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Preparing and registering for college can be overwhelming. The to-do list can seem endless. This year Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is having two General Registration events to make the process and maybe your life a little easier. The events will be Monday, August 8th from 9am-1pm and Tuesday, August 9th from 5pm-7pm on all campuses. During the events, prospective or returning students can complete an application to the college, take course placement assessments and register for classes in one session. Students will be able to talk to counselors, learn about financial aid, register for courses, and more. Student services areas for admissions, advising, financial aid, testing centers, business offices, and student ID services will be available. “We want to make entering or returning to college as simple as possible,” said Dr. Robert E. Gunter, President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. “We can provide personalized attention to help prospective students set realistic goals that will lead to their success. We believe everyone can succeed at Southern.” Southern is offering classes in more than 40 programs during the fall semester that begins August 15. To learn about Southern’s programs or services, call 304-792-7098 or visit

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean's List for the Spring 2016 semester. This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work. A total of 360 are being recognized for this academic distinction.

Campus: Boone/Lincoln Campus
Anderson, Megan A. Danville, WV
Bailey, Tammi L. Danville, WV
Bailey, Taylor D. Chapmanville, WV
Baisden, Heather D. Peytona, WV
Baker, Jared D. Branchland, WV
Ball, Amber Nicole Hewett, WV
Barker, Caitlyn C. Chapmanville, WV
Belcher, Katelynn Elizabeth Foster, WV
Bowen, Jeremy Wade Davin, WV
Browning, Vanessa A. Madison, WV
Clendenin, Ashley M. Julian, WV
Cook, Lindsey Huntington, WV
Cooper, Thomas Dale Branchland, WV
Crabtree, Samantha D. Wharton, WV
Cummings, Crystal Brooke Hamlin, WV
Donohue, Jennifer L. Seth, WV
Doran, Maty E. Sod, WV
Elswick, Brandon S. Gordon, WV
Garrett, Tara E. Midkiff, WV
Gore, Jerry L. Danville, WV
Hill, Tyler Harvey Turtle Creek, WV
Honeycutt, Joshua C. Clothier, WV
Hunter, Danielle Carol Foster, WV
Hunter, Jessica M. South Charleston, WV
Hunter, Shawntel K. Foster, WV
Johnson, Kristi Dawn Hewett, WV
Jones, Polly L. Danville, WV
Keyser, Amber N. Lake, WV
Light, Rikki L. Alum Creek, WV
Lillie, Alecia D. Chapmanville, WV
Lockard, David Earl Clothier, WV
Maiolo, Brittany R. Madison, WV
Marcum, Christopher Nicholas Williamson, WV
Massey, Henry I. Wharton, WV
Mayhorn, Kiara F. Clothier, WV
McComas, Brady W. Griffithsville, WV
Miller, Robert C. Madison, WV
Moores, Leatha Faye Foster, WV
Nelson, Alyssa Comfort, WV
Osborne, Kathryn Cea Fort Gay, WV
Pauley, Sarah Elizabeth Hurricane, WV
