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mySouthern Experience

Welcome to the new mySouthern Experience.
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mySouthern Experience

Simplify tasks and information access with a personalized dashboard

Southern is excited to announce the release of our new Campus Dashboard Software for mySouthern.  The new mySouthern will simplify tasks and information access with a personalized dashboard.  This new mySouthern Campus Dashboard will organize what students, faculty, and staff need to know and do each day in a single hub.  This will modernize the mySouthern experience with a new look and feel.  The new dashboard is more efficient using single sign-on which translates to less time spent logging in to multiple sites-and more time for things that matter.  The new mySouthern will be launching October 17, 2022.  The Legacy mySouthern will remain active until January 1, 2023 at which time everyone will be required to use the new mySouthern.

New mySouthern Username: First part of your email address before the (Do not add the
New mySouthern Password: The same as your email password

mySouthern Experience

If you are experiencing issue’s please report them using the link below.

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If you can’t find what you are looking for or are having trouble and need to access the legacy mySouthern click the link below.

mySouthern Legacy