Latest Southern News

Anna James

Anna James, professor of English on the Logan campus, has been named faculty of the month at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

Anna is enthusiastic, dedicated, and willing to take on any extra project that comes her way. This is her third semester at Southern and in those three semesters she has seen much change: change in her home campus, change in department chair, change in curriculum and delivery methods. She always greets these changes with a positive attitude.

Students love her,  they always have great things to say about how she is willing to work with them and how she makes her classes fun and meaningful.

Financial Aid Program Assistant, Stella Estepp is being recognized as the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, February Classified Staff Employee of the Month. A graduate of Southern, Estepp received her R.B.A. from Marshall University.

Estepp joined the staff of Southern as JTPA Secretary in August 1998. She then became Financial Aid Assistant II before accepting her current position. Estepp advises students regarding the financial aid application procedure, then processes their application to determine eligibility and awards federal, state and institutional aid.

Estepp says she has a passion for helping students and will do whatever is necessary to assure they are successful. “I like the sense of satisfaction I feel when I can help students acquire the funding they need to attend college,” she added.

She serves on several committees at Southern, including the Advisory Board for Appalachian Leadership Academy, Southern Samaritan Committee, Girls Night Out Committee, Crisis Management Team/Williamson Campus, and served as Chair Person for the Services for Adult Learners - Enrollment Management Committee. Estepp also completed the President’s Leadership Academy.

In the community she is an advocate for stray animals, and when time allows participates in the area schools “Read Aloud” programs. Estepp proudly assisted with “yellow ribbon” event sponsored by National Guard for soldiers returning home from Iraq in 2011.

She and her husband Larry, have two children and six grandchildren.

Pardee Scholarship

Logan, WV.-The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Foundation has selected five students to receive the Pardee Resources Company scholarship for 2011-12, according to Ron E. Lemon, vice president of development.

The students selected and the county in which they reside are: Tyler M. Browning of Whitman and Brenden Brown of Davin from Logan County; Nancy  L. Bevins of Williamson from Mingo County; Kristen Duffey of Foster from Boone County; and Adam Bradford of Pineville from Wyoming County.

The full scholarship award pays for full-time tuition, books and related educational expenses up to $2,500 during the 2011-2012 semesters at Southern.

“We are very pleased with the students selected to receive the Pardee scholarships,” Lemon said. “Through educational partnerships, like this one with Pardee Resources, we are able to assist many students, including the non-traditional students, in their efforts in obtaining  a degree.”

Pardee Resources Company owns and manages land holdings in central and southern West Virginia.

Tyler Browning Brenden Brown Nancy Bevins
Browning is the son of Timothy and Lisa Browning and a graduate of Logan High School. He is employed by Newton Energy, Inc., and is seeking a degree in mine management. Brown is the son of  David and Rowena Brown and a graduate of Man High School. He hopes to complete a degree in radiology. Bevins is the daughter of Harold Daniels and Connie Justice. She is working toward a degree in human services.
Kirsten Duffy Adam Brandford  
Duffey is the daughter of Tim and Debbie Duffey and works at the Boone County Courthouse and at Water Ways. She is seeking a degree in elementary education.

Bradford is a member of student representative of Southern’s Board of Governors and is a martial arts instructor. He is working toward a degree in criminal justice.

Consol Energy Donation

Consol Energy has joined the growing list of companies contributing to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s  Educational Fund. Charles “Skeeter” Hackworth, coordinator of training and development for Consol Energy presented a check Wednesday to Southern President  Joanne Jeager Tomblin and Ronald E. Lemon, Vice President for Development.

Investing in higher education, owner Mike Mullins of Southern Medical (center)  recently

presented a check to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin and vice president for Development Ron Lemon. The check will be used for educational and scholarship support at Southern.

Cotiga 2011 Donation

Edward Curry, manager of resources at Cotiga Development, is a man of few words. But, his actions speak thousands.

During the induction of the 2012 Cotiga Fellows of the Appalachian Leadership Council, Curry said, “We’re doing the right thing being associated with this program.”

With that simple statement, Curry presented Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College with a $75,000 check of behalf of Cotiga Development.

The check was presented to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin during ceremonies at the Williamson campus where twelve new members were inducted into the Appalachian Leadership Academy.

Retired General Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong returned home as the featured speaker and told the incoming members to “always be proud of your roots.” Foglesong, a retired four-star Air Force General, reflected to the students that he has traveled the world and always seems to find someone from his home state.

