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Find A Career through Courses in Unmanned Aerial Systems / Drone Piloting

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College offers a series of courses on Unmanned Ariel Systems (UAS) – Drones.
Newly enacted rules by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on routine commercial use of UAS created a pathway to integrating the airspace
and advancing growth to the $82 billion market and an estimated 100,000 new jobs over the next decade. The new FAA rules allow small drones
to fly within 400 feet of fixed structures that created opportunities for commercial drone usage in a variety of areas including real estate,
engineering, utility inspections, rescue, and delivery services just to name a few.

Southern is partnering with Drone Airspace Management through an Appalachian Regional Commission – POWER Initiative grant
to prepare students for this growing occupation.  Enjoy working with the latest in drone technology to explore a variety of career options
and earn skill set certificates or a full degree.

Prepare for the FAA 107 licensure exam while learning how to fly, build and repair, collect data from specialized sensors,
create maps and videos, and so much more.  

The sky really is the limit. #FindYourDirection now and chart your path to success. For more information, contact Matt Payne.