Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Remains Fully Committed to its Boone/Lincoln Campus

Despite budget cuts and declining student enrollment, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has no plans to close its Boone/Lincoln Campus.

“Southern remains firmly committed to its Boone/Lincoln Campus and to the communities it serves,” said Southern’s President, Robert Gunter. “Absolutely no plan whatsoever exists to close the campus or reduce our service to the citizens of the Boone and Lincoln county areas.”

Boone/Lincoln Campus, serving the Boone and Lincoln County areas since the early 1980s, occupies a contemporary facility adjacent to the Boone Career and Technical Center in Foster.

“We take great pride in our Boone/Lincoln Campus,” said Dr. Gunter. “We are especially proud of the faculty, staff, and students who are the heartbeat of the campus. We also know that Boone Campus’ location near Corridor G combined with its close proximity to Charleston is a real asset for Southern.”

The Boone/Lincoln Campus offers a Medical Assisting program, a PowerSports Technology program, and a multitude of physical and on-line classes, and boasts seven full-time faculty, four staff members, several adjuncts, and a student assistant. The Campus is an approved test site partner of the National Heath Career Association offering eight independent, allied health national certification exam opportunities for Southern students. NHA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. The campus facility, constructed in 1996, consists of three traditional classrooms, three interactive classrooms (ICR), two computer labs/classrooms, one library/Learning Lab, one science classroom/lab, and a student commons area. The Campus works in collaboration with its Lincoln location, adjacent to Lincoln County High School, in Hamlin. Current enrollment at the Boone/Lincoln Campus is 184 students.

“Southern has been a vital part of Boone and Lincoln counties for more than 30 years and we remain unequivocally dedicated to its people and to our original mission: to offer quality and affordable education to area residents,” said Dr. Gunter. “Coal River communities are a valued part of the Southern family.” Southern has lately invested in noteworthy improvements at its Boone/Lincoln Campus. More significant enhancements include the furnishing of a Medical Assisting Laboratory, equipment for the PowerSports Technology program, hardware and software computer upgrades in two labs, introduction/enhancement of high-tech teaching equipment (SMART board, data projectors), addition of two ICRs, upgraded technology in three ICRs, construction of a student placement testing mini-room, designation of a Learning Lab/library, offering of online English courses, free Wi-Fi, interior structural improvements, an array of security cameras, landscape improvements, and plans for the construction of a new roof for the facility.

“The future outlook for student enrollment in technical programs and general education coursework at the Boone/Lincoln Campus is tremendous,” said President Gunter. Southern is investing in its Boone/Lincoln Campus by providing the college portion of the Van High School P-20 “College in High School” Project in partnership with Boone County Schools, the WV Department of Education, WVU College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, the WVU Extension Services, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M. Van High School students will earn college credits by taking college classes at both the high school and Boone/Lincoln Campus. As this project develops, it will be extended to other schools within Boone County. Van High School students have enrolled in their first wave of course work for the Spring 2018 semester.

With the recent announcement for the development of the Rock Creek Project, Southern’s Boone/Lincoln Campus is poised to provide critical workforce training for all businesses/industries that locate in the industrial park. Also, a partnership in Sustainable Agriculture and Welding Technology is currently under development at the Campus’ Lincoln location.

Recent budget cuts, declining student enrollment, faculty/staff retirement, and institutional reorganization has fostered additional changes at the Boone/Lincoln Campus. Longtime Director of Boone/Lincoln Campus Operations, Bill Cook, retired in mid-January 2018. David Lord, current Wyoming/McDowell Campus Director, temporarily serves in his stead. Southern plans to hire a new Campus Director as well as an office personnel in the near future.

For more information about the Boone/Lincoln Campus, contact Director David Lord at (304) 294-2010 or [email protected]