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The Logan campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will be hosting the Regional West Virginia Math Field Day Friday, February 8, 2019. The competition will begin in Building A at 9:00 a.m. The event is open to the public.

There are eight regions created from the 55 counties of the state. Region II includes schools in Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, Mingo, and Wayne counties.

The West Virginia Math Field Day is the largest individual mathematics competition, ranging from grades 4-12 held in West Virginia. In 4th-9th grade, students compete within their own grade. In 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, students compete within all of the grades mentioned.

Dr. Sabrina Runyon, Director of Early Learning Programs for Mingo County Schools, and Jessica Houck, Math Instructional Coach, are coordinating the event.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has partnered with United Way of Central West Virginia to offer free tax preparation services to individuals and families through the IRS-certified Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program.

The tax preparation will run from February 4, 2019 through April 4 on Southern’s Logan and Williamson campuses. To schedule a time, visit

The VITA program is designed to provide free income tax preparation services to eligible individuals and families. There are no residency requirements. The program is completely free of charge, and both federal and state tax returns can be e-filed with the IRS in order to receive a rapid refund.
Families who earn up to $56,000, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities are eligible to receive VITA services.

IRS-Certified Volunteer Tax preparers assist individuals and families to identify tax credits they are eligible for in order to maximize return refunds and bring critical dollars back to the community. All returns are filed electronically and customers have the option of having their refunds direct deposited into their checking or savings account in as little as 10-14 days.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Stephanie Mounts at (304) 896-7630 or online at

The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Board of Governors will hold its regular business meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, 2900 Dempsey Branch Road, Building C, Room 428, Mount Gay, West Virginia. The meeting agenda is posted to the Board of Governors’ website, and you may access the document at The meeting agenda will also be posted on a bulletin board that is accessible to the public located in the administrative office of the College on each campus. This meeting is open to the public.

Sticks Magazine is sponsoring an Open Mic Night on our Williamson campus on February 5! This is a perfect opportunity to share your own creative work in a safe environment. Refreshments will be served. We hope you can join us!

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will be hosting a Quilting 101 Workshop on its Logan campus March 8 and 9. The two-day workshop will be a beginning quilting class, held in Building B, Room 116 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Instructors will be Cookie Kommer and Barb MacVean, of Columbus, Ohio.

Participants will learn to construct a “Disappearing 9-Patch” quilt top. The cost of the workshop will be $89. Registration and payment must be received by 4:00 p.m. on February 28. You may register, pay and pick up a materials list at any Southern Campus Cashier’s Office, or by mailing Registration Form and check to: Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, Workforce Office, P.O. Box 2900 Mount Gay, W.Va. 25637.

Please call 304-896-7440 or 304-896-7434 for more information, or visit

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is releasing its Dean’s List for the Fall 2018 semester. Students carrying a minimum of twelve credit hours and earning a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher are eligible to be placed on the Dean’s List. A total of 293 students earned the distinction. The names are broken down alphabetically by each student’s home campus, listed below.

The Boone campus had 22 students on the Dean’s List:
Abel, Keegan A. Branchland, W.Va.
Armstrong, Whitney Ashford, W.Va.
Bradley, Michelle R. Clothier, W.Va.
Cooper, Taylor D. Branchland, W.Va.
Craddock, Cassie Lynn Hewett, W.Va.
Ferrell, Jacob T. Danville, W.Va.
Hull, Courtney K. Ashford, W.Va.
Lambert, Rebecca D. Ranger, W.Va.
Lawrence, Jennifer K. South Charleston, W.Va.
Laws, Tammy S. Foster, W.Va.
Mayhorn, Zachary A. Clothier, W.Va.
Merritt, Shaylee O. Wharton, W.Va.
Miller, Kelly Nova Sweetland, W.Va.
Mills, Danny A. Yolyn, W.Va.
Nichols, Latasha D. Crum, W.Va.
Queen, Lakeisha D. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Rader, Sharlie Ann Van, W.Va.
Stevenson, Mallory K. Jeffrey, W.Va.
Vanater, Tifany L. Comfort, W.Va.
Vance, Elizabeth A. Hurricane, W.Va.
White, Garrett Foster, W.Va.
Whitman, Alison Jo Alkol, W.Va.

