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Southern’s Nursing Students ‘Race’ to Review

Southern WV Community & Technical College nursing students, Chad Hackney, Blake Davis, and Andrew Fletcher participate in “The Amazing Race” test review before finals.

Finals are never fun for college students.

The stress combined with anxiety can be a heavy burden to carry after a long semester.

However, Southern WV Community & Technical College’s Nursing Department decided to prepare its students for finals in a fun interactive way.

The instructors decided to build a review designed after the popular television series, “The Amazing Race.” Like the show, students were given sets of instructions that sent them to a series of tasks, or quiz stations. Each station was designed to prepare them for their final exam.

The end result was students competing, laughing, and having a good time, all the while getting ready for the test. The second-year nursing students had a great time getting ready for the test.

“We just wanted to make it fun,” according to Regina Bias, Nursing Professor.  “Anytime you can make education fun, it’s a win for the students.”

After the dust settled from the competition, Allison Walls, Tanner Staten, and Piper Dalton took top honors.

Walls called the event challenging and fun. “Studying can get boring and it makes it harder to retain information. This approach allowed us to focus on certain areas, think critically, and have fun in the process.”

Tamara Browning, Associate Professor of Nursing said regardless of who came in first place, all students benefited from the activity. “The fact of the matter is, everyone was a winner. The students were able to work together and prepare for their finals.”