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Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Alumnus Looks Back on School’s Influence

Josh Stewart has reflected on his time at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, and he sees the influence the institution has had on his life.

“I started at Southern in 2004,” Stewart said. “I went to Southern because it was close to home.”

Stewart was interested in the school’s Criminal Justice Program. When he began his classes, he clicked with his instructors immediately.

“My instructors were so knowledgeable and so effective, they just knew how to relate it to you,” Stewart said. “One of my instructors was a retired Virginia State Trooper. They just took the time, and they really cared about my education.”

Stewart excelled in his classes, and his instructors took notice.

“I had a public speaking course, and I was almost phobic about it,” Stewart said. “But, I completed it, and I’ve used it so many times in my career. That course was an ice-breaker.”

Fast forward 15 years, and Stewart is still thriving in the law enforcement field, and he’s now earning his Bachelor’s Degree. He’s also a busy husband and father. But, he’s ever mindful of the impact Southern has had on his life and career.

“A chain of events was set in motion, and it’s still having an impact on my life today,” Stewart said.

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