The Logan campus had 162 students on the Dean’s List:
Abbott, Molly R. Cyclone, W.Va.
Adams, Amber Harts, W.Va.
Adams, Andrea M. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Adams, Drema D. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Adkins, Hunter Johnathan Big Creek, W.Va.
Adkins, Irene D. West Logan, W.Va.
Adkins, Kayla Branchland, W.Va.
Akers, Kaitlyn Danielle Breeden, W.Va.
Anderson, Erica Renee Lorado, W.Va.
Back, Vanessa P. Wharncliffe, W.Va.
Baisden, Alyssa Varney, W.Va.
Baisden, Rhianna Michele Dingess, W.Va.
Ball, Brianna N. Holden, W.Va.
Bell, Allison E. Whitman, W.Va.
Berry, Cynthia M. Pecks Mill, W.Va.
Blankenship, Chaz D. Gilbert, W.Va.
Blankenship, Shonathan M. Gilbert, W.Va.
Blevins, Sarah E. Gilbert, W.Va.
Boothe, Sarah H. Cyclone, W.Va.
Brewer, Austin Q. Kermit, W.Va.
Brewer, Samantha D. Wharncliffe, W.Va.
Brooks, Morgan N. Logan, W.Va.
Brooks, Teresa M. Oceana, W.Va.
Browning, Allyson Brooke Logan, W.Va.
Browning, Keasha Hope Gilbert, W.Va.
Browning, Taylor M. Verdunville, W.Va.
Bryant, Rebecca Chapmanville, W.Va.
Burnette, Chase M. Whitman, W.Va.
Bush, Alyxandra S. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Casey, Deonna D. Logan, W.Va.
Chafin, Kayla Chapmanville, W.Va.
Click, Allison P. Switzer, W.Va.
Colegrove, Emily M. Delbarton, W.Va.
Collins, Cody Mallory, W.Va.
Collins, Tiffany M. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Compton, Lisa M. Isaban, W.Va.
Conley, Megan M. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Cook, Carley M. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Cook, Jarred C. Lynco, W.Va.
Cooke, Lisa L. Henlawson, W.Va.
Cox, Lillian M. Whitman, W.Va.
Cox, Matthew R. Omar, W.Va.
Curry, Joseph T. Yolyn, W.Va.
Davis, Charles Foster Pikeville, Ky.
DeFlumeri, Terri Y. Amherstdale, W.Va.
Decker, Donna L. Switzer, W.Va.
Dingess, Melissa K. Lake, W.Va.
Dotson, Mark A. Ransom, Ky.
Dress, Teena Loraine Mt. Gay, W.Va.
Elia, Nicholas B. Lenore, W.Va.
Ellis, Christopher L. Dingess, W.Va.
Ellis, Hannah B. Stollings, W.Va.
Ellis, Hannah Brooke Peach Creek, W.Va.
Ellis, Lauren A. Holden, W.Va.
Ellison, Kyra Danielle Cyclone, W.Va.
Evans, Joshua Earl Delbarton, W.Va.
Farley, Ashley M. Danville, W.Va.
Farmer, Angela N. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Farmer, Sarah B. Harts, W.Va.
Fizer, Rhianna E. South Charleston, W.Va.
France, Corey P. Logan, W.Va.
Frye, Oscar Switzer, W.Va.
Gann, Jennifer Renee Mallory, W.Va.
Gibson, Emmanuel Lorado, W.Va.
Glandon, Jacob Nathaniel Bruno, W.Va.
Green, Nathan A. Holden, W.Va.
Hager, Breanna Dingess, W.Va.
Hager, Megan P. Omar, W.Va.
Hall, Brandon J. Williamson, W.Va.
Hanshaw, Allison Paige Delbarton, W.Va.
Harper, Allie H. Amherstdale, W.Va.
Harris, Jeredan Davin, W.Va.
Harvey, Hannah Mallory, W.Va.
Harvey, Tara L. Holden, W.Va.
Hatcher, Maci Anne Logan, W.Va.
Hatfield, Casey L. Baisden, W.Va.
Hatfield, Troy Kyle Wharncliffe, W.Va.
Hayes, Haleigh G. Gordon, W.Va.
Heath, Allison P. Gilbert, W.Va.
Herndon, Leonnah Joy Delbarton, W.Va.
Hicks, Kristan M. Accoville, W.Va.
Hodge, Rita Ann Kermit, W.Va.
Hudson, Kana D. Charleston, W.Va.
Hunter, Kashawnna L. Kistler, W.Va.
Jessup, Amanda Christine Logan, W.Va.
Jewell, Shaylan L. Logan, W.Va.
Jude, David A. Delbarton, W.Va.
Justice, Emma Kathryn Pecks Mill, W.Va.
Justice, Megan M. Man, W.Va.
Keaton, Jordan Michael Poca, W.Va.
Kennedy, Alexis K. Man, W.Va.
King, Jamie Nicole Chapmanville, W.Va.
Lambert, Sara Chapmanville, W.Va.
Lester, Kiela S. Scott Depot, W.Va.
Lowe, Alexis Raschelle Omar, W.Va.
Lucas, Adrianna J. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Lusk, Kayla Breanna Oceana, W.Va.
Lyall, Joshua K. Mallory, W.Va.
Marcum, Erica L. Delbarton, W.Va.
Marcum, Tiarra P. Lake, W.Va.
Maynard, Heather E. Inez, Ky.
McCleese, Rachel Renee Omar, W.Va.
McNeely, Lacelynn Verdunville, W.Va.
Meade, Susan Logan, W.Va.
Meeks, Mary E. West Logan, W.Va.
Messer, Jacob S. Dingess, W.Va.
Miller, Malorie D. Huntington, W.Va.
Mills, Dustin D. Williamson, W.Va.
Milum, Allyson P. Williamson, W.Va.
Morris, Briana J. Stollings, W.Va.
Morrison, Daisy I. Verdunville, W.Va.
Mosley, Hanna C. Amherstdale, W.Va.
Mullins, Caleigh L. Yawkey, W.Va.
Mullins, Ethan Dingess, W.Va.
Mullins, Laikyn Breann Chapmanville, W.Va.
Mullins, Neil R. Man, W.Va.
Napier, Justin Man, W.Va.
Napier, Taylor M. Omar, W.Va.
Neil, Faith M. Logan, W.Va.
Newsome, Kristy Lynn Verdunville, W.Va.
O'Dell, Arissa L. Logan, W.Va.
Odell, Alisha R. Logan, W.Va.
Ooten, Madyson F. Logan, W.Va.
Owens, Patti Renea Man, W.Va.
Paynter, Madison Kelly Mallory, W.Va.
Perrine, Savannah S. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Perry, Jennifer A. Omar, W.Va.
Porter, Alex C. Holden, W.Va.
Prince, Cheltsie C. Cyclone, W.Va.
Ramey, Ayla P. Delbarton, W.Va.
Ransom, Alexis Renae Logan, W.Va.
Rice, Charlena Logan, W.Va.
Rockel, Candace Leigh Dingess, W.Va.
Savage, Trevin Williamson, W.Va.
Schultheis, Cristy Dawn Logan, W.Va.
Sizemore, Kayla Janel Chapmanville, W.Va.
Smith, Charles D. Ethel, W.Va.
Smith, Justina M. Ethel, W.Va.
Southers, Holly P. Holden, W.Va.
Sowers, Gwendolyn E. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Stanley, Corey J. Davin, W.Va.
Stevens, David D. Man, W.Va.
Stevenson, Jocelyn K. Lorado, W.Va.
Thompson, Hannah L. Logan, W.Va.
Thompson, Tanya Cherie Mount Gay, W.Va.
Tomblin, Cheyenne H. Peach Creek, W.Va.
Topping, Shania Hope Chapmanville, W.Va.
Townsend, Natasha D. Logan, W.Va.
Townsend, Olivia K. Verner, W.Va.
Vance, Jackie D. Mallory, W.Va.
Vance, Nancy Kay Accoville, W.Va.
Vinson, Paul J. Logan, W.Va.
Wells, Haley D. Matewan, W.Va.
West, Brooke A. Morrisville, W.Va.
White, Justin K. Williamson, W.Va.
Whitt, Gage A. Davin, W.Va.
Whitten, Cassidy Hope Oceana, W.Va.
Williamson, Faron K. Pecks Mill, W.Va.
Willis, Evan S. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Wooten, Amber R. Madison, W.Va.
Workman, Cameron S. Delbarton, W.Va.
Wright, Ashley R. Holden, W.Va.

