings, WV
Joseph E. Paris  Harts, WV
Emma Maryann Paris  Harts, WV
Leandra K. Parks  Williamson, WV
Amber D. Parks North  Matewan, WV
Whittney Rayann Parsley  Warfield, KY
Megan Nicole Patterson  Peach Creek, WV
Verna R. Pennington  Clear  Fork, WV
Halle Pepper Turtle  Creek, WV
John A. Perovich Turtle  Creek, WV
Whitney Danielle Perry  Davin, WV
Alexandra B. Perry  Dunlow, WV
Emilie B. Petrosky  Wharton, WV
Adam J. Petrosky  Peach Creek, WV
Ryan Christopher  Pettry Ashford, WV
Julia M. Peyton  Chapmanville, WV
Heather R. Poole  Harts, WV
Peyton T. Porter  Stollings, WV
Ginger Erin Portzer  Canada, KY
Stephanie Dawn Prater  Freeburn, KY
Ryan T. Preece  Kermit, WV
Billy R. Preece  Belfry, KY
Dakota S. Price  Wharton, WV
Ashley N. Prince  Williamson, WV
Chelcie Danielle Pritchard  Lake, WV  
Shelli M. Provost  Omar, WV
Caitlin J. Puett North  Spring, WV
Coral L. Queen West  Logan, WV
Amanda Lee Ramella  Williamson, WV
Michael B. Ray  Canada, KY
Jennifer N. Riffe  Williamson, WV
Alex R. Roberts  Spurlockville, WV
Felicia Roberts  Delbarton, WV
Nathaniel G. Rojas  Rawl, WV  
Devan D. Rollyson  Gilbert, WV
Genna Rollyson  Gilbert, WV
Angela Sue Romans  Branchland, WV
Melissa Rose  Chapmanville, WV
Courtney D. Ross  West Hamlin, WV
Amber D. Ross  Mount Gay, WV
Kayla J. Runyon  Chapmanville, WV
Katherine P. Runyon  Lenore, WV
Holli Lynn Runyon  Lenore, WV
Hannah E. Sabo  Chapmanville, WV
Jennifer L. Salyers  Racine, WV
Kiersten L. Sanders  Spurlockville, WV
Kyle B. Sandy  Bud, WV  
Kaitlyn J. Sargent  Gilbert, WV
Shelley J. Scarbro  Rock Creek, WV
Hannah N. Scarbro  Rock Creek, WV
Natasha D. Searls  Alkol, WV
Sarah Elizabeth Searls  Alkol, WV
Meghan D. Sexton  Logan, WV
Caleb M. Shawver  Verdunville, WV
Judy L. Sheppard  Stollings, WV
Victoria E. Shreve  Hewet, WV
Samantha Gail Shrum  Delbarton, WV
Zack Cain Simon  Williamson, WV
LaCosta R. Simpson Gilbert, WV
Chalisse R. Skeens  Harts, WV
Amanda Joy Slusher  Brenton, WV
Morgan L. Smell  Madison, WV
Elisha H. Smith  Van, WV  
Meagan R. Smith  Chapmanville, WV
LaVonda Marie Smith  Bruno, WV
Kaitlyn Briana Smith  Big Creek, WV
Steven Lucas Smith  Delbarton, WV
Debra J. Smith  Chattaroy, WV
Stephen Mathew Smith  Matewan, WV
Crystal Smith  Turkey Creek, KY
Nathaniel Smith  Beckley, WV
Bethany Shea Smith  Cyclone, WV
Christie E. Sprouse  Chapmanville, WV
Amanda Lynn Spry  Ranger, WV
Darian D. Spry  Logan, WV
Julianna L. St. Clair  Lynco, WV
Mariah P. Stacy  Davin, WV
Morgan R. Stacy  Iaeger, WV
Kelsey Dawn Stacy  Hanover, WV
Mackenzie D. Stapleton  Williamson, WV
Skylar C. Stark  Van, WV  
Ashley Lanai Starkey  Madison, WV
Holly L. Steele  Brenton, WV
Melinda R. Stepp  Ransom, KY
Thomas R. Stevens  Charleston, WV
Cortina M. Stickler  Kopperston, WV
Brittany N. Stumbo  Ragland, WV
Kaitlyn R. Tadlock  Madison, WV
Jerinel Taylor  Matewan, WV
James M. Teeters  Delbarton, WV
James P. Teeters  Delbarton, WV
Sherri L. Terry  Harts, WV
Jessica A. Thomas  Holden, WV
Trei Thomas  Williamson, WV
Jennifer Thompson  Alum Creek, WV
Kourtney B. Thompson  Davin, WV
Amber Brooke Thompson  Holden, WV
Jessica Brooke Thompson  Kermit, WV
Kimberly S. Thompson  Lenore, WV
Ashley B. Tilley  Belfry, KY
Katie Ann Tilley  Mullens, WV
Casey ReShea Tomblin  Ranger, WV
Taylor Brooke Tomblin  Amherstdale, WV
Brian Kage Toney  Charleston, WV
Angela S. Totten  Racine, WV
Ashley D. Townsley  Danville, WV
Kandice Alicia Trejo  Pecks Mill, WV
Kayla E. Trepasso  Whitesville, WV
Jonathan E. Twardy  Amherstdale, WV
Paul Todd Vanaelst  Whitman, WV
Kaitlyn Renee Vance  Madison, WV
Jimmy N. Vance  Mount Gay, WV
Larry D. Vance  Chapmanville, WV
Cheryl Lynn Vance  Chapmanville, WV
Patti Vance  Brenton, WV
Anna Celest Vann  Brenton, WV
Teresa D. Vannatter  Danville, WV
Rhodella Sue Vanover  Gilbert, WV
Amanda Marie Vargo  St. Albans, WV
Katelyn B. Vinson  Chapmanville, WV
Tanis W. Walker  Ottawa, WV
Joshua K. Walker  Hanover, WV
Travis R. Ward  Varney, WV
Kelly M. Webb  Belfry, KY
Rebecca F. West  McCarr, KY
Sabrina A. White  Madison, WV
Angela D. White  Lenore, WV
Kimberly Ann Whitt  Whitman, WV
Haley B. Wiley  Branchland, WV
