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I would like to nominate Shirley Spriggs, Medical Laboratory Technology instructor, for faculty of the month.  Shirley consistently does an excellent job teaching her lecture and laboratory classes in both the MLA and MLT programs.  Her patience and persistence when teaching students difficult laboratory skills is outstanding.  She is always willing to stay late to assist me in anyway needed and is a true asset to the MLA and MLT programs as well as myself.

Submitted by:
Professor/Coordinator for MLT
Vernon Elkins

Presentation for Williamson Applied Technology Center

Williamson, WV - Plans are underway for a new Applied Technology Center to be constructed at the Williamson Campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. A ground-breaking ceremony is being planned for April, according to President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin.

ZMM Architects sought input from administration, faculty and staff to create a facility with a flexible design, allowing for training to be kept current and programs interchanged as necessary.

"This is going to be a technologically designed facility which will provide students with hands-on training to prepare them for the jobs of the future," President Tomblin said. "This project is one that the Tug Valley community can be proud of and its design will change the way students will learn in the future."

A college advisory group has made recommendations for training programs that are being planned for the new technology facility as well as the actual construction site which is located adjacent to the main campus building.

"The College still intends to purchase the Armory property when it becomes available, however, due to the timing of the bond funds, the College will need to begin construction and complete the new facility within three years of receiving the funds. That is why we are building a new facility on property that the college already owns," President Tomblin explained.

During the 2007 West Virginia Legislative session, the legislature agreed to the sale of bonds for the purpose of constructing new campuses and technology facilities for the state's community and technical colleges. Southern will receive $6 million dollars for the construction of a 21,000 square foot technical facility at its Williamson Campus.

Some of the training programs being considered for the new Technology Center include industrial vehicle maintenance, welding and electricity, vehicle operation training and robotic automation technology. College officials are also planning to create a professional testing center where students may complete all state licensure examinations, such as M-CAT, etc.

"We are planning to serve a much larger region here, including our neighboring counties in Kentucky," President Tomblin said.

The West Virginia Community and Technical College System, which Southern is a part of, has focused their efforts on the recruitment of adult learners and retraining the current workforce.

"The new technology center in Williamson will assist the College in attaining these goals. Community and technical colleges have the technology and the curriculum to train workers quickly at an affordable cost," President Tomblin said.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College offers many degree and certificate programs in its Career and Technical Division, including Allied Health, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Mine Management, and Survey Technology. The University Transfer Division offers degrees that prepare students to transfer into upper division programs at four year colleges and universities. Southern operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates.

The college's web site is and the toll free number is 1-866-798-2821.

Phase II of Vision 2020 Major Gifts Campaign

Logan, WV - Over $7 million dollars has been pledged to the Vision 2020 Major Gifts Fundraising Campaign since it was launched in 2006 by the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation, Inc. Contributions continue to come in as preparations are being made for Phase II of the campaign which has a goal of $20 million dollars by the year 2020.

Working diligently to reach that goal is Southern's President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin who said she is overwhelmed by the support from local businesses, alumni and college employees. She explained even though Southern is a state assisted institution, budgets are tight and will continue to shrink.

As a proactive measure to future budget cuts, contributions to the Vision 2020 fundraising campaign, has enabled Southern to implement new programs, expand current ones and award more student scholarships. Since 2006, the Southern Foundation has awarded over $600,000 in scholarship monies to local students.

"Vision 2020 is the first campaign of this magnitude by a community college in the state of West Virginia. We have been blessed from the beginning to have employee support. As president, I am extremely proud that our foundation board members and employees have embraced this ambitious goal," President Tomblin said. "This campaign is a testament to our communities ­ and to the world ­ that Southern is committed to serving all students and to meeting the futuristic needs of workforce training with modern technology.

Southern has made it convenient to support the fundraising efforts via the college's web site. A Vision 2020 Major Gifts Campaign contribution link is available on the main web page at The new on line giving form is easy to fill out and submit. Also available on this link are levels of giving, current donor names and much more.

President Tomblin, who is in her 10th year in the college's leadership role, stressed that all gifts are important to the Vision 2020 Campaign no matter what the amount. Gifts to the Southern Foundation are tax deductible.

Since the onset of the Vision 2020 Major Gifts Campaign, contributions have enabled Southern to initiate programs in Cosmetology/Salon Management, Dental Hygiene, EMT-Mining, Medical Assistant, Respiratory Care Technology, Survey Technology, and support for the Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies, and financial assistance through the Foundation has more than tripled.

