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Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College announces its 2010/2011 Board of Governors officers.

Terry R. Sammons, Attorney, Sammons Law Offices of Gilbert, was elected as Chair of the Board; Thomas A. Heywood, Attorney, Bowles Rice McDavid Graff and Love of Charleston is serving as Vice Chair; and Wilma Zigmond, Superintendent of Logan County Schools was elected as Secretary.

Southern's Board of Governors is comprised of 12 members; nine citizen members appointed by the Governor and three institutional members elected by the faculty, student body and classified staff.

In addition to Sammons, Heywood and Zigmond, citizen members appointed by the Governor include L


inda Q. Akers, Kevin Fowler, Shelly Huffman, Jada Hunter, George Kostas and Glenn Yost. Southern's institutional members are George Morrison (faculty representative), Debbie Dingess (classified staff representative) and Kimberly Irick (student representative).

"We have an outstanding Board that truly understands the mission of community colleges and our focus on providing blended educational opportunities and training for students of all ages," President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin stated.

Members of the Board of Governors work cooperatively with the college president and administration to establish institutional governance and strategic planning.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates. The college's web site is and the toll free number is 1-866-798-2821.

 Southern is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Logan, WV - The recipients of the Shell Family Scholarships for the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 academic year are being announced by Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

The Shell Family Scholarships were established in partnership with the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation in 2008, according to Vice-President for Development and Southern Foundation Liaison Ronald E. Lemon.

Robert Shell, Jr., a successful international businessman and leader, is well known for his philanthropy and support of young people throughout the world. He and his family have always maintained an interest in education, but more importantly realize the financial hardship students have in attaining a college education.

“The Shell Family Scholarship is an opportunity for our family to provide continuing support of higher education to the citizens of southern West Virginia, and hopefully be a stepping stone for others to follow,” said Shell.

Shell is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. In 1999, he was elected to the Marshall University Business Hall of Fame. In 2002, Shell was elected to the West Virginia University Hall of Fame, and on December 4, 2007 he was honored by the Education Alliance.

The Shell Family Scholarship recipients for 2010/2011 are as follows:

Chelsey Workman is a 2010 graduate of Logan High School where she was active in many school clubs and organizations. Workman was Miss Logan County in 2009 and assisted in hosting the Logan County Fireman's Ball and the Matt Patterson Toy Drive. Chelsey lives at Omar, WV and is currently employed at Shoe Show.

Her plans are to earn a degree in education at Southern and then transfer to Marshall University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in education.

Michael "Bryce" Dalton is a 2010 graduate of Logan High School where he participated in basketball, baseball, and golf. He was a member of the French Club, Prayer Club, Teens Against Alcohol and Drugs and the Future Christian Athletes. He is the son of Mike and Lori Dalton of Chapmanville, WV. Bryce is currently employed with the Logan County Commission.

Upon completion of his studies at Southern, he plans to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education at Marshall University.

For more information concerning the Vision 2020 Major Gifts Campaign at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, contact Mr. Lemon at 304.896.7425 or by email at

Students interested in applying for the Shell Family Scholarship can obtain an application by going to Southern’s website at

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College offers many degree and certificate programs in its Career and Technical Division, including Allied Health, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Mine Management, and Survey Technology. The University Transfer Division offers degrees that prepare students to transfer into upper division programs at four year colleges and universities.

Southern operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates.

I would like to nominate Melissa Kirk for Faculty of the Month.  This is her 8th year here at Southern.  She is very good with computers and assists the staff frequently with any technical problems.  She works with the first year nursing students in electing officers and oversees all the fundraising (which has been phenomenal since she took it over).  Missy is an assistant professor and has served on various committees. She helped to implement a new approach to Psychiatric Nursing-learning disorders through movies.  She also worked with students to make videos of various nursing skills when we had no videos in the library that taught those necessary skills.  Missy goes above and beyond.  She is very active with the students and is definitely an advocate for them.  She is always willing to help and it is my pleasure to work so closely with her.

Shelba Long
Associate Professor

The 2010 Employee of the Year at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is Garnet Bolen, a campus service worker at the Williamson Campus. President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin presented her with the "Star" award along with a check for $200 following an employee luncheon held at the Logan Campus.

"Garnet is always thinking of ways to improve the surroundings of the college to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. Her attention to detail exceeds the job description; and she always is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty," President Tomblin said.

Garnet is a 1971 graduate of the former Magnolia High School, which is now Matewan High School. She began her career at Southern in 1979 as a cook. Garnet comes from a large family and is the youngest of 10 children. She is an active member of the Living Water Church in Williamson where she helps with child care services.