Phillips, Logan A. Danville, WV
Roberts, Shayna D. Madison, WV
Sansom, Katie Jeanette Lorado, WV
Shelton, Juanita J. Richmond, VA
Smith, Shaila D. Davin, WV
Smith, Tiffany M. Danville, WV
Smith, Tyra M. Hardy, KY
Stanley, Cody Colthier, WV
Starkey, Michael C. Chapmanville, WV
Stephens, Kayla N. Foster, WV
Sutphin, Shane E. Danville, WV
Tackett, Chawndala N. Wharton, WV
Turner, Hope M. Julian, WV

Campus: Logan Campus
Addair, Mary M. Avondale, WV
Adkins, Irene D. Logan, WV
Alfrey, Jessica P. Logan, WV
Anderson, David A. Logan, WV
Bailey, Kirkland R. Man, WV
Bailey, Lucas D. Pecks Mill, WV
Baisden, Claude E. Logan, WV
Ball, Samantha Suzanne South Charleston, WV
Barker, Shellie L. Chapmanville, WV
Bell, Julianna G. Chapmanville, WV
Berkley, Christian Kermit, WV
Bias, Kassia R. Delbarton, WV
Bigley, Billie J. Big Creek, WV
Blair, Lisa Nicole Pecks Mill, WV
Blankenship, Brianna Marie Lake, WV
Bledsoe, Andrew M. Chapmanville, WV
Bourne, Jordan Tyler Man, WV
Bowen, Julia Elizabeth Dingess, WV
Bragg, Taylor A. Oceana, WV
Brewer, Tiffany Lauren Kermit, WV
Brown, Kirstin L. Gilbert, WV
Brown, Victoria Dawn Cyclone, WV
Browning, Ashley N. Cyclone, WV
Browning, Meagan B. Man, WV
Buchanon, Joey L. Lorado, WV
Burnette, Eric C. Whitman, WV
Carter, Taylor L. Man, WV
Casto, Jonathon K. Chapmanville, WV
Cavins, Joyce A. Fort Gay, WV
Chafin, Kayla Chapmanville, WV
Chaney, Brian Paul Ethel, WV
Cline, Hannah Jewell Wharncliffe, WV
Cline, Hilary Elaine Panther, WV
Coburn-Adkins, Ashley DaNee Chapmanville, WV
Codispoti, Cameron Mark Holden, WV
Codispoti, Stephen J. Holden, WV
Coiner, Katharine Olivia Given, WV
Collier, Tyler S. Chapmanville, WV
Collins, Brandon Tyler Chapmanville, WV
Collins, Chris S. Switzer, WV
Collins, Joshua Paul Mallory, WV
Conley, Nicholas B. Chapmanville, WV
Conn, Sarah Ann Williamson, WV
Copley, Billie E. Holden, WV
Cox, George C. Red Jacket, WV
Coyle, Everett T. Mount Gay, WV
Crum, Sidney Donald Logan, WV
Curry, Samantha L. Whitman, WV
Daniels, Courtney L. Cyclone, WV
Daniels, Haley Brooke Cyclone, WV
Dean, Joseph M. Logan, WV
Dempsey, Alicia Elizabeth Danville, WV
Depta, Andrea Dawn Kistler, WV
Diamond, Jamie L. Lenore, WV
Dotson, Elizabeth Dru Kermit, WV
Early, Jimetta Monique Holden, WV
Ebersohl, Tayla Rose Pecks Mill, WV
Elkins, Brandon Keith Logan, WV
Elkins, Ricky Allan Man, WV
Elliott, Sierra Michelle Peach Creek, WV
Ellis, Taylor D. Omar, WV
Eplin, Holli Nicole Chapmanville, WV
Estepp, Amanda L. Williamson, WV
Evans, Hannah L. Kermit, WV
Farley, Brandon N. Chapmanville, WV
Farmer, David M. Logan, WV
Fields, Rodney Logan, WV
Fowler, William Franklin Chapmanville, WV
Francis, Sarah M. Oceana, WV
Frazier, April M. Hewett, WV
Frye, Heather L. Chapmanville, WV
Gibson, Emmanuel Lorado, WV
Gibson, Jordan Earl Verner, WV
Gibson, Rodney L. Lorado, WV
Gillispie, Lakota M. Cyclone, WV
Glasby, Susan Rebecca Huntington, WV
Godby, Nikki Johanna Logan, WV