Investments from the campaign will continue to support these efforts. As the campaign grows, the College will pursue additional programs to meet the demand.

Gifts to the Foundation assist Southern to fulfill its mission of providing innovative and comprehensive educational opportunities for students. For more information, contact the Foundation Liaison and Vice President for Development Ronald E. Lemon at 304-896-7425.

Southern operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates. The college's web site is and the toll free number is 1-866-798-2821.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Photo cutline: Southern's President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin talks with allied health students as they returned to campus for the Spring 2010 semester.

Kim Hensley, assistant professor, deserves to be nominated because she is dealing with great difficulties on the personal side and STILL manages to initiate a tutoring lab, attend a conference, teach her classes  (including overloads) and meet with students outside of class AND participate in committee meetings without missing a beat.

Kim has been instrumental in creating new dendrology course.  She is participating in the President’s Future Leaders Academy.

Kim has participated in the Boy Scout Merit Badge College for several years.  She works with the youth in her church as the Vacation Bible School director. 

She deserves to be the faculty of the month. 

Thank you,
Kathryn Krasse
Associate Professor

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Fall 2010.

This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least 12 semester hours of academic work. Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement and best wishes for continued success.

Ashley Adkins

David Adkins

Jaylynn Adkins

Ethan Adkins

Amanda Adkins

Rachel Allen

Nicholas Andersen

Alexander Anderson

Megan Bachelder

Harold Bailey

Melissa Bailey

Kendra Baisden

Rebecca Baker

Kasey Baldwin

Courtney Balewski

Valerie Ball

Carissa Barker

Delilah Barker

Justin Barnett

Zachery Bartoe

Brittany Bartram

Jennifer Baum

Johnathan Bedford

Amanda Belcher

Whitney Berry

Nancy Bevins

Summer Bias

Marlena Bias

Aaron Birchfield

Danielle Bishop

Tera Blackburn

Samantha Blair

Katie Blair

Rachael Booth

John Botsch

Randi Bowen

Michelle Bowen

Kenny Bowens

Adam Bradford

Whitney Brinager

Anna Browning

Emily Browning

April Bryant

Henry Buchanan

Angela Butcher

Alexander Cabell

Shawntel Canterbury

Crystalyn Canterbury

Kristi Carey

MaShawnna Carter

Rozanna Carter

Kayla Chafin

Michael Cheek

Jenta Cheung

Havilah Chowdhury

Erica Christian

Crystal Christian

Brandon Cline

Savannah Cochran

Courtney Colegrove

Brittany Colegrove

Laura Coleman

Keith Coleman

Mary Collins

Amanda Collins

Courtney Cominsky

Sara Conforti

Mitchell Cook

Amanda Cook

Lindsey Cook

Tammy Cooper

Noel Cooper

Shanda Copley

Hillarie Craddock

Erick Croaff

Patricia Croasmun

Mark Crum

Jennifer Curry

Christopher Curry

Adam Curry

Chrystal Curry

Christopher Damron

Michelle Davis

Tyler Davis

Heather Davis

Andi Dearien

Whitney Dempsey

Jessica Dempsey

Brittany Dempsey

William Dent

Hannah Dent

Chris Deskins

Stacie Dials

Diana Dillon

Frank Dillon

Adam Dingess

Alexis Dingess

Lisa Dingess

Ruthie Dingess

Morgan Dolan

Brittany Dolin

Autumn Doss

James Dotson

Tara Drake

Caitlin Drakos

Randy Dye

Michael Elia

David Elkins

Mark Ellis

Mary Ellis

Zachary England

Anna Evans

Cassie Evans

Leeli Farley

Elizabeth Farley

Sarrah Farley

Austin Farmer

Ashley Ferguson

James Ferrell

Tara Ferrell

Christopher Ferrell

Justin Fleming

Tammy Fleshman

Andrew Fortner

Sarah Fowler

Jolena Fowler

Olivia Freeman

Mary Fry

Nickolas Ganser

Tanya Garber

Brittney Gillenwater

Julie Gobble

Heather Goode

Loretta Goode

