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Disbursement of funds at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will occur once the Financial Aid Office has determined eligibility and authorized the Business Office to apply payments to student accounts. The Business Office will then calculate the difference between a student’s account charges and the amount of financial aid disbursed. This difference is the amount of a student’s refund (credit balance).

Disbursement occurs 30 days after classes begin. Then disbursement occurs every two weeks thereafter. If all requested documents are submitted by the published deadline dates, financial aid funds will be disbursed as scheduled. Please check the eligibility section for financial aid on MySouthern to determine if all paperwork has been received and satisfied. Any money owed to Southern will be deducted from financial aid funds.

In order to provide more flexible options for receiving refunds, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to deliver financial aid and other school refunds to students.

Financial Aid Deadline Completion Information can be found Here

To receive priority consideration for aid you must complete all of the application requirements by the posted deadline. Submitting a Financial Aid application or other paperwork after the deadline could result in an award after the beginning of the term.


If you missed the deadline date to submit all of your paperwork, use the chart below to determine approximate payment dates based on the date you last submitted paperwork.

Financial Aid Submission Deadline Estimated Disbursement Date
Fall Paperwork Submitted in July Mid to Late September
Fall Paperwork Submitted in August Mid to Late October
Fall Paperwork Submitted in September Mid to Late November
Spring Paperwork Submitted in December Mid to Late February
Spring Paperwork Submitted in January Mid to Late February