Community College Education Leads To Lasting Careers

College presidents pose for recognition after signing the agreement with WorkAmerica. The partnership was dated to begin on March 1, 2018.
CTCS partners with WorkAmerica to give students tools to find careers in their fields

CHARLESTON, WV, March 5, 2018 - West Virginia’s community and technical colleges are partnering with WorkAmerica, which hosts an artificial intelligence powered online platform to help students and alumni obtain meaningful employment. The goal is to give community college students and graduates a foothold into jobs in their career fields right here in the Mountain State.

WorkAmerica signed this agreement with the West Virginia Community and Technical College System (WVCTCS) to assist students and alumni as they build professional online profiles, connecting them to a vast network of employers. Driven by artificial intelligence, profile holders will also receive job feeds that match their educational background, skills, industry credentials and experience. Current students will be able to use WorkAmerica profiles to connect with local internship and apprenticeship opportunities in advance of graduation.

“Our focus is on accelerating the connection between job seekers and employers needing skilled and qualified candidates. Using AI [artificial intelligence] in a mobile-ready platform brings a whole new level of efficiency to historic employment models and holds tremendous promise for the students and graduates of the West Virginia Community and Technical College System,” said Dave Garza, WorkAmerica’s Vice President of Workforce Partnerships.

Students and graduates will have access to additional support services through WorkAmerica. This includes guided assistance in building and optimizing profiles, and maximizing value to prospective employers. Employers will be able recruit via email and instant messaging individuals with profiles matching the skills and qualifications they are looking for. Conversely, WorkAmerica profile holders will be able to apply for positions they are interested in directly through the free app.

“Giving students access to these types of support services allows them to take control of their career paths as they seek job placements,” said WVCTCS Vice Chancellor Casey K. Sacks. “These tools will not only help them now, but in the future as they seek out career advancement by teaching students what skills to highlight to catch a potential employer’s eye.”

Through their industry engagement efforts WorkAmerica will gather information about employer needs throughout the state, creating a better understanding of what jobs are available and the skills needed to succeed in those jobs. This will allow students and colleges to gear program choices toward the employment needs statewide. “This is an integral part of the community college system,” said WVCTCS Chancellor Sarah Armstrong Tucker. “Community colleges routinely partner with employers to create programs that meet statewide employment needs. The partnership with Work America is another way for us to guide students toward available jobs.”

This partnership is just one of many ways CTCS works to make connections for students between higher education and available jobs and careers. Students who are interested in finding lasting careers in their fields after graduation or internships as they continue their path toward a degree are encouraged to reach out to their school counselors for more information and details.

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The Community and Technical College system of West Virginia (WVCTCS) serves nine community and technical colleges with campuses throughout the state. Our mission is to promote and provide high-quality, accessible, and responsive education and training opportunities that maximize student learning, improve the standard of living for West Virginians, and contribute to the economic vitality and competitiveness of our state.

Photo Caption: College presidents pose for recognition after signing the agreement with WorkAmerica. The partnership was dated to begin on March 1, 2018.

Top Row (left to right): Dr. Chuck Terrell-President of Eastern WV CTC, Dr. L. Marshall Washington-President of New River CTC, Dr. Robert Gunter-President of Southern WV CTC, Dr. Jane Milley-Interim President of WVU at Parkersburg Bottom Row (left to right): Dr. Vicki Riley-President of WV Northern CC, Dr. Eunice Bellinger-President of BridgeValley CTC, Dr. Keith Cotroneo-President of Mountwest CTC, Dr. Johnny Moore-President of Pierpont CTC