Junior Nursing

Logan, WV - Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College in partnership with the West Virginia Center for Nursing hosted the first Junior Nursing Academy June 14-16 at the Logan Campus. The mission of the West Virginia Junior Nursing Academy is to inspire middle school students to pursue a professional nursing career. The focus of the event was to show the students the exciting opportunities and rewards that nursing has to offer and to help establish an educational path that will lead to a professional career in nursing.

Sixteen students from southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky participated in the three day academy where they learned about careers in nursing and allied health while also receiving valuable training. Students were provided information regarding educational pathways and programs offered at Southern. This is only the third academy of its kind to be held in West Virginia.

The students earned Certificates of Completion in First Aid and CPR training provided by Southern's nursing instructors, according to Pamela L. Alderman, dean for career and technical programs. During their three days, students also participated in job shadowing at Logan Regional Medical Center and Williamson Memorial Hospital.

"We would like to thank both hospitals for allowing these students to tour their facility and interact with staff and patients. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Our staff did an excellent job in organizing this program, " Alderman said.

Students participating were: Megan Topping, Beth Haven; Megan Conley, Beth Haven; Hannah Browning, Beth Haven; Hannah Williamson, Belfry Middle School; Madison Cochran, Belfry Middle School; Mika Paige Bailey, Burch High School; Jacob Browning, Beth Haven; Alexis Blankenship, Beth Haven; Aleyiah Lester, Logan Middle School; Michael Chapman, Logan Middle School; Austin Powers, Williamson Christian School; Abby Dotson, Williamson Christian School; Jenny Sammons, Williamson Christian School; Whitlea Alderman, Chapmanville Regional High School; Molli Ferguson, Burch Elementary; and Nathaniel Wood, Logan Middle School.

Southern's Junior Nursing Academy was coordinated by Shelba Long, RN, MSN, C-FNP. She was assisted by Heather Drake, RN; Sheliah Elkins, RN, MSN; and Melissa Kirk, RN, MSN. Everyone enjoyed having the students on campus, as well as parents and family members who were present for an awards ceremony held on Wednesday.

Due to the success of this year's program, Southern plans to host another Junior Nursing Academy next year, Long said.
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College operates four campuses and two sites located in Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming counties. Kentucky students residing in Pike, Martin, Boyd and Lawrence counties are eligible for in-state tuition rates. The college's web site is and the toll free number is 1-866-798-2821.
Southern is a member institution of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2010 semester.  This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work.  Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement and best wishes for continued success.