Foglesong, who was born and raised in Mingo County, said, “We’re a clannish group and I couldn’t be more proud than when someone calls me a “hillbilly”.

The retired general is president and executive director of the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation, a non-profit organization operating for the next generation of leaders in Appalachia. Foglesong also served as the 18th president of Mississippi State University.

President Tomblin stated that “Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing.” She also read an email from Rep. Nick Rahall telling the young leaders to “Be yourself.”

Pauline Sturgill, Director of Community and Leadership Development at Southern, introduced the new Cotiga Fellows. The new members include Lindsey Blackburn, Miranda Blankenship, Sara Conforti, Tamilia Elkins, Cody Justice, Brandy Frances, Crystal Little, Scott Pack, Amber Parks, Lenoir Sweeney, Todd Smith and Rebecca West.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2011 semester. This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work, according to Darrell Taylor, Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Development.

Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement and best wishes for continued success!

  • Derek Adams
  • Dawn Adkins
  • Angela Adkins
  • David Adkins
  • Ethan Adkins
  • Jeremy Adkins
  • Rachel Allen
  • William Alley
  • Nicholas Andersen
  • Alexander Anderson
  • Jesse Asaf 
  • Melissa Bailey
  • James Bailey
  • Roger Bailey
  • Harold Bailey
  • Kasey Baldwin
  • Delilah Barker
  • Bethany Barker
  • Carissa Barker
  • Brittany Bartram
  • Lindsey Belcher
  • Whitney Berry
  • Nancy Bevins
  • Summer Bias
  • Theodore Blackburn
  • Tera Blackburn
  • Jamie Blankenship
  • Rachael Booth
  • Kayla Booth
  • John Botsch
  • Kenny Bowens
  • Stacey Bowles
  • Heather Bowles
  • Jamie Bowling
  • Adam Bradford
  • Whitney Brinager
  • Alissa Browning
  • Julie Browning
  • Anna Browning
  • Emily Browning
  • Amanda Browning
  • Sandra Browning
  • Marsha Bryant
  • Ashley Burnett
  • Eric Burton
  • Alexander Cabell
  • Donna Callaway
  • Shawntel Canterbury
  • Kristi Carey 
  • Sarah Carey
  • Meghan Carr 
  • Rozanna Carter
  • Joseph Carter 
  • Tina Casey
  • Kristain Chafin
  • Michael Charles
  • Jenta Cheung
  • Jonathan Childers
  • Havilah Chowdhury
  • Crystal Christian
  • Brandon Christian
  • Jordan Cisco
  • Elaine Clime
  • Kayla Cline
  • Brandon Cline
  • Sarah Cline
  • Brittany Colegrove
  • Janice Collier
  • David Collins
  • Kimberly Collins
  • Kathy Conley
  • Amanda Cook
  • Justin Cook
  • Mitchell Cook
  • Erick Croaff
  • Cleta Crosco
  • Samantha Crum
  • Chrystal Curry
  • Angela Dalton
  • Michael Dalton
  • Christopher Damron
  • Ashley Davis
  • Tyler Davis
  • Andi Dearien
  • Jessica Dempsey
  • Whitney Dempsey
  • Brittany Dempsey
  • Hannah Dent
  • Renetta Deskins
  • Kota Deskins
  • Gabrielle DeWees
  • Stacie Dials
  • Frank Dillon
  • Diana Dillon
  • Kimberly Dillon
  • Adam Dingess
  • Wendie Dingess
  • Lisa Dingess
  • Joshua Dingess
  • Brittany Dolin
  • James Dotson
  • Leanna Dotson
  • Caitlin Drakos
  • Chasity Elkins
  • Mary Ellis
  • Anitra Ellis
  • Mark Ellis
  • Michael Ellis
  • Eric Ellis
  • Zachary England
  • Karla Estepp
  • Cassie Evans
  • Elizabeth Farley
  • Sarrah Farley
  • Sabrina Farley
  • Traci Farmer
  • Ashley Ferguson
  • Tara Ferrell
  • Jessica Fields
  • Ronald Finley
  • Tammy Fleshman
  • Garrett Fought
  • Jolena Fowler
  • Sarah Fowler
  • Mary Fry
  • Tara Frye
  • Leandrea Galang
  • Amber Gallagher
  • Tanya Garber
  • Barbara Gavina
  • Mary Gillespie
  • Meaghan Gillespie
  • Anthony Gillispie
  • Levetta Goldie
  • Heather Goode
  • Paula Gore
  • Leah Grimmett
  • Autumn Grove