Hannah Goodman

Paula Gore

Debra Gore

David Gore

Leah Grimmett

Autumn Grove

Sarah Hager

Lesli Hager

Tiffini Hale

William Hall

Jessica Hall

Chelsea Hardesty

Sandra Harless

Lauren Hart

Lillian Harvey

Jennifer Hatfield

Katie Hatfield

Jessica Henderson

Bo Heninger

Josiah Henry

Brianna Hepler

Joyce Hill

Heather Hinkle

Marca Hobbs

Sarah Holzapfel

Ashley Hopson

Whitney Horne

Gregory Howell

Glinda Howell

Lindsay Huffman

Jalen Jarrell

Kelsey Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Ashlee Johnson

Priscilla Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

Jessica Jones

Tiffanie Jowett

Virginia Kimler

Deborah Kingery

Caleb Knight

Charlene Lambert

LeAnna Lambert

Printess Lawrence

Samina Lawson

Cassandra Lee

Jessica Leger

David Lester

Stephen Lester

Chelsea Light

Heather Lilly

Lakein Linville

Morgan Logan

Brittani Lowe

Reginia Lowe

Jacob Lucas

Lyndsey Mahon

Joshua Mahon

Jacqueline Marcum

Danielle Marcum

Elizabeth Marcum

Laken Marine

Caitlin Matney

Linda May

Devan Maynard

Katherine Maynard

Veronica Maynard

Erica McCoy

Joyce McKinney

Jessica McNeely

Brittany Milam

Mariah Miller

Dianna Montz

Henry Moore

Christopher Mullins

Steven Mullins

Sherri Murphy

Jeremiah Nelson

Jeremy Noel

Gloria Noel

Crystal Norman

David Nunley

Jordon Nunnery

Laura Ooten

Stephanie Ooten

William Osborne

Courtney Osborne

Kellie Overton

Shayla Owens

Ashlea Owens

Sonja Pack

Kari Parsley

Aaron Parsons

Michael Parsons

Jonathan Pauley

Gracia Payne

Lyndsey Perry

Christy Phillips

Sarah Podunavac

Melissa Poe

Iva Porter

Aaron Porter

Mackenzie Price

Anna Prince

Caitlin Puett

Megan Pugh

James Quick

Joshua Rakes

Samantha Ratliff

Cody Redmond

Kimberly Reynolds

Sarah Rhodes

John Riffe

Jonathan Riffe

Ada Roberson

James Robinett

Andrea Robinette

William Robinson

Cindy Rorabeck

Shelley Rose

Shasta Rose

Roger Runion

Robert Runyon

Holli Runyon

Kassandra Runyon

Samantha Sabo

Deanna Sanner

Michael Sansom

Shelvia Sansom

Natasha Searls

Joshua Sharps

Michael Shawver

Hannah Shelton

Erica Shepherd

Jeremiah Simon

Justin Simpkins

Julia Sink

Brenda Sizemore

Misty Sizemore-Ball

Kayla Slone

Joseph Smith

Elisha Smith

Ruby Smith

Megan Smith

Kristyn Smith

Whitney Smith

Robert Sontag

Morgan Sontag

Tyler Spears

Samantha Spence

Amber Spurlock

Kristopher Stafford

Richard Starkey

Eric Starr

Nicklaus Stepp

Jeffrey Stevens

Dixie Stewart

Brianna Stollings

Arielle Stone

Jared Stone

Travis Stump

Debra Tawney

Heather Thomas

Jeremy Thompson

Anthony Thompson

Chloe Thompson

Heather Tilley

Jordan Toler

Brent Tomblin

Ashleigh Tomblin

Crystal Toppings

Brandon Townsend

Tonya Tucker

Tiffany Vance

Daniel Vance

Brittany Vance

Linza Vance

Kristy Vanderpool

Stacia Vanover

Joyce Varney

Bianca Varney

Stephen Vaughan

Andrew Vess

Tiffany Vinson

Shant'A Wagner

Anthony Ward

Michael Ward

Kelly Webb

Carl Wehner

Savannah Wellman

Andrew West

Heather Westfall

Bobby White

Michael White

Jeana White

Brooke Whited

Stephanie Willard

Tara Williams

Jason Williams

Joseph Williams

Brittany Williamson

Taylor Willis

Justin Willis

Stephanie Winslow

Brittany Wolford

Chase Woodruff

Steven Workman

Bethany Workman

Bruce Young

Angela Ziegler

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates. The college's web site is and the toll free number is 1-866-798-2821.
Southern is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Maynard Receives WV Community College Award

Martha C. Maynard is the 2010 recipient of the West Virginia Community College Association Outstanding Employee Award at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. Chancellor Jim Skidmore presented her with a certificate during the Access to Success conference awards banquet recently held in Martinsburg, WV.