Goins, Jessica Nicole Chapmanville, WV
Goins, John M. Chapmanville, WV
Gore, Ryder D. Chapmanville, WV
Green, Theodore Alexander Chapmanville, WV
Grimmett, Alicia Lynn Mallory, WV
Hawkins, Allison Deidra Chapmanville, WV
Hickman, Chelsea Danielle Forest Hills, KY
Hicks, Alexis P. Logan, WV
Hill, James N. Whitman, WV
Hilton, Barbara Jean Lenore, WV
Hitt, Amber M. Winfield, WV
Holcombe, Autumn Holden, WV
Huffman, Ryan Samuel Alkol, WV
Hunt, Sidney N. Delbarton, WV
Hunter, Hannah Logan, WV
Jackson, Morgan Garrett Chapmanville, WV
Jeffery, Anngie Marie Mt Gay, WV
Jeffery, Arianna Brooke Mount Gay, WV
Jeffrey, Abigail Pecks Mill, WV
Jessie, Daniel Lenore, WV
Johnson, Randal Morrisvale, WV
Johnson, Shelbi Nicole Omar, WV
Jude, Megan Brooke Amherstdale, WV
Jude, Tara L. Delbarton, WV
Kennedy, Summer Paige Davin, WV
Kinningham, Samantha Jolene Chapmanville, WV
Kyle, BreErin Nichole Hurricane, WV
LeFevers, Kristen N. Justice, WV
Lester, Kiela S. Wayne, WV
Lester, Lindsay R. Danville, WV
Lester, Rose N. Iaeger, WV
Lilly, Haleigh B. Chapmanville, WV
Lowe, Derrick S. Chapmanville, WV
Lusk, Kayla Breanna Oceana, WV
Lysek, Laura Lee Pecks Mill, WV
Maynard, Delaina S. Lenore, WV
Maynard, Hollie Logan, WV
Maynard, Kayla West Logan, WV
Mayo, Matthew T. Logan, WV
McCloud, Serina Kay Ranger, WV
McCloud, Shelby B. Chapmanville, WV
McCoy, Makenzee Kaye Whitman, WV
McDonald, Wayne Thomas Delbarton, WV
McKinney, Landyn A. Danville, WV
McRae, Crystal L. Harts, WV
Mcneely, Jessica M. Amherstdale, WV
Meeks, Heather L. Mallory, WV
Miller, Daniel Thomas Whitman, WV
Miller, Matthew D. Williamson, WV
Mitchell, Kenneth Lee Mallory, WV
Mollett, Katlyn Alisha Stollings, WV
Moon, Amanda Nichole Canada, KY
Morgan, Billy J. Clearfork, WV
Morris, Marc E. Holden, WV
Mullins, Kristi Dawn Charleston, WV
Mullins, Sarah E. Peach Creek, WV
Murphy, Krista Michelle Verdunville, WV
Murphy, Zachary Wayne Delbarton, WV
Nagy, John T. Chapmanville, WV
Nelson, Katilyn Rochelle Amherstdale, WV
Nelson, Michael Logan, WV
Nelson, Shana B. Chauncey, WV
Nelson, Sydney Brooke Logan, WV
New, Norma C. Baisden, WV
Newsome, Amber Faith Dingess, WV
Newsome, Gregory K. Kermit, WV
Ooten, Nancy Elaine Holden, WV
Parker, Angela D. Omar, WV
Paynter, Kaitlin M. Oceana, WV
Plumley, Kenneth Edward Chapmanville, WV
Ramsey, Karen Denise Man, WV
Reeves, Peggy L. Man, WV
Robinson, Phillip Verner, WV
Runyon, Aimee Lea Chapmanville, WV
Sabo, Cassie Jane Man, WV
Salmons, Travis R. Baisden, WV
Schultz, Brandy Dawn Logan, WV
Shannon, Megan N. Chapmanville, WV
Sheppard, Jennifer G. Williamson, WV
Sigmon, Darin M. Stollings, WV
Sipple, Brittney S. Logan, WV
Smith, Kaitlyn Briana Big Creek, WV
Smith, Melissa Helen Danville, WV
Smith, Michael B. West Logan, WV
Sonier, Timothy J. Harts, WV
Sperry, Shani B. Chapmanville, WV
Sullins, Kenneth R. Lake, WV
Surber, Helena A. Gilbert, WV
Tackett, Matthew Lee Hewett, WV
Thompson, Kourtney B. Davin, WV