  • Jennifer Hackney
  • Lesli Hager
  • Erica Hager
  • Sarah Hager
  • Katelynn Hagy
  • Tiffini Hale
  • Robin Hall
  • William Hall
  • Chelsea Hardesty
  • Jessica Harper
  • Lauren Hart
  • Lillian Harvey
  • Cortney Hatfield
  • Bo Heninger
  • Joyce Hill
  • Sarah Holzapfel
  • Oda Howard
  • Gregory Howell
  • Tracie Howell
  • Glinda Howell
  • Lindsay Huffman
  • Naveed Irfan
  • Kellie Johnson
  • Shane Johnson
  • Ashlee Johnson
  • Kelsey Johnson
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Tabitha Johnston
  • Jessica Jones
  • Aaron Jones
  • Michael Joyce
  • Amanda Justice
  • John Kersey
  • Gregory Key
  • Virginia Kimler
  • Willard Kinder
  • Elisha Kinder
  • Brittani Kirk
  • Caleb Knight
  • Charlene Lambert
  • Samina Lawson
  • Donald Lecik III
  • Regina Lee
  • Cassandra Lee
  • Jessica Leger
  • Stephen Lester
  • Debra Lester
  • Matthew Lester
  • Shanda Lester
  • Chelsea Light
  • Heather Lilly
  • Joshua Lockard
  • Morgan Logan
  • Tia Long
  • Reginia Lowe
  • Brittani Lowe
  • Erina Lyall
  • Lyndsey Mahon
  • Angela May
  • Sarah May
  • Veronica Maynard
  • Victoria Maynard
  • Chelsea McCann
  • Erica McCoy
  • Melody McCoy
  • Joyce McKinney
  • Philip McKnight
  • Ashley Meade
  • Timothy Meadows
  • Rachel Menders
  • Jodi Mileto
  • Emily Miller
  • Mariah Miller
  • Stephanie Miller
  • Mason Miller
  • Eboni Monroe
  • Joshua Moore
  • Henry Moore
  • Ashley Moreland
  • Chelsea Morgan
  • Courtney Morgan
  • Tabitha Mounts
  • Erika Mullins
  • Christopher Mullins
  • Ethan Mullins
  • Sherri Murphy
  • Adam Murphy
  • John Murphy
  • Kayla Neace
  • Jeremiah Nelson
  • Krystal Nelson
  • Crystal Norman
  • David Nunley
  • Angelina Ojeda
  • Laura Ooten
  • Knasaun Orr
  • William Osborne
  • Kellie Overton
  • Shayla Owens
  • Sonja Pack
  • Joy Parsley
  • Kari Parsley
  • Aaron Parsons
  • Allie Paxton
  • Gracia Payne
  • Aaron Perry
  • Christy Phillips
  • Mary Pierce
  • Iva Porter
  • Rowdey Province
  • Margaret Prue
  • Megan Pugh
  • Samantha Ratliff
  • Jessica Ray
  • Rhonda Repass
  • Sarah Rhodes
  • Sarah Rife
  • Jonathan Riffe
  • Ada Roberson
  • Kellyn Robinson
  • Christopher Rollyson
  • Teresa Rose
  • Robert Runyon
  • Courtney Runyon
  • Samantha Sabo
  • Sasha Salmons
  • George Sanner
  • Martha Sansom
  • Michael Sansom
  • Nathan Sansom
  • Jeanie Scarberry
  • Rachel Searls
  • Natasha Searls
  • Joshua Sharps
  • Hannah Shelton
  • Erica Shepherd
  • Lauren Sigmon
  • Justin Simpkins
  • Misty Sizemore-Bal
  • Sidney Slade
  • Megan Smith
  • Ruby Smith
  • Alicia Smith
  • Amelia Smith
  • Elisha Smith
  • Brittany Smith
  • Selina Smith
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Tyler Spears
  • Tosha Spence
  • Amber Spurlock
  • Whitney Stanley
  • Patricia Stevens
  • Jeffrey Stevens
  • Adam Stewart
  • Brianna Stollings
  • Jared Stone
  • Arielle Stone
  • Travis Stump
  • Brandy Tackett
  • Debra Tawney
  • Heather Thomas
  • David Thompson
  • Anthony Thompson
  • Chelsea Thompson
  • Chloe Thompson
  • Kari Thornsbury
  • Ashley Tincher
  • Jordan Toler
  • Brent Tomblin
  • Crystal Toppings
  • Tonya Tucker
  • Amanda Vance
  • Daniel Vance
  • Brittany Vance
  • Shannon Vance
  • Stephanie Vance
  • Tiffany Vance
  • Stacia Vanover
  • Bianca Varney
  • Kaylynn Vermillion
  • Andrew Vess
  • Brenten Viars
  • Kelli Walker-Pack
  • Michael Ward
  • Zachary Westlake
  • Jeana White
  • Michael White
  • Patrick White
  • Jonda Whitt
  • Brenda Wilburn
  • Kaitlin Wiley
  • Hannah Wiley
  • Dawnetta Williams
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Justin Willis
  • Stephanie Winslow
  • Megan Wolford
  • Chase Woodruff
  • Kandi Workman
  • Bethany Workman
  • Bruce Young
  • William Zerrien
  • Angela Ziegler

