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Types of Financial Assistance

There are four major types of financial assistance:

Free Funds that can be need-based or merit-based.

Funds that are need based or non-need based that must be repaid by the student.

Gift Funds based on some merit or skill. Scholarships may be granted through institutional funds or private agencies.

Student Employment
Earned assistance, based on need. Students earn funds through a work program at the institution.

Financial Aid Programs

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Pell Grant awards are given based  on family income, costs of education, and enrollment status.

West Virginia Higher Education Grant
The West Virginia Higher Education Grant is designed to assist low income full-time students in attaining educational goals.

Higher Education Assistance for Part-time Students (HEAPS)
HEAPS is a West Virginia funded program designed to assist West Virginia students enrolled on a part-time basis.

Federal Work Study (FWSP)
FWSP is self-help assistance earned on a wage per-hour basis through assigned part-time employment at on-campus or off-campus locations.

Federal Direct Student Loan Program
Students must be enrolled at least six college-level hours and apply for financial assistance at


Southern Employees taking classes can download the Waiver.