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Mountain Laurel Integrated Healthcare and Robert Noone Legal Services sponsored trips for 500 local high school students to see Southern WV Community & Technical College’s performance of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” on Friday.

Southern WV Community & Technical College will be presenting our production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to the 11th and 12th graders of Logan and Chapmanville Regional High Schools on Friday, March 25th at noon on our Logan campus in the Savas Kostas Performing Arts Center.

The schools were invited due to their proximity to campus and sponsorship. Logan High School’s visit is being sponsored by Mountain Laurel Integrated Healthcare. The Chapmanville Regional High School visit is being sponsored by Robert Noone Legal Services. 500 students and teachers from these two schools will be treated to an entertaining, informative, and educational experience thanks to the donations of these two sponsors.

The play is a great conversation starter for heavy topics like depression, mental illness, and suicide. Mountain Laurel will have an informational table set up at each show with literature about those issues. They will also have counselors on hand to discuss issues with students who might be concerned or need advice on who to contact and coping skills.

The pandemic dealt a striking blow to our young people, we hope this show opens dialogue on some of these important issues and provides a platform to distribute information to help these students cope.

Southern WV Community & Technical College is dedicated not only to our students but to the well-being of our entire community.

This play is a fundraiser to upgrade our Savas Kostas Performing Arts Center. The facility has hosted countless meetings, performances, gatherings, and ceremonies for schools, businesses, and organizations over the years. We hope to continue doing so with state-of-the-art technology.

Logan Mingo Area Mental Health has been the premier Community Mental Health Center in Logan and Mingo Counties for over five decades. Now, with their new name—doing business as Mountain Laurel Integrated Healthcare — they will continue in their behavioral health capacity long into the future. In addition to the new identity, in 2020 they also earned a second designation, as a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC.)

“We’re the same organization, but we have a new name, and with it, a greatly expanded mission,” Mountain Laurel CEO Donna Cooke said, “and we have increased resources and an ever-growing vision for serving the people of Southern West Virginia.”

Along with behavioral health care, Mountain Laurel Integrated Healthcare now offers the highest level of medical excellence in family primary care services—including pediatric care, women’s health, pediatrics, geriatric care, and men’s healthcare. They now offer a modern family dental clinic, as well.

Additional programs include substance use disorder treatments; a new Hepatitis C Clinic; a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) department; onsite pharmacy; internal lab services; athletic physicals; Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program; tests and vaccinations. They also operate the Mountain Laurel Anchor Point Residential Addiction Treatment Center at Delbarton, WV, and the 24-hour Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), offering safe detox and mental health crisis intervention at Logan, WV.

Mountain Laurel’s CEO added that the agency received several awards for 2021 from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Health Center Program, including the Advancing Hit For Quality 2021 Award; the COVID-19 Data Reporter 2021 Award; and COVID-19 Testing 2021 Award. “We are so grateful for these special acknowledgments,” Ms. Cooke said, “but our greatest honor remains the opportunity we’ve been given to serve the individuals and families of southern West Virginia.”

Mountain Laurel Integrated Healthcare—Where Change Begins—has convenient facilities at Logan, WV; Chattaroy, WV; Delbarton, WV; and Myrtle, WV.  Their website is

Robert Noone Legal Services is a leading WV firm that concentrates solely on adoptions and provides legal services for adoptive parents. Robert Noone is a very familiar face in adoption law circles in West Virginia, having completed hundreds of successful adoptions across most of the Mountain State’s 55 counties. His firm has concentrated solely on adoptions and related legal services for the past decade, and that longtime concentration has resulted in Robert Noone Adoptions often being called on not only by prospective parents but also judges and children’s advocates for legal advice to help navigate the complex adoption and abuse/neglect system while always keeping the child’s best interest at heart.

In 2021 alone, with the assistance of his superstar paralegal of 20 years Gayle Lansden, Noone completed over 250+ adoptions in West Virginia, helping unite scores of children with loving “‘forever families,” most of whom come from a cycle of systemic abuse, neglect, and harm often caused by drug-addicted absentee birth parents.

Noone’s legal service for adoptions is most often provided at no charge to the adoptive parents, thanks to his successful prior work as a worker’s compensation attorney and the availability of federal funding that assists with most of the attorney fees for foster parents.

Southern would like to thank our sponsors for making this informative, educational, and entertaining trip possible.