Board of Governors Complete Evaluation of Southern's President

At its October 30, 2017 meeting, the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Board of Governors approved to renew the contract of its President, Dr. Robert E. Gunter, through June 30, 2022, following a comprehensive performance review.

The Presidential Review Committee’s findings were reported to the full Board at its October 30, 2017 meeting. President Gunter received from the Board of Governors a good review of his first two years as President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. In a challenging environment for Southern and other community colleges, he has admirably brought fresh eyes and innovative ideas to the institution, just as the Board had hoped. The Board commends the President’s foresight and fortitude, his overarching focus on students, his positive can-do attitude, his open-door policy, and the determination he has shown to prepare the College to meet the future needs of its students and the regional economy. The Board notes concerns expressed by some faculty members related to morale. It encourages Dr. Gunter to take the initiative in dealing with those concerns and informing the Board of Governors of his progress in doing so.

The purpose of this evaluation was to ensure that the institution is being well managed, pursuing sound institutional goals, and to help the president improve his performance. The governing boards of West Virginia’s higher education institutions are required by state statute to conduct a written performance evaluation of its President at the end of his/her initial contract period. President Gunter will complete his initial contract and second year as President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College on December 31, 2017.

President Gunter commented, “While the past two years certainly has had its challenges, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is an institution full of potential and promise.” He thanked the Board of Governors for its support and commitment to Southern and to his Presidency, and looks forward to working with the Board, faculty, staff, and administration to advance Southern to its fullest potential.