The Williamson campus had 79 students on the Dean’s List:
Barnett, Kristin M. South Williamson, Ky.
Blankenship, Jasmine D. Lenore, W.Va.
Brown, Casey Williamson, W.Va.
Burks, Austin L. Mullens, W.Va.
Butcher, Stephanie M. Delbarton, W.Va.
Cantrell, Casara R. Gilbert, W.Va.
Chaffin, Mikayla M. Kermit, W.Va.
Chapman, Christina M. Kermit, W.Va.
Chapman, Haley Brooke Sidney, Ky.
Chapman, Kayla M. Pinsonfork, Ky.
Clark, Seth R. Delbarton, W.Va.
Crabtree, Rebekah Delbarton, W.Va.
Curry, Savannah J. Delbarton, W.Va.
Davis, Christian L. Forest Hills, Ky.
Dotson, Larry Phelps, Ky.
Downey, Norma Sue North Matewan, W.Va.
Duncan, Brook Delbarton, W.Va.
Endicott, Erica Jeanne Varney, W.Va.
Evans, Andrew J. Williamson, W.Va.
Fields, Keegan D. Williamson, W.Va.
Fields, Morgan J. Williamson, W.Va.
Fitzpatrick, Chase P. South Williamson, W.Va.
Fraley, Cierra Cheyanne South Williamson, Ky.
Goodfellow, Sierra Lancaster, Ohio
Gooslin, Kendra N. Belfry, Ky.
Gooslin, Robert Belfry, Ky.
Gravely, Michelle R. Williamson, W.Va.
Hankins, Jason M. South Williamson, Ky.
Hanshaw, Shana Lenore, W.Va.
Hatfield, Alexandria M. Delbarton, W.Va.
Hatfield, Hanna D. Lenore, W.Va.
Hatfield, Katie D. Baisden, W.Va.
Haynes, Briona L. Williamson, W.Va.
Hodges, Brandon A. Chapmanville, W.Va.
Howard, Jeremy L. Kermit, W.Va.
Hundley, Andrew H. Lenore, W.Va.
Jackson, Ashley N. Delbarton, W.Va.
James, Alexa R. Lorado, W.Va.
Jewell, Nathan A. North Matewan, W.Va.
Johnson, Nicholas Sidney, Ky.
Justice, Jacob I. Delbarton, W.Va.
Loggins, Jessica Lynn Logan, W.Va.
Looney, Anthony T. North Matewan, W.Va.
Lottridge, Makayla Williamson, W.Va.
Marcum, Angela N. Matewan, W.Va.
Matney, Mckayla A. Gilbert, W.Va.
McCoy, Kristie Williamson, W.Va.
Meade, Laura R. Kermit, W.Va.
Messer, Michael J. Delbarton, W.Va.
Mines, Amanda C. Delbarton, W.Va.
Mingo, Kentrell Belfry, Ky.
Mollett, Margaret B. Kermit, W.Va.
Neal, Marcie R. North Matewan, W.Va.
Norman, Keterah F. Hardy, Ky.
Ooten, Rianna F. Lenore, W.Va.
Parsley, Candace Naugatuck, W.Va.
Parsley, Taylor H. Naugatuck, W.Va.
Preece, Corey Delbarton, W.Va.
Rhodes, Sarah M. Williamson, W.Va.
Roer, David J. Williamson, W.Va.
Salmons, Donald G. Kermit, W.Va.
Sexton, Dillan H. Logan, W.Va.
Shannon, Christina F. Dunlow, W.Va.
Sheppard, Jennifer G. Williamson, W.Va.
Slater, Sierra A. Belfry, Ky.
Sparks, Angela K. Williamson, W.Va.
Stroud, Cherri M. Burnwell, Ky.
Sturgell, Chelsey Kermit, W.Va.
Tackett, Alexis B. Varney, W.Va.
Townsend, Megan P. Mt. Gay, W.Va.
Vance, Madison B. Kermit, W.Va.
Varney, Kenneth Edward Matewan, W.Va.
Wellman, John M. Williamson, W.Va.
Whitt, Roger L. Williamson, W.Va.
Wiley, Savannah P. Harts, W.Va.
Wilhite, Melissa Ann Pikeville, Ky.
Williamson, Sarah E. Williamson, W.Va.
Yates, Kyra J. Lenore, W.Va.
Yates, Zoe Williamson, W.VA.