Tomblin, Celeste H. Kermit, WV
Tomblin, Virginia L. Lorado, WV
Toppins, Trenton Chapmanville, WV
Trent, Christina M. Gilbert, WV
Trent, Larry Zandall Oceana, WV
Vance, Darian P. Danville, WV
Vance, Earsel Lee Delbaron, WV
Vance, Rosetta Verdunville, WV
Vinson, Hannah D. Mt. Gay, WV
Wakham, Logan Alan Gilbert, WV
Walker, Anthony Brian Iaeger, WV
Walker, Anthony James Chapmanville, WV
Wallace, Jordan Abriana Cross Lanes, WV
Walls, Bretney M. Gilbert, WV
Walls, Lewis A. Chapmanville, WV
Weber, Ashley H. Charleston, WV
Williams, Emily M. Accoville, WV
Williamson, Daniel J. Chapmanville, WV
Wood, Alexandria M. Chapmanville, WV
Workman, Alexanderia L. Wharton, WV
Workman, Rodney Chapmanville, WV
Workman, Savannah J. Chapmanville, WV
Zigmond, Joe Pecks Mill, WV
de Sieyes, Chandelle Graham Switzer, WV

Campus: Williamson Campus
Arledge, Brandon T. Pinsonfork, KY
Baisden, Kendra M. Fort Gay, WV
Barker, Mercy V. Red Jacket, WV
Belcher, Savannah T. Gilbert, WV
Bevins, Mary A. Belfry, KY
Bishop, Brittany F. McCarr, KY
Blackburn, Shane Hatfield, KY
Blankenship, Tommy Gene Williamson, WV
Blevins, Kaylee Belfry, KY
Breeding, Andrea L. Wharncliffe, WV
Bryant, Carli Dawn Justice, WV
Calhoun, Paul D. Belfry, KY
Carroll, Johnny L. Hatfield, KY
Carroll, Misty E. Hatfield, KY
Cassell, Joshua G. Delbarton, WV
Childers, Suzanne Gara Forest Hills, KY
Cline, Brian K. Gilbert, WV
Cline, Shawna A. Gilbert, WV
Coffin, Alberto Luis McCarr, KY
Collins, Tyler L. Chapmanville, WV
Cottle, Tiffany Matewan, WV
Curry, Sharon R. Crum, WV
Ellis, Clay M. Wharncliffe, WV
Evans, Australia L. Naugatuck, WV
Evans, Jamee L. Pinsonfork, KY
Fluty, Tiffany Dawn Warfield, KY
Fraley, Krista D. Dunlow, WV
Harmon, Stephanie Delbarton, WV
Harper, Alexandra E. Crum, WV
Hatfield, Chasity M. Ransom, KY
Hatfield, Hanna D. Lenore, WV
Johnson, Joshua L. Baisden, WV
Justice, Chase E. Baisden, WV
Justice, Mark T. Belfry, KY
Keene, Kayla D. Williamson, WV
Lester, Courtney Nicole Matewan, WV
Lester, Heather A. McVeigh, KY
Lowe, Tonya Maurice Williamson, WV
Mahon, Michael Matewan, WV
Maynard, Cierra McCarr, KY
McClanahan, Joshua Byron Delbarton, WV
McClanahan, Susan Kimberly Delbarton, WV
McCoy, Kaitlyn D. Inez, KY
McCoy, Michelle Renea Pilgram, KY
Meadows, Marissa Denae Williamson, WV
Messer, Dottie Jean Kermit, WV
Mills, Celeste N. Lenore, WV
Morris, Courtney D. Williamson, WV
Newsome, Katelyn M. Prichard, WV
Ooten, Victoria Layne Delbarton, WV
Pack, Timothy Delbarton, WV
Parsley, Sandra K. Williamson, WV
Preece, Kristy Delbarton, WV
Ray, Timothy Lee Delbarton, WV
Robertson, Bethany Williamson, WV
Robertson, Tommy J. Williamson, WV
Sammons, Maranda Ashley Chattaroy, WV
Slone, Timothy D. Kermit, WV
Smith, Nicholas G. Forest Hills, KY
Smith, Wendy L. Delbarton, WV
Sparks, Angela K. Williamson, WV
Stacy, Della M. Breeden, WV;
Stacy, George J. Lovely, KY
Staton, Jacob R. Williamson, WV
Stevens, Goldia M. Williamson, WV