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College operates four campuses in Boone, Logan, Mingo and Wyoming counties and a site at the Lincoln County High School. Southern is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Assistant Professor Stephanie Daniel has been named Faculty of the Month at Southern West  Virginia Community and Technical College. An instructor at the Williamson Campus, Stephanie was nominated for the honor by Steven Hall.

“Stephanie works hard to prepare respiratory students for their career in the health care setting,” Hall said in nominating Daniel. “Stephanie spends quality learning time with the students in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical setting.

“Recently a hospital supervisor told me what a pleasure it was to have Stephanie working with the students in their facility.  She always makes extra time for the students whether preparing for a big exam in the classroom or coaching the annual Respiratory softball game in Charleston.

“Stephanie is an active and involved educator and I fell she should be recognized as one of Southern’s best employees,” Hall said.

Southern West  Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean’s List for the fall 2011 semester.

This honor recognizes achievements of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work, according to Darrell Taylor, Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Development.

Alyssa Acord

Amber Adams

Sean Adams

Leah Adams

Amanda Adkins

Denise Adkins

David Adkins

Melanie Amick

Michelle Arthur

Bethany Artist

Jesse Asaf

Natasha Bailey

Kelsey Bailey

Charles Baisden

Brynn Baisden

Jessica Ball

Delilah Barker

Joanna Belcher

Heather Belcher

Summer Bias

Theodore Blackburn

Katie Blair

Miranda Blankenship

Jamie Blankenship

Emily Blankenship

Kayla Booth

Rachael Booth

John Botsch

Michelle Bowen

Kenny Bowens

Stacey Bowles

Adam Bradford

Tori Bragg

Eric Britt

Jordon Brooks

Audrey Brooks

Preston Brooks

Hannah Brown

Keasha Browning

Tyler Browning

Marsha Bryant

Henry Buchanan

Morgan Buckner

Kassie Burgess

Ryan Butcher

Donna Callaway

Eric Campbell

Ginger Carr

Justin Carter

Heather Case

Tina Casey

Matthew Chafin

William Chapman

Michael Charles

Jenta Cheung

Crystal Christian

Jessica Clay

Brandon Cline

Jordan Cogar

Brittany Colegrove

Rocky Coleman

Janice Collier

Rebecca Compton

Jimie Compton

Kathy Conley

Mitchell Cook

Noel Cooper

Brenna Copley

Shanda Copley

Holly Cox

Courtney Crum

Katlin Crum

Christopher Curry

Sienna Curry

Chrystal Curry

Ashley Curry

Angela Dalton

Darla Dalton

Christopher Damron

David Darbyshire

Meranda Davis

Whitney Dempsey

Hannah Dent

Benjamin Desrocher

Angela Dials

Stacie Dials

Frank Dillon

Adam Dingess

Lisa Dingess

Tara Drake

Kirsten Duffey

Krista Edwards

Amy Evans

Karen Farmer

Darrell Farris

Lisa Ferguson

Brent Ferrell

Ronald Finley

Tammy Fleshman

Jolena Fowler

Brandy Francis

Keisha Gamble

Robert Gannon

Keisha Gannon

Tanya Garber

Megan Gartin

Kara Gess

Brandon Gibbs

Haley Gillman

Heather Goode

Paula Gore

Taylor Green

Kendra Griffith

Leah Grimmett