Martha is an Associate Professor in the Humanities Department and has been actively involved in the Theater Department at Southern since 2001.

"I feel very honored to have been chosen for this recognition. I truly enjoy working with students, staff and my fellow faculty. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to represent Southern everyday in all of my endeavors," Maynard stated.

President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin said Professor Maynard is certainly deserving of this honor and is a great Southern representative.

Martha has overcome many obstacles in her life including being born with an eye disease called congenital cataracts, which left her legally blind. She has never allowed this condition to stop her from doing most things that sighted people do naturally. In spite of many surgeries, Martha placed education as a top priority in life, along with her family.

She is a graduate of Southern and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Morehead State University. In 1999, she earned a Master of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Morehead and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in leadership.

Martha currently serves as the Chairperson for the Faculty Senate. She also serves on numerous college committees, including Strategic Planning. She was selected by President Tomblin in 2009 to participate in the President's Future Leaders Academy and is working to help establish a Women's Leadership Institute in southern West Virginia in 2011.

A generous donation was recently presented to the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation by representatives of Cotiga Development Company LP. The check presentation was made at the Williamson Campus following the Appalachian Leadership Academy induction ceremony. The donation will be used to support student scholarships.

Pictured are l-r, Vice President for Development at Southern Ronald E. Lemon; President of Cotiga Development Richard Snowden; Southern President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin; Cotiga's Manager of Resources Edward Curry and Executive Assistant Charlotte Curry.

The Appalachian Leadership Academy is a partnership between Southern, Cotiga and the Appalachian Leadership Education Foundation (ALEF).


I am nominating Susan Baldwin as faculty member of the month. Susan is an excellent teacher who always puts her students first. She teaches them not only math but also life skills:

Students in her classes learn how to attend class regularly, how to participate well in class both as individuals and in small groups, how to manage time effectively, how to study, how to take notes, how to take tests successfully, and many more affective skills that entering college students frequently lack. Besides teaching math, Susan is also a master motivator; she knows how to help her students succeed.

In addition to teaching, Susan also excels in service to her department and to the institution as a whole. The other teachers in the Transitional Studies Department can always depend on her to prepare course outlines and common finals and to mentor adjunct faculty members, and Susan has served willingly on a number of governance committees during her time at Southern. Susan is one of the best advisors at Southern, and students know they can count on her to help them work out the best possible schedule. Furthermore, Susan’s sense of humor, intelligence, and kindness endear her to students, faculty, and staff members alike. Susan Baldwin would be an excellent choice for faculty member of the month.

Collaborative program between Concord University and Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College gives students an opportunity for four-year degree in Early Childhood Special Education

Saulsville, WV – Concord University and Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the delivery of a Baccalaureate Degree program in Early Childhood Special Education, the schools announced today.

Concord University will deliver the entire program beginning Fall 2011 at Southern’s Wyoming/McDowell Campus located in Saulsville. Courses in the collaborative program will be provided using flexible delivery modes including traditional on-site courses during evenings and on weekends.

A press conference and an official MOU signing ceremony was held on Thursday, November 11 at the Wyoming/McDowell Campus. 

College officials participating from Southern included President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin, Dr. Cindy McCoy, dean of university transfer programs, David Lord, director of the Wyoming/McDowell Campus, and Mary Hamilton, instructor.

Representatives from Concord University included President Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, Dr. John David Smith, vice president and academic dean, and Dr. Kathy Liptak, chair of the division of education.

"This collaborative agreement represents the best of how West Virginia’s higher education institutions – community and technical colleges and four-year institutions – can work together to provide quality programming to the citizens of West Virginia. It’s through this kind of collaboration and cooperation that all of our state’s residents can benefit,” Dr. Gregory F. Aloia stated.

Initial details of the curriculum and the courses required to complete the Early Childhood Special Education degree at Concord University are listed on the college web site.

“It is always a pleasure to work with the administration, faculty and staff at Concord University,” President Tomblin said. “This unique agreement will provide students who receive an associate degree from Southern a wonderful opportunity to go further and acquire the baccalaureate degree.  In addition, courses will be delivered in a format that will allow students to have more flexibility in attaining a degree. We look forward to starting yet another chapter in Southern’s 40-year history as well as helping students from our region become successful.”

This is one more example of the two institutions collaborating to bring higher education opportunities to students in West Virginia.

Concord University is a member institution of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Southern is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.