  • Brannon Adams 
  • Sandra Adams 
  • Kaci Addison
  • Amanda Adkins
  • Kathryn Adkins 
  • Sara Alberts 
  • William Aldridge 
  • Steven Alley 
  • Amanda Alt 
  • Chelsea Anderson 
  • Courtney Ashley 
  • Amber Atkins 
  • Roger Bailey 
  • Patrick Bailey 
  • Harold Bailey 
  • Jimi Bailey 
  • Rachael Baisden 
  • Misty Baisden 
  • Kevin Baisden 
  • Justin Baisden 
  • Kasey Baldwin 
  • Adam Ball 
  • Sara Ball 
  • Loremli Batausa 
  • Alexis Batausa 
  • Jennifer Baum 
  • Gavin Bias 
  • Danielle Bishop 
  • Gregory Bishop 
  • Sherry Blackburn 
  • Stephanie Blackburn 
  • Courtney Blackburn
  • Zackary Blackburn 
  • Samantha Blair 
  • Kelley Blankenship 
  • Emily Blankenship 
  • Kayla Booth 
  • John Botsch 
  • Stacey Bowles 
  • Matthew Bradley 
  • Maggie Bradshaw 
  • Amy Brewer 
  • Christopher Brewster 
  • Charles Brown 
  • Clarkson Browning 
  • Andrea Browning 
  • Cassie Brumfield 
  • Kaitlin Bryant 
  • April Bryant 
  • Laura Bumgarner 
  • Kassie Burgess 
  • Olivia Buzzard 
  • Donna Callaway 
  • Shawntel Canterbury 
  • Amanda Cantrell 
  • Kristi Carey 
  • Rozanna Carter 
  • Jamie Carter 
  • Kayla Chafin 
  • Heather Chapman 
  • Timothy Chapman 
  • Havilah Chowdhury 
  • Whitney Cline 
  • Toni Cline 
  • Kendra Colangelo 
  • Jennifer Cole 
  • Keith Coleman 
  • Tracy Collins 
  • Kelly Cook 
  • Noel Cooper 
  • Tammy Cooper 
  • Kendra Copley 
  • James Crigger 
  • Erick Croaff 
  • Samantha Crum 
  • Jaime Crum 
  • Adam Curry 
  • Megan Damron 
  • Roger Damron 
  • Jacqueline Daughtry 
  • Michelle Davis 
  • Bradley Davis 
  • Tyler Davis 
  • Valerie Davis 
  • Jessica Dempsey 
  • Frank Dillon 
  • Wendie Dingess 
  • Lisa Dingess 
  • Adam Dingess 
  • Zachary Dingess 
  • Tara Drake 
  • Briana Duncan 
  • Allison Eiland 
  • Mildred Endicott 
  • Zachary England 
  • Robert Evans 
  • Daniel Ewing 
  • Elizabeth Farley 
  • Sarrah Farley 
  • Bethany Farley 
  • Aaron Farley 
  • Destinee Feye 
  • Sarah Fields 
  • Danielle Fink 
  • Tammy Fleshman 
  • Jamie Fletcher 
  • Nichole Fluty 
  • Tara Frye 
  • Tiffany Furrow 
  • Barbara Gavina 
  • Cynthia Gay 
  • Carolyn Gibson 
  • Madonna Gilco 
  • Mary Gillespie 
  • Meaghan Gillespie 
  • Robert Gillman 
  • Ashley Goldie 
  • Wesley Goode 
  • Hollie Goodwin 
  • Debra Gore 
  • Autumn Grove 
  • Christina Hack 
  • Stephanie Hager 
  • Beverly Hall 
  • Tammathy Harless 
  • Savannah Harless 
  • Timothy Harless 
  • Jamie Harmon 
  • Michelle Harper 
  • Cieara Harper 
  • Michael Harvey 
  • Gordon Harvey 
  • Jennifer Harvey 
  • Megan Hatfield 
  • Karen Hatfield 
  • Amber Haugen 
  • Brittany Helsel 
  • Kristi Hensley 
  • Mariah Herman 
  • Crystal Hill 
  • Marca Hobbs 
  • Sarah Holzapfel 
  • Lisa Horn 
  • Whitney Horne 
  • Jennifer Howard 
  • Gregory Howell 
  • Kimberly Irick 
  • Jessica Jackson 
  • Maranda Jackson 
  • Whitney Jarrells 
  • Kimberly Jewell 
  • Zachary Johnson 
  • Tiffany Johnson 
  • David Johnson 
  • Kellie Johnson 
  • Hannah Johnson 
  • Ashlee Johnson 
  • Tiffanie Jowett 
  • Kandice Justice 
  • Erica Kennedy 
  • Rita Keyser 
  • Virginia Kimler 
  • Willard Kinder 
  • Phillip Kirk 
  • Tammy Kirk 
  • Sara LaCaria 
  • Katherine Lambert 
  • Melissa Lecik 
  • Donald Lecik 
  • Cassandra Lee 
  • Jessica Leger 
  • Rebecca Lester 
  • April Lester 
  • Joshua Lester 
  • Samantha Liebl 
  • Heather Lilly 
  • Jacob Long 
  • Christen Long 
  • Michelle Lowe 
  • Reginia Lowe 
  • Jacob Lucas 
  • Taylor Lusk 
  • Brittany Mahon 
  • Zachary Manley 
  • Cynthia Mansfield 
  • Tammie Marcum 
  • Amanda Marcum 
  • Jeri Martin 
  • Jonathan Martin 
  • Mary Mastro 
  • Ashley Matthews 
  • Linda May 
  • Justin May 
  • Dakota May 
  • Kayla Maynard 
  • Heather Maynard 
  • Amanda McDonald 
  • Carrie McGraw 
  • Joyce McKinney 
  • Randalyn McLemore 
  • Harry McMickens 
  • Hannah Meadows 
  • Susan Medlen 
  • Andrea Michael 
  • Joseph Mileto 
  • Lara Miller 
  • Jocelyn Miller 
  • Alan Miller 
  • Christopher Miller 
  • William Mills 
  • James Mitchell 
  • Henry Moore 
  • Michael Moore 
  • Joey Morgan 
  • Ted Mullins 
  • Sherri Murphy 
  • Adam Murphy 
  • Leslie Music 
  • Angel Neil 
  • Ashley Nelson 
  • Tiffany Nelson 
  • Cara New 
  • Joshua Nicholson 
  • Crystal Norman 
  • David Nunley 
  • Angelina Ojeda 
  • Laura Ooten 
  • William Osborne 
  • David Owens 
  • Ashlea Owens 
  • Bethany Pack 
  • Sonja Pack 
  • Desirae Paynter 
  • Kayla Pell 
  • Mikaleah Pennington 
  • Lyndsey Perry 
  • Nicholas Pettry 
  • Thomas Pettry 
  • Madhavi Pidaparthi 
  • James Pierce 
  • Mary Pierce 
  • Heather Powers 
  • Trisha-Ann Preece 
  • Robert Price 
  • Lisa Prince 
  • Sondra Pruitt 
  • Cody Queen 
  • Tiffany Rader 
  • Danyell Reagan 
  • Rhonda Repass 
  • Ada Roberson 
  • Charles Roberts 
  • James Robertson 
  • Jamie Robinette 
  • Charis Robinette 
  • Valerie Rodighiero 
  • Jeana Rollins 
  • Mark Runyon 
  • Sandra Runyon 
  • Kayla Sabo 
  • Natalie Salmon 
  • Crystal Sargent 
  • Heather Savage 
  • Dustin Scarberry 
  • Rachel Searls 
  • Hannah Secrist 
  • Candice Sharps 
  • Michael Shawver 
  • Hannah Shelton 
  • Stacey Sheppard 
  • Alexandria Shrum 
  • Jared Simpson 
  • Rita Skidmore 
  • Ashley Slone 
  • Pamela Smith 
  • Taylor Smith 
  • Joseph Smith 
  • Lisa Smith 
  • Brittany Smith 
  • Amanda Smith 
  • Brittney Smith 
  • Rick Smith 
  • Kristyn Smith 
  • Ruby Smith 
  • Robert Sontag 
  • Summer Spears 
  • Tyler Spears 
  • Christie Spurlock 
  • Amber Spurlock 
  • Richard Starkey 
  • Jessica Stevens 
  • Jeffrey Stevens 
  • Jessica Stewart 
  • Willard Sutherland 
  • Jeremy Thompson 
  • Judy Thompson 
  • Heather Tilley 
  • Leann Toler 
  • Kayla Tomblin 
  • Crystal Toppings 
  • Kimberly Toth 
  • Cherie Totten 
  • Brandon Townsend 
  • Joshua Trent 
  • Connie Trout 
  • Candice Vance 
  • Francesca Vance 
  • Daniel Vance 
  • Brittany Vance 
  • Ashley Vanover 
  • Joyce Varney 
  • Christina Vaughan 
  • John Venturino 
  • Kathy Vezina 
  • Brittany Vinson 
  • Tina Waldron 
  • Kerry Walker 
  • Jarrod Walls 
  • Tabitha Ward 
  • Michael Ward 
  • Carl Wehner 
  • Mike Whisenant 
  • Michael White 
  • Christina White
  • Rita White 
  • Bobby White
  • Brandon Whitt 
  • Nicholas Williams 
  • Kara Willis 
  • Mark Wood 
  • Sara Workman 
  • Sherry Workman 
  • Steven Workman 
  • Kaitlin Workman 
  • Olivia Workman 
  • Mary Workman 
  • Bruce Young 
  • William Zerrien 
  • Christopher Zeto 
PFLA Class

