Craft Beer Basics - Logan

Craft Beer Basics
Day/Date: Thursday, November 2, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Room 116-B, Logan Campus
Cost: $29
Learn How to Better Understand and Appreciate Great Beer, Flavors, Styles, Ingredients, and Fun Facts Cost $29

Intro to Craft Beer

Why craft brewing?
At the local level throughout the country, breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and retailers are creating new job and tourism opportunities as part of a growing craft brew movement resulting significant local and state economic impacts. This movement emphasizes products made locally with a local and personal touch using fresh ingredients.

Who should attend?
Designed for home brewers, future professional brewers, budding entrepreneurs, beer enthusiasts and others interested in the brewing sciences. Attendees must be at least 21 years of age.

How To Register: Register at any Southern Campus or by calling 304-896-7434. Attendees must pre-register by October 31, 2017.


Taught by local experts in brewing and hospitality industries. Students will learn about:
 Some fun beer history
 The Craft beer movement and tourism / economic impact in West Virginia
 Different styles and flavors of beer
 The Anatomy of Beer – the four raw materials: malt, hops, water, and yeast
 The process to transform these four ingredients into forms suitable for brewing
 Learn flavors, ingredients, as the source of distinct beer styles
 Learn the materials and processing techniques required to produce these styles of beers
 Learn about Sensory Evaluation – the quality attributes of beer: foam, stability, color, aroma

Start Dates: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017