Stiltner, Brittany D. Matewan, WV
Strange, Jonathan C. Chapmanville, WV
Thaxton, David A. Williamson, WV
Thompson, Jessica Brooke Crum, WV
Tilley, Casey N. Kermit, WV
Tomblin, Colton W. Kermit, WV
Vinson, Megan B. Delbarton, WV
Wells, Elizabeth R. Belfry, KY
Williamson, Jessica Rena McVeigh, KY
Wolford, Tommy Dale Belfry, KY
Workman, Allen Ross Logan, WV
Workman, Tia LaShae North Spring, WV

Campus: Wyoming/McDowell Campus
Abbott, Mikayla E. Cyclone, WV
Addair, Emily K. Brenton, WV
Aliff, Thomas Clearfork, WV
Bailey, Megan D. Jesse, WV
Baker, Amy L. Mullens, WV
Clark, Autumn G. Glen Fork, WV
Cline, Barbara A. Pineville, WV
Cook, Jamie M. Oceana, WV
Daniels, Christopher Lynn Bolt, WV
Dawson, Toni K. Mullens, WV
Fischer, Isabella C. Brenton, WV
Foltz, Anthony Oceana, WV
Gibson, Brittany N. Oceana, WV
Griffith, Aaron T. Mullens, WV
Hale, Holly M. Oceana, WV
Hall, Candice Brooke Covel, WV
Hall, Mary J. Pineville, WV
Hall, Timothy R. Jesse, WV
Helmandollar, Natasha M. Pineville, WV
Jenkins, Shawn S. Brenton, WV
Lafferty, Shandi D. Glen Rogers, WV
Lane, David P. Stephenson, WV
McKinney, William Edward Helen, WV
Milam, Brooke T. Glen Fork, WV
Mullens, Emalee J. Pineville, WV
Mullins, Ashley N. Iaeger, WV
Mullins, Thomas Jay Corinne, WV
Patterson, Alisha D. Oceana, WV
Perdue, Sophia Marie Pineville, WV
Reed, Kerri Michelle Herndon, WV
Roberts, Sabrina Nicole Iaeger, WV
Robertson, Briana Paige Cyclone, WV
Saunders, Casey Mullens, WV
Shelton, Page Christine Saulsville, WV
Thompson, Leigh-Ann Pineville, WV
Walker, Sara Lanea Justice, WV
Whitley, Morgan Danielle Iaeger, WV
Young, Meghan A. Pineville, WV

Thomas Heywood
The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Board of Governors is pleased to announce its 2016-2017 slate of officers, as elected during its regular Board meeting. Mr. Thomas A. Heywood, Attorney, Bowles Rice McDavid Graff and Love of Charleston was elected as Board Chair; Ms. Wilma J. Zigmond, retired Superintendent of Logan County Schools, was elected as Vice Chair; and Logan businessman, Mr. Glenn T. Yost, was elected as Secretary. The 12-member Board of Governors is the governing body of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. Of the 12 members, nine are citizen members appointed by the Governor, and three are institutional members elected by the constituent group they represent faculty, classified staff, and student body. Members of the Board of Governors work cooperatively with the college president and administration to establish institutional governance and strategic planning. In addition to Heywood, Zigmond, and Yost, citizen members appointed by the Governor include F. Rammie Barker, Kevin Zachary, Jada Hunter and George Kostas. Southern's institutional members include Russell Saunders (faculty representative), Virginia Stepp (classified staff representative), and a student representative to be named.
