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Design Your Own Video Game & Earn College Credit


High school students and college students alike can earn three college credit hours learning to design their own video game.

What gamer hasn’t dreamed of building their very own game? One where they build the worlds, the characters, and the rules.

Students can now take part in an exciting new course designed to help build the IT program at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

IT275 Video Game Development CRN 264 will be offered this fall. Registration is now underway for the 12-week class. The class is completely virtual and free to 11th and 12th-grade high school students.

Students will earn three college credit hours toward their degree for taking the class.

The software is a complete development environment for developing games. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools and lets you create games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, HTML5, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It’s the fastest way to make and export a game to any platform.

“This is an awesome opportunity for students to participate in a fun, engaging course while earning credit hours toward college,” Matt Payne, Professor and Interim Director of Professional and Technical Studies said.

The class will provide an overview of all aspects of the game industry. It will introduce game design and The class will provide an overview of all aspects of the game industry. It will introduce game design and development terminology, principles, tools, and techniques. The course will explore gameplay, game design, production processes, play testing, game analysis, game story development, game pitches, and game design documents. During the class, students will also examine the history and theories of game design, explore a variety of game genres, and address common legal and ethical concerns in the game development industry. Students will use game development tools to create simple prototypes that emphasize concepts learned during the semester.

The class starts on September 13th, 2021. The class will be held online from 6:30 til 9pm on Mondays, students must enroll in Southern and sign up to take the class. You can visit to get enrolled and sign up for the class. If you have questions about the course, you can contact Payne at (304) 896-7356