Howerton Named to NSF Panel

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College professor, Carol Howerton, has been appointed to serve on the National Science Foundation grant review committee. Howerton serves as the current NSF Grant Coordinator at Southern, as well as Distance Education Coordinator. Her past work with the NSF lead to the development of a statewide Information Technology Program. Howerton appointment began with a nomination by a Program Officer based on her work with National Science Foundation grants over the years. She currently serves as Principal Investigator on her second award and previously served as a panelist in 2002. Panelists must have proven excellence in education, technical expertise, grants background, and/or government experiences. Howerton will serve on the 2016 award cycle. As part of the panel she will read assigned proposals and prepare written reports to serve as either primary or secondary panelist. On proposals assigned as primary panelist she will provide a summary of the project and lead a panel discussion, prepare a panel summary and rating for each proposal. On those as a secondary panelist she will provide written pre-review and participate in discussions to assist with final summary. The panel provides ratings for each proposal that provide guidance and input on funding for the grant cycle or feedback to help grant writers revise and improve projects for resubmission. NSF depends upon the reviewer community for nearly 240,000 reviews per year and each panel member will have anywhere from 15-20 specific proposals depending on the program needs. “It’s a great opportunity to network and work closely with so many other educators, grant personnel, and National Science Foundation staff,” Howerton said. “You also get to see innovations that other colleges across the country are planning and implementing and future trends in the industry.” National Science Foundation grants are among the most competitive grants to obtain. “I’ve worked with some great grant writers and assisted in the development of NSF grants but mostly involved on the implementation side. There is so much that goes into writing strong proposals and I'll gain a lot of insight and first-hand information on National Science Foundation guidelines and expectations beyond what I've already experienced along with new strategies to use and problems to avoid for future grants,” she added. Howertons appointment will last through the current grant cycle. For more information on the programs supported by the NSF Grants at Southern visit online at