June 28, 2017

College not complying with state law, procedures

CHARLESTON, WV, June 28, 2017– State officials at the West Virginia Council Community and Technical College Education (Council) are warning former West Virginia Business College (WVBC) students against misleading information recently distributed by the college. WVBC lost its accreditation on April 10, 2017, leading the Council to revoke its authorization to operate in West Virginia effective June 30.

Yesterday, Council officials were notified that West Virginia Business College administrators sent former students messages suggesting they would remain in operation. Further, the college notified spring 2017 students that they must attend an orientation session for the next semester before their transcripts would be released. Students hoping to transfer credits earned at WVBC to an accredited college or university must have an official transcript to do so.

“The Council hopes that WVBC will choose to be good stewards of their students, inform them that WVBC is no longer legally allowed to enroll students, and provide transcripts upon request,” said Dr. Sarah Armstrong Tucker, Chancellor. “It is unethical for them to withhold those transcripts or require students to attend any such orientation to receive them.”

The West Virginia Business College lost its accreditation on April 10, 2017, a requirement to operate in the state of West Virginia. After due process and allowing WVBC the opportunity to appeal, the Council withdrew WVBC’s operating permit on June 8, 2017, ordering them to halt any and all operations by June 30, 2017.

“West Virginia Business College is not authorized to continue offering classes in the state of West Virginia,” Tucker said. “Their recent actions not only violate their legal standing, but --- most disturbingly --- are irresponsible and harmful to students who are trying to move forward with their lives and education.” Earlier today, Council staff sent notice to WVBC that the Attorney General’s Office will begin taking legal actions if the college does not cease and desist in all attempts to enroll students.

Former WVBC students who need help obtaining transcripts, transferring to another institution, managing student loan debt or exploring new education or career options are encouraged to contact Council staff for free assistance at 304.558.0265 ext. 6, or by email to Renee Harvey at harvey@wvctcs.org.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Samantha Godby at 304.558.0087 ext. 265 or email at godby@wvctcs.org.