The Wyoming campus had 30 students on the Dean’s List:
Adkins, Jaclyn A. Glen Fork, W.Va.
Adkins, Julie Dawn Rockview, W.Va.
Bailey, Brandon Pineville, W.Va.
Belcher, Katlyn D. Pineville, W.Va.
Bentley, Benjamin Gilbert, W.Va.
Boothe, Olivia Paige Mullens, W.Va.
Boyce, Kelsey A. Pineville, W.Va.
Cassell, Allyson G. Lynco, W.Va.
Chapman, Cheyenne Renea Cyclone, W.Va.
Daniels, Catherine Hope Man, W.Va.
Dorado, Kristie Pineville, W.Va.
Gibson, Maxwell D. Oceana, W.Va.
Hoosier, Brittany N. McGraws, W.Va.
Jenkins, Shane T. Brenton, W.Va.
Kennedy, Emily F. North Spring, W.Va.
Lester, Ashton Faith Hanover, W.Va.
McKinney, Sidney A. Mullens, W.Va.
McKinney, Tamara K. Beckley, W.Va.
Miller, Mason S. Brenton, W.Va.
Mills, Kaitlyn D. Mullens, W.Va.
Morgan, Hannah Grace Matheny, W.Va.
Robinson, Joseph Bryce Oceana, W.Va.
Salmons, Stephanie M. Pineville, W.Va.
Spears, Whitney L. Fayetteville, W.Va.
Tolliver, Hannah R. Mullens, W.Va.
Trent, Kaitlin Williamson, W.Va.
Walker, Kari Mullens, W.Va.
Walker, Winona S. Oceana, W.Va.
Welch, Alexis Rayne Oceana, W.Va.
Williams, Kelly D. Glen Daniel, W.Va.