Robbie Grove

Cristina Guerrero-Bojask

Cashmire Guthrie

Megan Hadvab

Samantha Hager

Telisa Hagerman

William Hall

Samantha Hall

Jason Halsey

Gregory Hanshaw

Sandra Harless

Rozanna Harrison

Jonah Hatfield

Shayla Hatfield

Amber Haugen

Justin Havey

Jessica Henderson

Caleb Hensley

Justin Hensley

Brianna Hensley

Anna Hensley

Tori Hensley

Rachel Hicks

Sidney Hill

Joyce Hill

Tiffany Hill

Krista Hill

Marca Hobbs

Sarah Holzapfel

Elijah Hooker

Amber Hopkins

Alisha Horn

Whitney Horne

Emily Hornsby

Lindsay Huffman

Kevin Hutchinson

Diane Isner

Franklin Jarvis

Elizabeth Jeffery

Tiffanie Jowett

Kirsten Judge

Cody Justice

Tierra Justice

Joseph Justice

Cortney Keneda

Tiffany Kennedy

Taryn Keyser

Amber Kinder

Adam Kinser

Tammy Kirk

Jessica Lane

Samina Lawson

Nicholas Lawson

Cassandra Lee

Morgan Leffel

Ashley Lester

Tiffany Lester

Chelsea Light

Nicholas Lively

Ann Lockard

Morgan Logan

Brittani Lowe

Heather Lowe

Ashley Lusk

Elizabeth Marcum

Veronica Maynard

Katie Mccloud

Traci Mccomas

Rita Mccoy

Morgan Mccoy

David Mccray

Heather Mccue

Jessica Mcneely

Kandis Mcroberts

Jeffrey Meade

Dwight Meadows

Ashley Meeks

Kimberly Meeks

Jodi Mileto

Kayla Miller

Alex Miller

Christopher Miller

Karie Montgomery

Victoria Moore

Joshua Moore

Kimberly Moore

Aubrey Morgan

Paul Morgan

Tabitha Mounts

Ted Mullins

Erika Mullins

Chelsea Muncy

John Murphy

Jessie Murray

Victoria Neil

Zachary Nelson

Bobby New

Kristy Noe

Cameron Norman

Crystal Norman

Cassie O'Dell

Chelsea Oliver

William Osborne

Chelsea Pack

Koneta Parsley

Roger Pauley

Kristofer Payne

Nathan Perry

Kimberly Perry

Jessica Peters

Christy Phillips

Tyler Poole

Holly Porter

Iva Porter

Trisha-Ann Preece

Mackenzie Price

Christopher Price

Andrea Prichard

Farrah Privett

Caitlin Puett

James Quick

Randy Rakes

Sarah Rhodes

Sierra Rice

Ada Roberson

Tracy Roberson

Kayla Robertson

Megan Rollins

Shasta Rose

Debra Sabo

Brittany Sabo

Samantha Sabo

Thomas Salisbury

April Samaniego

Deanna Sanner

Nathan Sansom

Aaron Scheller

Rachel Searls

Hannah Secrist

Derek Sesco

Meghan Sexton

Sonjia Sharp

Geoffrey Shull

Paulette Sias

Valeria Singer

Sidney Slade

Megan Slone

Donna Smith

Ruby Smith

Brittany Smith

Scottie Smith

Kristyn Smith

Furjhon Sorongon

Kimberly Southard-Muncy

Samantha Spence

Tykeshia Spry

Amber Spurlock

Linda Stafford

Joanna Stamper

Christina Stanley

Dixie Stewart

Cortina Stickler

Brianna Stollings

Arielle Stone

Emily Strother

Grover Thacker

Chloe Thompson

Brittany Thompson

Cierra Toler

Jordan Toler

Andrea Toler

Alisha Tolliver

Peggy Tomblin

Justin Tomblin

Shawna Tomblin

Kayla Tomblin

Ashleigh Tomblin

Alison Toney

Ashley Townsley

Tonya Tucker

Shannon Vance

Destinee Vance

Sandra Vance

Amanda Vance

Stacia Vanover

Kerri Varney

Jordan Walls

Travis Ward

Shasta Ward

Joshua Watkins

Amanda Watts

Brandi Welch

Rebecca West

Zachary Westlake

Haley Wiley

Susan Will

Christian Williams

Taylor Willis

Stephanie Winslow

Shelley Woodall

Olivia Wooten

Tasha Workman

Rhonda Yates

Jeffrey Yeager

Bruce Young

Angela Ziegler