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Student Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the big deal with Office 365?  Why all the changes?

Microsoft provides the system for Southern's student email accounts.  We have used Microsoft's Live@EDU service in the past.  Microsoft has discontinued that service and is providing Office 365 as a replacement.  There is a lot more available to you with Office 365 and we will introduce more of the features in the near future.  Live@EDU was really Microsoft's Hotmail service.  Office 365, on the other hand, is a full enterprise version of Microsoft Exchange, the mail service used by most businesses.

Where do I go to login to Southern's student email?

You have several options for reaching your student email.  Use any of the following:

What is my student email address?

Your email address is generally in the form of first name plus last name followed by  So, for example, if your name is John Doe, your address is probably  If there is a conflict with someone else that has the same name, your address may be modified somewhat from that.  Your address and student ID number should have been provided to you in mailings from Southern.  If you don't know the address, you can ask anyone in Student Services, Academic Records or Academics to look it up for you.  Or you may call the Southern helpdesk 24 hours a day to ask for it.  You will need to know your student ID number and your birthdate in order for the helpdesk to look up your email address.

What is my username?

Your username for logging in to your email account is your email address.  Depending on how your computer is setup, you may be able to type only the first part of your email address before the  So if your email address is, you might be able to type only johndoe as your username.  Try it.  Might save a little typing. 

What is my password?

Your initial password is your student ID number followed by an exclamation point.  The student ID number must be typed in with a capital S at the beginning.  So, for example, your password would be S12345678! if your student ID number is S12345678.  You will want to change that password to keep your email secure.  You can change it at If you do not know your password, you can call the Southern Helpdesk for assistance 24 hours a day.

What happened to my email address?

If you were a student at Southern before August 2013, you had an email address with in the address.  As we've transitioned from Live@EDU to Office 365, we've created a new shortened address at for you.  Your new address uses the same name as your old one with just the email domain part changing.  The is a NEW address, though.  Your old email will not be moved to your new account.  You can continue to log in to your old email address by selecting "Old Student Email (" from the Current Students menu at until December 31, 2013.  After that date, it will be deleted.  After August 8, 2013, the only student email address that Southern will use for classroom and student services functions is your address.

Can I move my email from my old account to my new one?

Southern will NOT move your email for you automatically, but it is possible to move it.  There is no mechanism within Office 365 to export or import email.  If you have a desktop version of Microsoft Outlook, you can easily do it yourself.  If you set up Outlook to connect to your address, you can export all your email into a file.  Then if you connect Outlook to your new account, you can import that file into your email account.  It is possible to connect Outlook to both accounts and simply drag the email from one to the other without having to export and import.  If you need help connecting Outlook to your account, call the Southern helpdesk.  If you'd like someone to assist you in moving email from one account to the other, you will need to visit the Information Technology department to get someone to assist you and it may need to be scheduled.  There is an Information Technology technician on each campus.

How do I reach the Southern Helpdesk?

You can contact the Southern Helpdesk on the telephone or with a live chat from a computer.  The live chat is useful when you're in a place where you don't have telephone service or when you cannot talk because you're in a place where you must remain quiet.  Be aware that the helpdesk technician will not be able to reset your password from a live chat session as they need to be able to talk with you to verify your identity.  Click on this link for the Helpdesk page to see the different methods of contacting the Helpdesk.