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College today announced that Jack D. Dilbeck, Ph.D., has been named Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dilbeck joins Southern from Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, KY, where he served as Dean from June 2006 to June 2016. His responsibilities at Elizabethtown included management for the Fort Knox Campus, Off Campus Services, Institutional Effectiveness/Research, Web Services, and the adult education centers in Grayson, Meade, Nelson and Washington Counties. "Dr. Dilbeck will bring tremendous expertise to the college, and we are pleased to appoint him to this vital role," said Dr. Robert E. Gunter, President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. "I am confident that he will provide effective leadership for our faculty, staff and students with a robust long-range vision for our academic and student services programs." Active in his community, Dilbeck served as a member of the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a member of Hardin County United, and a Member of AUSA. Previously, he served as the Business Division Chair and Associate Professor of Business at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana from August 1996 to June 2006. Dilbeck’s credentials include a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership from Indiana State University, an MBA with emphasis in management from Webster University, and a Bachelors in Business Administration from McKendree University. “I am excited about the direction the College is moving, “ said Dilbeck. “I look forward to joining the Southern family.” Dr. Dilbeck will begin his new role on June 27, 2016.
If you are thinking about a career in the craft beer industry, now is the time. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is currently exploring the opportunity to establish The Business of Craft Beer – Brew Master program of study. It could be an ideal fit if you are looking for a career change or advancement, or have dreamed about opening your own brewery and want to make it a reality. This program will provide you with industry specific knowledge directly from the craft beer experts across the State of West Virginia. The Business of Craft Beer Program Highlights: • Learn from those who have the career you want. All instructors and guest speakers will be currently working in their respective industry. • You can keep your day job. All required classes and discussions will be offered in the evening to accommodate busy schedules. • Get your foot in the door. We are currently exploring opportunities to intern in breweries across the state to allow you to put theory to practice. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will be hosting community forums to explore opportunities and concerns within our service area. If you have ever thought about learning the art and science of craft beer brewing, then attending one of these forums will provide the college with data to move forward on this degree opportunity. Check the schedule below and attend the forum closest to you to have your voice heard. June 7, 2016 Williamson Campus - Room 433 1601 Armory Drive, Williamson, WV 5:30 – 7:00 PM June 13, 2016 Logan Campus – Building A - Room 111 2900 Dempsey Branch Road, Mount Gay, WV 5:30 – 7:00 PM June 14, 2016 Boone-Lincoln Campus – Room 110-B 3505 Daniel Boone Parkway, Suite A, Foster, WV 5:30 – 7:00 PM June 23, 2016 Wyoming-McDowell Campus – Student Commons 128 College Drive, Saulsville, WV 5:30 – 7:00 PM
Each year members of the Classified Staff and Faculty of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College have the opportunity to nominate colleagues for the Savas-Kostas Award. This award is presented to those who exhibit and demonstrate outstanding and distinguished service to Southern. The Savas-Kostas family provides funding through the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation and present the award each year at Southern’s commencement exercises. The recipients are selected by members of the Savas-Kostas family based on the nominations received and the award criteria. Financial Aid Counselor, Stella Estepp and Student Program Advisor at the Boone/Lincoln Campus, Brian Carter were selected as this year’s classified staff recipients. Estepp, began her career at Southern in 1998. She is dedicated to helping students at the Williamson Campus receive the financial assistance they need to attend college. Carter, has the important role of assuring that students are provided with the correct educational path toward meeting their academic and career goals. Faculty members selected are Lora Foster and Erica Farley. Foster joined the faculty at Southern in 2012. She serves as coordinator of the Medical Assisting program. Under her direction the graduates have achieved a 100% passage rate on certification exams and 100% employment success. Farley is a Computer information technology instructor. She has served as a trainer for the National Science Foundation grant activities, and has provided professional development training for Southern employees on Governance Days. Pictured: Stella Estepp, Erica Farley, Dr. Robert E. Gunter, Lora Foster and Brian Carter