Amanda Lynn Wiley  Chapmanville, WV
Stephanie N. Winslow  Logan, WV
Cynthia F. Woods  Chapmanville, WV
Caitlin M. Woolum  Canada, KY
Sabrina L. Workman  Delbarton, WV
Elizabeth L. Worley  Mullens, WV
Meghan A. Young  McGraws, WV
January Employee of the Month
Melissa Deskins is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, January Employee of the Month. Deskins graduated from Southern with two Associate’s Degrees in Applied Science. She joined the staff of the Mining Academy as part time Administrative Assistant. In August 2012 she became a full time employee. She remained at the Academy until October 2013. She is now an Account Assistant in Finance. She describes her job as having the responsibility of processing invoices for payment. But it isn’t always as simple as it sounds. “The part I like most about my job is the teamwork, communication and all the duties my job consists of. I like how busy my job is and how I look forward to learning new things that will help our department. I am truly blessed to be part of the Finance Department,” she said. Deskins says her greatest challenge is realizing when to quit. “I cannot stand to leave my office knowing I have something to do and learning all the policies and procedures that is required for processing.” She adds that working at the college also allowed her to finish her degrees. Deskins describes it as one of her greatest accomplishments while working here. Away from the college Deskins is actively involved in the Cedar Coal Fair for area students and their projects at the Larry Joe Harless Center. She also volunteers her time to the Tug Valley Mining Institute. Her hobbies include; traveling, reading, shopping, being outdoors, baking, spending time with family and running her own catering business. Married for 18 years to her high school sweetheart, they are the proud parents of three children. When asked how she felt being named employee of the month Deskins said, “I am truly honored to be named Employee of the Month. This means so much to me because I love my job and what I do. I take pride in my job and look forward to coming to work. I appreciate this wonderful recognition. I am blessed to be a part of the Southern family.”
December Employee of the Month
Keith Finley is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, December Employee of the Month. Finley graduated from Southern with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. He joined the staff at Southern in August 2012. He is employed as an Information Systems Tech. Finley describes his job as having the responsibility to provide Allied Health and Nursing with new technology for teachers to use, provide technical support to those teachers, and to equip support classrooms. He also provides technical support to help automate and ensure a smoother operation of ICR equipment. Finley is being recognized by his co-workers for going beyond his assigned job duties. Finley has been working on the new interactive classrooms, lab computers and server infrastructure. He has been working with other technicians to automate many tasks, customize user experiences on lab computers, and design and deploy the entire student login system Southern will be using. He states that the best part of his job is being able to cross train within his department. Finley also strives to “successfully mitigate any down time that is caused by technology, whether it is a computer, the presentation system in the room, or equipment in the ICR’s, to ensure that technology doesn’t cause a hindrance but to augment the class.” Finley says his greatest challenge is trying to keep everything running smoothly and staying up to date with newer emerging technologies. He states that being able to adapt very quickly to different situations with all departments for technical support is a must. “I stay in the loop, with each group in IT, to at least know what is currently going on, to help with any technical problem”, he said. Finley volunteers as a Southern Samaritan. In his spare time he likes cars, electronics and computers.