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Steps to Dual Credit Enrollment

Dual Credit is a program that allows high school students to enroll in classes that will give students academic credit at their high school and at Southern.

Application Period: September 20 – September 27, 2021


  1.  Admissions Process
    1. Create an Account at APPLY.SOUTHERNWV.EDU
    2. Check your Email to activate your account.
    3. Click the “Activate Account” link in your email to return to APPLY.SOUTHERNWV.EDU to complete the application.
    4. Submit you application! You are not finished until you submit the application!
  1. Contact Tim Ooten at for questions regarding admission.
  2. Students choose which classes they want for the fall semester.
  3. Your high school counselor will give you the registration link to sign up for classes.


  1. Students must complete the application for admission and select their classes by September 27th by 4pm.  Southern will email an Excel Spreadsheet to the HS Counselors with a list of all students who completed this process on Wednesday, September 29th by 4pm.
  2. HS Counselors will review the list to make sure all students wanting to take dual credit courses get the opportunity and are approved to take college level coursework.
  3. HS Counselors will put GPAs on the spreadsheet in the column provided.
  4. After placing GPAs on the spreadsheet, HS Counselors should review for accuracy.  The spreadsheet should be sent to from the HS Counselors official school email address by September 29th.  By sending the spreadsheet to Dianna Toler, the HS Counselors are approving the students to take college-level courses at Southern.  Additionally, HS Counselors are verifying the students listed have the grade-point averages required.
  5. Timeline
    1. Students
      1. Admissions Application and Course Selection forms completed by September 27th
      2. No payment is required.  Southern is paying all dual credit students’ tuition.
    2. Southern
      1. Spreadsheets of students who applied for Admission sent to HS Counselors on Wednesday, September 29th.
    3. HS Counselors
      1. Spreadsheets sent to Dianna Toler by Friday, October 1st.