Information and resources regarding SWVCTC and the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New Student Orientation


Once all tasks have been completed, each student will report to the theater.

9:45-10:30       Welcome from administration (theater)


10:30-11:30     1st break-out sessions (Group 1 with IT, Group 2 with informational sessions)

11:35-12:35     2nd break-out sessions (Group 2 with IT, Group 1 with informational sessions)

12:40-1:30       Break for lunch (cornhole, lawn bowling, and connect four will be set up on lawn for anyone to enjoy)

1:30-2:30         Assembly (theater, 4 ushers will be handing out paper for assessment)

2:30-3:30   Students will be provided the opportunity to speak with financial aid and/or advisors as needed.

New Student Orientation

Quick Break-Down Sessions

IT sessions will consist of:

Informational sessions will consist of:


Students may also take this time to complete any steps on their checklist which weren’t completed earlier.