Olympics for welding? Well, sort of. Winning medals in welding at the recent SkillsUSA state competition was a big deal for Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College student teammates Brandon White, Michael ‘Chase’ Starkey and James Brown. “Just to win something at the state level was huge for us,” said White. SkillsUSA is a national student organization for high school and college students enrolled in career education programs that help develop skills, personal growth, and leadership and technical proficiencies. The welding team members said they were confident going to the state competition. “I kind of figured we were going to do well,” said Southern instructor Sheridan Taylor. “These students are talented and had done a good job preparing not only for the competition, but also for how to make a career out of welding.” “Sheridan told us, ‘Don’t go and try to finish the project in a hurry; focus on quality, not quantity,’ and we did,” Starkey said. The students designed and built a small welding table that can be used for small projects. “We had to apply different welding techniques, and we got to use a lot of math skills to read the blueprints and apply all our welding processes,” White said. “These students are great,” Taylor said. “Not only can they read the design plans, they take an idea from concept to completion, and performance proves their competence.” Starkey sees welding as not only a technical career but as art. “It’s an opportunity to work with your hands. The process is so powerful and you are controlling it, it’s beautiful!” “These young men have always shown a lot of promise in terms of their ability to apply their welding skills,” Taylor said, adding that they enjoy welding and look forward to each project. CTC programs in high demand The economy is changing and technical programs such as welding, mechatronics, electrical engineering technology and information technology are in high demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics the growth rate for these careers will be higher than average through the year 2018. Most of these programs do not require a four year degree and success can be found with many of the certificate programs as well. Starkey and White are planning a career on the pipeline. Both are currently employed while attending classes but look forward to the working independence graduation will bring. Getting ready for next year Planning for the SkillsUSA event has already begun for next year. Taylor says they now have a team with the experience needed to bring home the gold. “2016 was a learning year. We hope to have more students, more coaches and more programs represented next year.” If you are interested in a technical career or more information on the programs Southern provides visit us online at
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College recently participated in the 46th Annual SkillsUSA West Virginia State Leadership and Skills Conference held at Camp Dawson in Kingwood, WV, Monongalia County on April 15 and 16, 2016. Southern students Brandon White and James Brown brought home a silver medal in the Team Competition Welding/Fabrication and Michael ‘Chase’ Starkey received the bronze medal in the Individual Welding Competition. “This was Southern’s first trip to SkillsUSA and our students did very well, “ said Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College President Dr. Robert E. Gunter. “This is a test of industry standards and our students are not only meeting those standards, but they are excelling.” SkillsUSA, a national nonprofit organization, provides career and technical education students with quality experiences in leadership and skills development. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, SkillsUSA has been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor as a “successful model of employer-driven youth development training programs.” The success of SkillsUSA is directly related to the involvement of students, teachers, administrators, and business and industry partners. This year’s theme was “Connecting You to Career Success,”. Keynote speaker for the event was businessman, Jim Justice. For more information on technical programs at Southern visit us online at . Pictured : James Brown, Welding Instructor Jim Brown, Welding Instructor Sheridan Taylor, Michael ‘Chase’ Starkey and Brandon Whit
Velva Pennington, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration has been selected Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College 2016 Employee of the Year. Having served on Southern’s team since 2008, Pennington is dedicated to the mission and values of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. She is known as a team player. Her dedication to serving the staff, faculty, and students are noted by her co-workers in her nomination for this honor. They describe her as someone who is dedicated, patient, always supportive, an inspiration, optimistic, and compassionate. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone Her supervisor described her as being a model employee and dedicated to the College and the Finance Department. Her nominator said, “Velva is a true example of, not only how an employee should be, but how a person should be.” Pennington is a resident of Dingess, West Virginia and is actively involved in church and community activities. She is a member of the Trace Church of God where she is a Sunday school teacher and serves as Family Training Hour Director. She is a member of a Christian Fellowship Bowling League which raises money for different charities throughout the community. In her spare time she enjoys riding and racing ATVs. She says it was a surprise and an honor to be named employee of the year. “I work with so many great people that are more deserving of this award. I just want to say thank you.” Pennington says she likes working at Southern because she feels she can make a difference. “The college is a vital part of the community and I love being part of the college to help represent West Virginia in a positive way. One of my ultimate goals is to prove to others around the world that West Virginians can be and are educated. This is a very important goal to me because it seems like the only publicity that West Virginia receives is negative and I would like to share the positive aspects of our great state and the accomplishments of its people. I feel that working at Southern will help me accomplish this goal.” Pennington holds an Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration from Southern, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Marshall University, and a Master’s in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University.