For any questions, please contact Mandy Lester at 304-896-7429, or [email protected].

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, along with our Learning Studio, will be hosting a TEAS Test Prep Session for Southern students and eligible high school students. The TEAS test prep session will be Wednesday, January 23rd from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm on the Logan Campus- Building A - Room 122.

The session is open to any currently enrolled Southern student. For a high school student to be considered eligible to attend the TEAS test prep session, the student must be a senior with a 2.5 minimum GPA and be ready for college-level Math and English. To be considered college-ready, the student must have scored the minimum for each section of the ACT or the SAT. Students are asked to verify this information with their school counselor, and submit a ticket to attend the evet. This information has been sent to local school counselors.

The minimum scores for the ACT and SAT are as follows:

Reading 17
English 18
Mathematics 19


Reading 420
English 480
Quantitative Portion 500

Please share this information with any interested student, especially if they are interested in our Nursing Program.

We look forward to having your students on campus to prepare them for the upcoming exam! Please remind the students they are welcome to bring their dinner to this brown bag session.

The TEAS exam will be offered at Southern on the following dates:

January 18th 9:00 am and 1:00 pm

January 25th 9:00 am and 1:00 pm

For complete information, please see Southern’s website

Mount Gay, W.Va. – The Logan campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will be hosting Math Field Day for Mingo County Schools on Friday, January 11, 2019. The competition will begin in Building A at 9:00 a.m. The event is open to the public.

All Mingo County Schools will be represented. Mingo County is also hosting the Region II competition which be held at the same location. Dr. Sabrina Runyon, Director of Early Learning Programs for Mingo County Schools, and Jessica Houck, Math Instructional Coach, are coordinating both events.

The West Virginia Math Field Day is the largest individual mathematics competition, ranging from grades 4-12 held in West Virginia. In 4th-9th grade, students compete within their own grade. In 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, students compete within all of the grades mentioned.

Mount Gay, W.Va. – Monday, January 7, 2019 begins the final week to register for Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s Spring 2019 semester. Students will be able to register for full-term 16-week classes until Thursday, January 10. After that date, students may register for alternate term 12-week classes, which are full-credit courses that begin on February 11.

Southern’s Spring 2019 semester begins Monday, January 14.

If you are interested in enrolling, you are encouraged to stop by any Southern campus and get registered today!

For more information, please contact Mandy Lester at [email protected].