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MySouthern Account Instructions

MySouthern is an online resource that will allow you to see your class schedule, check your grades, register for classes and look up other academic records about your work here at Southern.  You can log in to MySouthern by following these steps:

When you have completed your use of MySouthern, press EXIT on the menu to log out.


For assistance, please call the helpdesk on campus at HELP (extension 4357) or off-campus toll-free at 1-866-614-5019.  The helpdesk is available 24 hours a day.  You can also reach the helpdesk via a live chat or instant message function at  Note that the technicians will not be able to reset a password over the Live Tech Support function as they won’t be able to verify your identity, but that feature can be used for help on Blackboard, Microsoft Office and other general technology questions from anywhere, including a campus lab computer.   Please use the 24 hour helpdesk rather than calling your instructor for help with Blackboard or other class related technology.