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Helpdesk FAQ

Financial Aid FAQ

How do I contact Financial Aid?

If you have questions you can contact the Office of Financial Aid at (304)896-7060 or email at .

What is the federal school code number that I need when filling out my FAFSA?

The federal school code is: 003816 and you can search for school codes on the FAFSA website HERE.

When will my Financial Aid be ready?

For the Fall or Spring semester, if all requirements have been met, it will be finalized 30 days prior to the start of the semester.  You can visit the Financial Aid section in mySouthern to check on the status of any requirements and verify your Financial Aid package.

How do I Accespt or Decline my Financial Aid Awards?

  1. Login to MySouthern using the first part of your email address before the (Do not add the
    Your initial password, until you change it, was your Southern ID, beginning with a capital S, followed by an
    exclamation point (!).
  2. Click the “Financial Aid” Drop Down on the Student Services Card.
  3. Click “My Award Status”
  4. Select “2023-2024 Aid Year”
  5. Click “Award Offer” Tab
  6. Click on the Accept Award Offer tab to accept or decline individual awards.
  7. For each of the awards you have a drop down box in the ‘accept award’ column select either ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline.’ Partial amounts of an award can be accepted if you do not wish to accept the full amount. If you are accepting an amount different than the TOTAL amount listed, please select ‘Accept’ FIRST and then put in the amount you would like to accept. The amount you decide to accept will be divided into two semesters. For example: If you have $2000 available for a Federal Direct Student Loan for the year, but you only
    want to accept a $1000 loan, it will be divided into two semesters of $500 per semester. You would select ‘Accept’ and put 1000 (no dollar sign needed) in the ‘Accept Partial Amount’ box.
  8. If you cannot electronically accept/decline your award on MySouthern, please visit the Logan or Williamson campus Office of Financial Assistance locations for further instructions.

What is the deadline to submit my FAFSA?

You can find this information on the FAFSA website HERE

How soon can I start filling out my FAFSA?

You can find this information on the FAFSA website HERE

What is FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.  The FAFSA should not be confused with the CSS Profile, which is also required by some colleges.

Where do I go to fill out my FAFSA?

The link for the FAFSA home page is HERE

What if I’m not eligible for financial aid?

  • Contact the Financial Aid office to discover the reasons for your ineligibility and what options are available to you
  • Apply for grants and scholarships
  • Consider private student loans
  • Work your way through college
  • Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College offers payment plans for students paying out of pocket and you can see the cashier for more information

Are there any scholarships that I can apply for?

Yes, through the Southern West Virginia Community College Foundation, Inc. website found HERE.  You can view the scholarships that are available as well as read about the qualifications and deadlines for each of the scholarships.  You will find the instructions for how to apply for each of the scholarships on the Southern Foundation website.  Click HERE to go to the scholarship application form.

Online Class FAQ

What if I can’t get logged into Brightspace after having my password reset?

It can take up to 15 minutes after resetting your password to be able to log into Brightspace.

What if it appears Brightspace is not working correctly?

If you are experiencing difficulties with Brightspace or things are not functioning correctly try different web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

What if I don’t have any assignments or Folders or for any other issue with Brightspace after I log in?

You should contact your instructor first by logging into Brightspace and then, your listed class section by clicking on the “waffle” icon located at the top of your Brightspace entry page. After you do so, a listing of your class sections will be shown. Click on the class you have a question about and then, in that class, click on the “Message Alert” icon that looks like an envelope at the top of the screen. Then, click on the email icon from that pop-up menu. In the email form, click the Address Book button to locate your instructor’s name and checkbox it for it to appear in the “To:” box. Fill out your message and click on the “Send” button located in the bottom lower-left corner.

Access to Southern Online Course Sections.

Southern online course sections in are ONLY available to students on the morning that classes begin.

Please, do not call the Helpdesk if you cannot see a course that you are registered for UNLESS it is the day the course begins or, after.  This especially applies to part of term classes that begin later in the term.  If you do not know your class’s begin date, please login to MySouthern and, look at your class schedule.

Student Service FAQ

How do I request a transcript?

You request “Official” transcripts electronically here.

How do I contact Student Services?

All campuses can call (304)896-7100, or visit our website HERE.

What services are offered to sstudents through Student Services?

Some of the services offered include:

    • Adult Services
    • Disability Services
    • Student Advising
    • Counseling Services
    • Tutoring Services and more

You can read about all of the services offered through our website HERE

If I’m a new student do I need to meet with a Student Services Specialist?

Yes, all new students meet with a Student Services Specialist.  A Student Service Specialist is located at each of Southern’s locations specifically for students entering college for the first time.

What if I need help with career decision making?

Student Services Specialists are available to assist students who need help with career decision making.  You can also visit our website HERE for more information.

Are there counseling services for personal difficulties?

Yes, there are Student Service Specialists for those who need help in dealing with personal difficulties.  If students need additional mental health assistance referrals can be made to local mental health providers.

Where can I get help with planning my education?

Student Service Specialists will help you plan your education.

Technical Support FAQ

How do I connect to the wireless network?

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