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Classified Staff Council

Southern’s Classified Staff Council (CSC) is an elected body whose purpose is to represent classified staff, to consider and recommend policy regarding staff welfare, and become an avenue to voice staff suggestions and concerns.

What We Do

The function of the Classified Staff Council is to:

  • Support Southern’s effort in accomplishing its mission and vision
  • Review and make recommendations regarding institutional policies and procedures
  • Provide representation to the college and professional organizations
  • Provide professional development opportunities for classified staff
  • Address issues of concern involving classified staff individually or collectively
  • Bring concerns of classified staff to the attention of the college community, administration, and the Board of Governors
  • Stimulate and strengthen the morale and employee satisfaction of classified staff

Upcoming Events/What’s New?

Meetings of the Classified Staff Council are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Meetings are held online via Microsoft Teams. For more information on Teams, contact Chair Beverly McDonald 304.896.7060, .

Upcoming Regular Meetings of Classified Staff Council:

  • Tuesday, May 25, 2021
  • Tuesday, June 15, 2021 – Annual Presentation to BOG
  • Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Chairperson Pat Miller made the annual presentation to Southern’s Board of Governors. The 2020 Annual BOG Presentation can be viewed here.

Officers and Committee Members

Chair:  Beverly McDonald, Financial Aid Counselor – Logan 304.896.7060,

Vice-Chair: Kimberly Maynard, Director of Libraries II, 304.896.7345,

West Virginia Advisory Council of Classified Employees (WVACCE) Representative:

Christopher Gray, Manager of Business and Auxiliary Services – Williamson,


Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College

Board of Governors Representative:

Dianna Toler, Director of Disability and Adult Services,


Primary Occupational Activity (POA) Representatives:

Service/Craft/Maintenance – Scott Pritchard 304.896.7352,

Service/Craft/Maintenance – Danny White 304.294.2004

Secretarial/Clerical/Office   – Vacant

Secretarial/Clerical/Office   – Ruby Runyon 304.236.7650 

Professional/Non-Faculty   – Beverly McDonald 304.896.7060

Professional/Non-Faculty   – Mary Trent 304.896.7065 

Technical/Paraprofessional – Vacant

Technical/Paraprofessional – Lee Stroud 304.896.7370

Administrative/Managerial – Kimberly Maynard 304.896.7345

Administrative/Managerial – (vacant-all POA members on CSC)

Campus Representatives:

Logan Campus – Kendra Hall 304.896.7607 

Williamson Campus  – Rhonda Collins 304.236.7609

Boone/Lincoln Campus – James Parker 304.307.0707

Wyoming Campus  – Patricia Brooks  304.294.2001

Recorder: Donna Lafferty, Program Assistant I, 304.294.2002

Other Governance Committee Representatives

Financial Exigency Committee:

Crystal Cook, 304.307.0703,

Tammy Toppings, 304.896.7406,

Standing Governance Committee Representatives

Strategic Planning and Financial Review Committee:

Boone/Lincoln Campus Representative: Anna Evans 304.307.0708

Logan Campus Representative: Angela McDonald 304.896.7306

Williamson Campus Representative: Christopher Gray 304.236.7614

Wyoming/McDowell Campus Representative: Michael Hunter 304.294.2006

Student Success Committee:

At Large: Mary Trent  304.896.7060

Angela McDonald  304.896.7306

From Student Services Specialists: Rhonda Collins 304.236.7609

Technology Committee:

Non-IT Member: Vacant

IT Member: John Brandon Vance 304.307.0706


Professional Development Sub-Committee:        

Purpose – To review applications for professional development funds from classified staff employees requesting specific training assistance. Any Classified Staff member needing assistance with educational-professional development costs should submit a completed application to the committee Chair. Applications can be found HERE.

Chair – Pat Miller   304.896.7351,

Logan Campus Rep — Kendra Hall 304.896.7607 

Williamson Campus Rep — Rhonda Collins

Boone/Lincoln Campus Rep — James Parker

Wyoming Campus Rep – Patty Brooks


Southern Samaritans

Purpose – To provide funding assistance to classified employees who have been affected by serious or catastrophic events such as illness, flooding or fire. Funding requests may be submitted by email to any committee member with the name of the employee in need and a description of the situation.

Chair –  Vacant

Patty Brooks

Anita Messer

Garnet Bolen


Hallmark Sub-Committee

Purpose – To honor employees by sending cards on their special days such as birthdays or new arrivals to their families and condolences during the loss of a loved one. Submit event information by email to any committee member.

Chair – Patty Brooks

Logan Campus Rep – Kendra Hall 304.896.7607 

Williamson Campus Rep – Rhonda Collins

Boone/Lincoln Campus Rep – James Parker

Wyoming Campus Rep – Patty Brooks


Website Sub-Committee

Purpose – This committee’s purpose is two-fold. It is to:

  • educate and inform internal and external customers about the functions of Southern’s classified staff in service to our students, faculty, staff, and community via Southern’s website and
  • provide classified staff members easy access to pertinent information, forms, policies and resources.

Chair – Chris Gray

Pat Miller

Ruby Runyon


Legislative Sub-Committee

Purpose – To monitor current state bills and legislative committee activity of interest to and/or affecting classified staff and provide regular updates.

Chair – Pat Miller

ACCE Rep – Chris Gray

BOG Rep – Dianna Toler

Meeting Minutes

Holiday Calendar

Contact CSC

For information relating to Southern’s classified staff, please contact

Donna Lafferty, Recorder

Phone: 304.294.2002


Classified Staff Constitution