The first class of the President's Future Leaders Academy completed on May 20 at the Chief Logan Conference Center during a special ceremony with the Administration from Southern.

Pictured- Back Row: David Lord, Steve Lacek, Teri Wells, Martha Maynard, Crystal Hensley, Stella Estep, Chad Scott, Tim Owens, Linda Workman, Pauline Sturgill, Ronald E. Lemon; Second Row: Cindy Crigger, Jennifer Dove, Melissa Creakman, Sandra Kay Podunavac, Dianna Toler, Velva Pennington, Debbie Dingess, Shirley Spriggs,Jackie Whitley, Vicky Evans, Kelli Cline, President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin; Front Row: Scott Prichard, Mary Hamilton, Ann Cline, Mindy Saunders, Kim Hensley , Gordon Hensley

Retiring Employees

President Joanne Jaeger Tomblin recently recognized the following college retirees for their many years of service and dedication: Dr. Merle Demspey (23 years); Christine Browning (26 years); Dr. F. Dean Lucas (40 years); Barbara Donahue ( 22 years); and Rose Hale (30 years). Other retirees not available when photo was taken include: Deborah Fields (25 years); Albert Prater (31 years); and Billy Hatfield (34 years).

I would like to nominate Andrea Brown for faculty of the month. She has been working diligently for the passed months to prepare for the Nursing and Allied Health Pinning ceremony which will take place in May. A committee was formed to organize this event, with Andrea being named chairperson. The major portion of the preparation has fallen into her lap. I'm sure no one realizes the work that goes into something like this. I know I surely didn't. You have to arrange for a photographer and schedule times with each program that doesn't interfere with class and clinicals, collect photos from each group for the video, while trying to maintain fairness and equality to each group, prepare the Program with all the correct student, faculty and administrative information and get it to the printer on time, decide upon awards to be given out, arrange for someone to sing the national anthem, and many other things to numerous to mention. This does not include the organization that will be required the night of the ceremony to ensure that all goes smoothly. On top of all this, Andrea has also done a wonderful job in her teaching and clinical roles with the students. She is the mother of two young daughters and that is a full time job in itself. I think Andrea has done a tremendous job thus far and I really want to commend her and thank her for all her hard work.

Shirley Spriggs