Cliff Natural Resources Funds New Scholarship

Cliff Natural Resources Funds New Scholarship

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College and the Southern Community College Foundation, Inc. announced today the establishment of a new scholarship program.

In a demonstration of their ongoing commitment to Southern, Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. presented the funding for this new scholarship.

Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc., Technical Scholarship Program at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will be a multiyear partnership to provide financial assistance to students pursuing career and educational opportunities in the technology programs.

“Cliffs Natural Resources is committed to the communities in which we operate and these contributions are an example of that commitment,” said Ryan Thorn, Cliffs’ public affairs coordinator. “The partnerships we’ve built through the years continue to have a positive impact on the people and the communities in southern West Virginia and we look forward to building on that good work this year.”

Ron Lemon, Vice President of Development remarked that this program will significantly reduce the debt load for many students. “We know what the barriers are and often it’s the cost. With the help of supporters such as Cliffs, we can remove those barriers, and we will.”

“The scholarships awarded to our students through this program will help them to accomplish their goal of obtaining a college degree and will have a lasting impact on their future and the future of our community,” said First Lady/President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Joanne Jaeger Tomblin. So many students are in need of financial help. Our goal is to assist as many students as possible and these contributions help us do just that.”


For more information on this scholarship visit online at or contact the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation office.